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Buhari disagrees with Oshiomhole, says aggrieved APC members can sue

PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari has disagreed with a directive by the All Progressives Congress (APC) National Working Committee (NWC), headed by Adams Oshiomhole, that members that had filed lawsuits against the party must withdraw the suits or be prepared to face sanctions.

Buhari, on Monday, said the directive was not acceptable to him, adding that anybody who feels he has been treated unjustly by the party has the right to seek redress in court.

The directive from the APC NWC had read in part:

“The Party intends to activate constitutional provisions to penalise such members as their action is capable of undermining the Party and hurt the Party’s interest.

“We hereby strongly advise such members to withdraw all court cases, while approaching the appropriate party organs with a view to resolving any outstanding disputes. In addition to this, aggrieved members are urged to take full advantage of the reconciliation committees the Party has put in place.

“APC members should understand that as a progressive party that operates on the principle of change, it is not a matter of choice to keep to the rules.”

But, Buhari thinks otherwise. For him, “we can’t deliberately deny people of their rights”.

“We agreed that party primaries should be conducted either through direct, indirect or consensus methods, and if anyone feels unjustly treated in the process, such a person can go to court.

“The court should always be the last resort for the dissatisfied. For the party to outlaw the court process is not acceptable to me.”

The President, however, advised aggrieved APC members to work with the reconciliation committees and not a purported presidential committee on reconciliation, as only the party authorities have the authority to constitute such committees.

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