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I’ll donate my hairs, my wife’s hairs and panties to any Yahoo boy, says Senator Adeyeye

TO dispel the rumours making the round that Nigerian internet fraudsters, popularly known as “Yahoo boys” steal female underwears to make money,  Olusola Adeyeye, Chief Whip of the Senate says he will donate his wife’s panties and hairs including that of his children to anyone who needs them for money rituals.

Adeyeye, in a statement on his social media on Monday, said that recent uproar about the stealing of panties, sanitary pads and urine by online fraudsters  for money rituals are just “mere superstitions and arrant hogwash”.

The Chief Whip lamented that as the rest of the world is embracing science and technology as a means of societal development, it is unfortunate that Africans are yet to grow past superstitious beliefs and stagnant reasoning.

“Africans stagnate their minds in ancient taboos and silly ignorance, anyone that needs hairs, urine and panties to make money should come to me.

“I will donate all my hairs, as much of my urine as the person wants, and all my old underwear. I will also donate hairs, urine, and panties of my wife, all my children plus those from Kemi, Bayo, and Seyi,” he said.

Adeyeye said that he is also willing to donate that of his siblings whom he said are not bound by the spirit of fear.

He described it as a shame that most educated people in Africa still believe in what he called metaphysical manipulations.

“Let me repeat that all my hairs are available for anyone who needs them for rituals. I will, in fact, add my pubic hairs from my armpit,” he said.

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