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Ajayi, Ondo Deputy Governor re-appoints sacked aides as personal assistants

AGBOOLA Ajayi, the embattled deputy governor of Ondo state has reappointed his aides sacked by Rotimi Akeredolu, Governor of the state, as his personal assistants.

Babatope Okeowo, Chief Press Secretary to the Deputy governor, revealed this in a statement on Tuesday.

He said all aides sacked by the governor have been appointed as personal aides ‘in the mean time’.

The deputy governor advised all reappointed aides to return all Ondo State Government properties in their disposal within 24 hours.

“In the meantime all the sacked aides of the deputy governor have been reappointed as his personal aides and are hereby advised to return all government properties in their possession to the appropriate quarters within 24 hours,” the statement read.

Ajayi further noted he would speak about all pending issues between him and Akeredolu at the appropriate time.

Akeredolu had earlier sacked all aides attached to the deputy governor and his wife on Tuesday following Ajayi’s defection to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) few days ago.

Meanwhile, in another statement, Okeowo  alleged that the governor and some members of the State House of Assembly were plotting to illegally remove the deputy governor from office.

According to the statement, Akeredolu has moved to impeach his deputy by offering bribe to the tune of N10 million to each member of the Assembly.

“The illegal impeachment move would be carried out through financial inducement of members of the Ondo State House of Assembly to the tune of ten million naira each,” Okeowo revealed.

He added that the Ondo State House of Assembly complex has been besieged by men of the Nigeria Police, while non complying members to the impeachment were being prevented from entering the complex.

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  1. Oladimeji Bamigbele says

    My challenge with this type of situation is two folds. Firstly, It is becoming very common to be disloyal to people or organisations that favoured you in times past. It is a very bad character trait we are promoting in this country. No matter what it’s called, godfather, principal, mentor etc, a person must remain loyal and stay with them till the end of such tenure. It shows CHARACTER. Secondly, if there comes a point in time when a subordinate is no longer in tune with his/her godfather, principal, mentor etc, he/she should find available means to explain their misgivings/misunderstandings and try to reconcile the issue. Since we are human beings, some matters may be irreconcilable, so it is better for the subordinate to just resign and go their separate ways rather than bringing dirty linens to the public, after-all he/she once enjoyed benefits from such relationships before now.That again shows CHARACTER. My thoughts.

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