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We Must Defeat Boko Haram Or Be Consumed By It – Anglican Primate

The primate of the Church Of Nigeria Anglican Communion, the Most Reverend Nicholas Okoh, has urged Nigerians to join forces with the government in tackling the security challenges in the country.

Okoh, who gave the advice while delivering an address at the Ninth Synod of the church held at the Basilica of Grace, Gudu, Abuja, said the attitude of blaming the federal government over the issue of insecurity in the country was not helping the situation which in his view needs a collective approach.

He noted that terrorism, kidnapping, armed robbery, ritual killings, militancy and other vices have robbed Nigeria of the peace it once enjoyed and reduced the northern region particularly to a shadow of its old self.

“There are only two options open to all, including the sponsors or those who think that Boko Haram activities indirectly promote their wishes and desires,” the clergy stated.

He said it is either Nigerians unite to stop Boko Haram or act indifferently and be consumed by it, Christians, Muslims and unbelievers alike.

The clergyman also condemned in strong terms the growing rate of criminal activities such as running of baby factories where human beings, especially children, are readily available for sale, and called on the three tiers of government to curb all such activities.

On the ongoing national conference, the primate who expressed happiness that the conference took off and has gone on on well, reminded the delegates of the heavy burden they carry and the high expectations which many Nigerians have of the gathering.

He described the conference as a great opportunity for Nigerians to speak frankly to one another about the past, present and the future, and challenged the delegates to discuss issues dispassionately with the interest of the nation at heart.

On politics, particularly the 2014 and 2015 elections, Okoh appealed to politicians to save the Nigerian state from anarchy and disintegration, charging them to see politics ias the coming months as a project to ensure the survival of the country without which there will be no platform for political activities.