Buhari should recall Maina, says Ngozika Ihuoma

Ngozika Ihuoma, a former member of the House of Representative and Executive Director of Legislative Watch, says President Muhammadu Buhari should recall and reinstate Abdulrasheed Maina, wanted former Chairman of the Pension Reforms Task Team (PRTT).

Ihuoma, who spoke during AIT’s Focus Nigeria on Monday, said he worked with the PRTT as a consultant and was privy to all the activities of the team.

According to him, Maina is “innocent” and “a saint” who is being haunted by persons who have enriched themselves illegally from pension funds.

He also said it was wrong for the EFCC to claim that it invited Maina for questioning in 2015, when it only sent a letter through a former colleague of Maina’s who last saw him in 2012.

“The EFCC, in trying to be funny, sent invitation to him (Maina) through somebody who used to be his staff. This is what they are parading that they invited him,” Ihuoma said.

“Is this the proper way of inviting somebody? Ann (the person the letter was given to) saw Maina last in 2012, then in 2015 you gave Ann a letter under duress to go and give to Maina.

“Meanwhile, the EFCC Chairman from Larmode to Magu visits Maina in Dubai when he was in Dubai. They go there to collect instrument to get pension fund thieves.”

He said that the PRTT had recovered N282 billion in looted pension funds and more than N1 trillion in property, from only four of the over 90 agencies of government before the team was scrapped.

“The PRTT had only gone round four offices, and there are ninety-something offices where the pension racketeering is still ongoing,” Ihuoma said.


“No sooner than we were driven away, there was another N35 billion that got missing from the (office of) the Head of Service. I blew the whistle.

“ICPC was investigating till today. Ekpo Nta (former Chairman of ICPC) just left, he should tell Nigerians what he found out.

“It’s a goldmine, a goldmine that is bigger than the NNPC, people are wasting time. Funds are trapped here.

“Let the President bring back Maina. He is not on the run. (Shows a picture) This is that car he was in when he was shot severally. Is it when Maina is killed that we would sacrifice him?”

Asked when Maina will come out and face his probe, Ihuoma said “if the Senate and the House of Representatives invites him tomorrow, I will be there with him”.

“Let them send the invitation through me. We are expecting the Senate to reconvene and invite us between now and next week. Maina will be there live, I assure you.”


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