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Training Opportunity Opens For Journalists and Media Organisations

Investigative journalists and media organizations can apply to participate in a three-year programme organized by the Thomson Reuters Foundation in collaboration with a group of Africa-based organisations to assist the media in the continent adequately report of illicit finance and tax abuse.
The programme is organized against the backdrop that African economies lose huge sums of money every year through practices such as tax evasion and avoidance, often carried out by large companies and yet little attention is given to this area in terms of in-depth investigative reporting.
Skilled investigative or financial/business journalists based anywhere in Africa can take part in the long-term scheme that will develop their capacity to report on illicit finance and tax abuse.
Applicants who can be from radio, television, print or online platforms must have at least two years experience, must have experience in either Investigative Journalism or Business/Finance Reporting.
Selected journalists will take part in two intensive workshops (3-5 days each) covering illicit finance, reporting on companies, accounts and budgets, and investigative techniques and will then be part of a regional team of reporters focussing on illicit finance.
They will also have access to story leads and editorial advice from experienced reporters, and will be invited to share their own expertise with participants from other regions
The programme runs from 2014-16 and is supported by the Norwegian Development Agency.
For more information on qualifications, requirements, terms and conditions, click here.
Deadline for the submission of the application form and other documents required is July 2014.
Apart from individual journalists, the Thomas Reuters Foundation is also looking at collaborating with African media organisations to increase their capacity and “help them become ‘flagship’ centres for the investigation of illicit finance and tax abuse.”
The support that the foundation would offer such media houses include “hands-on journalism and investigative techniques, management of newsrooms and investigations, and business models.”
For media organisations seeking more information, click here