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Hunger And Anger In Internally Displaced Persons Camp

Little boy stabbed in IDP camp
Little boy stabbed in IDP camp


The little boy in the photograph is an internally displaced person, IDP, in a camp in Maiduguri. He was inadvertently stabbed by another IDP, a woman who became angry when she was denied food in the camp.

As the story goes, the woman went to the camp kitchen with her two kids after days of starving because no food had been given to them. However, much as she begged for food for her starving children – and the food is just cooked rice sans stew and the luxury of meat or fish – the officials would not give her.

So, in desperation, she dipped her bowl in the pot of rice. For that , she received a dirty slap and the rice she scooped fell on the floor.

Angry, the hungry woman grabbed a nearby cutlass to deal with her assailant who dodged. Rather he cutlass hit the little boy who was behind the assailant, hewing some flesh off his chest.

Do we blame here?

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