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Finally, Mugabe gives up power after 37 years


President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe has voluntarily stepped down after 37 years in office.

Jacob Mudenda, Speaker of the Zimbabwean Parliament, made this known when he read the resignation letter to the lawmakers on Tuesday.

According to the letter, Mugabe said he was stepping down in order to allow smooth government operation in the country.

Mugabe had previously refused to hand over power last week despite military takeover and days of protest by the citizens since.

According to the BBC, the announcement brings to an end impeachment hearing that had begun against him in the parliament.

A nationwide celebration has already begun, as lawmakers and citizens rejoice over the development.

The moves to oust Mugabe were triggered by his dismissal of Emmerson Mnangagwa as Vice President two weeks ago, a decision that was seen as a strategy to pave the way for his wife, Grace, to succeed him.

The ousting of Mnangagwa caused the military leadership to step in, taking Mugabe into house arrest throughout last week until the time of his resignation.

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