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If we had allowed Buhari/Idi-Agbon, Nigeria would have gone very far, says Adesina


FEMI Adesina, Special Adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity, says Nigeria would have gone very far if Buhari’s regime as military Head of State, alongside Tunde Idi-Agbon, his second in command, lasted longer.

Adesina said this during an interview published by ThisDay on Saturday, insisting that majority of Nigerians are in support of the President’s performance so far, and that the 2019 general election will show it.

According to Adesina, it was only the “vocal minority” that criticise and sometimes insult Buhari on the Social Media.

“What makes me glad is that a lot of Nigerians are with this President,” Adesina said. “Don’t mind the vocal minority who have access to social media and traditional media and say all sorts of things.

“They are a vocal minority but the majority of Nigerians are with him, and the polls will show it.

“For me, it gives me a sense of fulfillment that I’m working with a man that is making a difference in Nigeria.”

“Since his military days, despite the fact that some people called him a tyrant and all that, my greatest attraction to Buhari was his discipline,” he said.


“My father was a disciplinarian and an educationist. To the glory of God, his children turned out very well because of that discipline. The same will happen to Nigeria if we allow the man to whip us into line.

“If we had allowed Buhari and the Idi-Agbon regime then, Nigeria would have gone very far. I admire the discipline, integrity, accountability and simplicity of the President.”

On the forthcoming Ekiti State governorship election, Adesina assured that Buhari will not interfere with the outcome of the polls, even though his former Minister of Solid Minerals is one of the contestants.

He said: “People who think intimidation can ever come from President Buhari over the coming Ekiti governorship election don’t know him.

“I remember in a private conversation with him one day, he said ‘if it is the only thing I would do for Nigeria, I would give a free and fair election in this country.’

“Look at all the elections that held in states under him – Bayelsa and Anambra, APC lost. APC won Kogi and Ondo. So when you win, win fair and square, and when you lose, lose gallantly.

“He doesn’t interfere with INEC or the other agencies like EFCC, ICPC in anyway. I’m sure if you ask the INEC chairman, he would tell you the President has never picked a call to tell him do this.”

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