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We’ll ‘critically’ determine the ‘accuracy’ of sex-for-marks audio, says OAU



The management of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, says it is investigating case of a lecturer in the university who was caught on tape demanding five days of sex (potentially multiple rounds of sex) to pass a female student.

According to Biodun Olanrewaju, Public Relations Officer of the university, said the university management was aware of the matter and had set up an enquiry committee to investigate it.

An audio of a voice identified as that of Richard Akindele, a Professor of Management and Accounting and demanding sex to pass a female student, went viral yesterday, causing public outrage.

“The University is aware and we are setting up machinery to critically look at the issue to determine the veracity, otherwise there won’t be conclusion.” Olanrewaju said.

When the ICIR contacted a lecturer in the Department of Management and Accounting on phone to confirm if he has a colleague who bears that name ‘Richard Akindele’, he said he could not comment on the issue as he is a junior lecturer in the department and has no authority to comment on the issue.

The female student, whose identity is still unknown, had called the Professor to inquire about his earlier demand for sex to pass her in the lecturer’s course that she supposedly failed.

He told the student that she would repeat the exam in the next academic session since she had refused to “take the opportunity” he offered her to have sex with him.

“I gave you an opportunity and you missed it,” the Professor told the female student on phone. “Forget about it. You will do it next year.”

The student said she was calling to confirm whether he was serious about having sex with her.

He responded: “Me that agreed to do something. I know what I meant. If you don’t trust me forget about it. If I wouldn’t do it, why should I give you audience in the first place. If I am not interested in doing it, I won’t give you audience.

“The other person has come and I told her straight away because there is nothing I can do to bail that person out and her mark is even better than your own. The person scored 39 while your own is 33.”

he lecturer then asked her why she told him that she was on her period the day they met and he demanded sex.

“I was really seeing my period Professor Akindele,” the girl responded but the man told her to stop mentioning his name.

“And now nko?” he asked, to which she replied that the period had ended.

“Your boyfriend has done it yesterday?” he asked.

“Is it every time that someone will be doing with the boyfriend?,” she responded. “Is it every time you do it with your wife?”

“Yes,” he answered.

“It’s a lie,” the girl exclaimed. “Not possible.”

When the girl asked him about the plan for the arrangement for her to have the sex so that she could avoid repeating the course, he told her that they would have the first sex the next day and on four subsequent occasions.

“Is not five we agreed? Our agreement is five,” he said

“Is it B that you want to give me or C?” the girl asked. “Why would it be five times you will knack me?”

She then told him she would not have sex with him five times.

“Prof, you know what? Let me fail it. I can’t do it five times. For what nah? No worry. Thank you, sir,” she said, then ended the call.

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