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Grants between US$700-US$1,000 await winners of the Tobacco campaign control project competition organized by the Environmental Rights Action, ERA, and the Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Center, CISLAC.

Funded by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, CTFK, the grant is for practicing journalists working with national print, electronic or online media organisations with story ideas revolving around the Tobacco.

The story idea may be on tobacco farming, tobacco & health, marketing of tobacco to minors, tobacco smuggling, tobacco industry’s corporate social responsibility, tobacco prevalence and National Tobacco Control Bill legislative process.

To be considered, journalists must send in a short synopsis or proposal, outlining the topic they seek to pursue. The synopsis should include proposed places to be visited, persons to be interviewed, a list of planned photos to go with the story and other fact-finding activities.

In addition, a tentative schedule and a budget for necessary expenses to implement the story must be included.

Submission should not exceed 1,000 words, and must be sent in electronic format to [email protected] not later than September 20.

Successful candidates will be announced on September 30 and will be eligible for a grant of between US$700-US$1,000 each to implement their story ideas.

A team of senior and experienced journalists with experience in reporting tobacco control issues will examine the entries to pick out the best six.

The grant is part of CTFK’s efforts to build the capacity of the Nigerian media to report on tobacco control from informed perspective in line with its fight to reduce tobacco use and its deadly toll around the world.

The initiative is also aimed at building and improving the public’s awareness on tobacco control and its related issues.

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