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We have scientific evidence that APC will win 2019 election, says el-Rufai

Nasir el-Rufai, Governor of Kaduna State, says the All Progressives Congress (APC) has scientific evidence to show that it will win the 2019 general election.

Speaking on Channels television’s Sunday politics, el-Rufai expressed confidence that his party would not only win the presidential poll but will also add to the 24 states currently in its grip.

This is coming amid scathing criticism, from several quarters, of the President Muhammadu Buhari’s performance in office.

“I do not have any doubt in my mind that we are going to win the next elections; not only in the centre but we are going to retain our present 24 states, and even more,” el-rufai said.

“We are not saying this foolishly; this is scientific. We are monitoring the pulse of Nigerians — not the pulse of a section of Nigerians — and I am confident that we are going to win the 2019 elections.

“We know the pulse of the nation, we know where we are losing support, we know where we are gaining support; I have no doubt in my mind that we are going to win the 2019 elections.

“There are two pulses of Nigerians – there is the pulse of the Nigerian elites which is the noise that you hear in the media, the social media and so on. Then there is the pulse of the people.

“If you remember how many people came out to welcome President Buhari in Kano, then you will know that there are two Nigerias.”

The most recent, and perhaps the most significant jab that has been aimed at the Buhari presidency, came from former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, who accused the President of nepotism, insensitivity and buck passing. But el-Rufai waved Obasanjo’s statement aside, saying “it is too long and I am very busy”.

“You know President Obasanjo is a Nigerian, he’s a patriot and he is entitled to his opinion just like every other Nigerian,” el-Rufai said.

“We are moving on, we are planning to deliver on our promises and when the time comes we will be ready for the 2019 elections with whoever and whatever party that exists. There are 73 parties in Nigeria; we are going to face them and I’m confident as I said.”

Describing himself as a Buhari loyalist “till death do us part”, el-Rufai said his support for the President was not for any personal gain but in the overall interest of the country.

“I believe that it is in the overall interest of our party and the stability of Nigeria [for Buhari to seek re-election],” he said.

“It is not because I stand to gain or lose anything. But it is because in everything I’ve done since I got into public service, for me the interest of Nigeria comes first.

“God has given me everything through the instrumentality of this country — I don’t need anything as a person but what I need is to see a country that is making progress, that is stable, and leave a legacy for our children to build on it.”

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