It’s sometimes easier to manage failure than success, says Buhari


President Muhammadu Buhari says it is easier to manage failure than it is to manage success “especially with the kind of big success” that his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), recorded in 2015.

Apparently responding to myriad of challenges that his administration and the APC had been facing since the 2015 general election, the President, via a series of tweets Tuesday’s after the National Executive Council (NEC) meeting of the APC, said: “The change that the APC represents is here to stay, as APC will stay united as a party to continue to work for the good of Nigeria.”

In the tweets, he said the party is proud of its achievements in the last two years, listing the fight against Boko Haram, Agric Revolution, Improved Power, Peace in the Delta as the achievements.

“I am aware that it is sometimes easier to manage failure than to manage success — especially the kind of big success the APC achieved in 2015,” he said.

“I must therefore thank all stakeholders, as well as a number of non-APC members who have consistently risen above petty partisan interests.

“The APC is proud of our achievements in the last 2 years: the fight against Boko Haram, Agric Revolution, Improved Power, Peace in the Delta.”

He added that the country had seen regular supply of petroleum products as well as a successful presidential fertilizer initiative and the implementation of Treasury Single Account (TSA).

“We’ve seen regular supply of petroleum products, a successful Presidential Fertilizer Initiative; & TSA Implementation. This change is real.


“Internationally, Nigeria’s prestige and credit-worthiness have gone up. We have regained our respect on the International stage.

“Today, the World Bank released its latest Business Rankings report. We moved up 24 places,& are one of the world’s 10 most improved countries.”

He promised that his administration would not rest on the achievements, noting that the government is aware of a number of challenges before it.

“Nevertheless, we will not rest on these achievements. There are still quite a number of challenges before us, and we are well aware of these,” he continued.

On the boards of parastatals that are yet to be constituted, the President expressed regret over the inability of his government to work towards a promise to constitute the board last year.

“I said last year that we would shortly reconstitute the Boards of Parastatals. I regret the fact that we’ve not done so, for many reasons.

“I know that our supporters are also very eager for these Board appointments to be announced. By God’s grace they will be announced soon.”

He allayed the fears of those lamenting their lack of representation in the Federal Government, saying the Federal Executive Council (FEC) would be expanded to bring more people and fresh ideas.

“Regarding concerns about the representation of our supporters in the Federal Government, rest assured that this is also being looked into.

“We will expand the Federal Executive Council to bring in more people and fresh ideas, for the ultimate benefit of the people of Nigeria.”


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