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Your support for terrorism is overwhelming, leave now or we force you to leave – Protesters tell Amnesty Intl. Nigeria

A GROUP of protesters who marched to the National office of Amnesty International in Nigeria has demanded the group to leave Nigeria or it would be forced to leave, saying the human rights organization has been supporting terrorism.

With placards that say ‘Amnesty International Nigeria, leave Nigeria or we force you to leave,’ the protesters prevented entrance and entry into the group’s office in Abuja.

The group of protesters alleged that Amnesty International has been an agent of destabilisation of Nigeria.

“Amnesty International, the time has come to leave Nigeria, We have tolerated you enough, we cannot fold our hands and watch you destabilise our country, Leave now or we force you to leave,” they said as they protested.

Another placard accused the human rights group of being the wheel behind Boko Haram, Independent People of Biafra among others.

“Amnesty International, You are the wheel behind Boko Haram, ISWAP, IPOB, and IMN, your support for terrorism is overwhelming, Leave Nigeria Now,” one of the protesters’ placard read.

The group posted that the protest is one of many that have been carried out against the human rights organisation since 20th March 2017.

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Meanwhile, attempts to speak to the spokesperson of the group, Isa Sanusi has been futile as he has refused to answer his call or respond to a text message by The ICIR.

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