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Buhari vs Buhari: President ‘disowns’ wife’s claims about cabal in charge at Aso Rock

PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari has disowned his wife, Aisha’s comments that one or two persons, other than the president, was in charge of affairs at the presidency.

Buhari, while speaking to the Hausa Service of the  Voice of America, said he is still in charge and that Aisha’s claims were “her business”.

The president’s wife had expressed disappointment with “Nigerian men” who, rather than brave up and challenge the so-called cabal, go about licking their feet.

“If 15.4 million people can bring in a government and only for the government to be dominated by two people or three people, where are the men of Nigeria? Where are the Nigerian men? What are you doing? Instead of them to come together and fight them, they keep visiting them one after the other licking their shoes,” Aisha had said.

But in the interview, part of which was shared on Twitter on Dec 24 by a VOA journalist, Saleh Shehu Ashaka, Buhari said the fact that even his wife can make uncomplimentary comments about his administration shows that he is a “real democrat”.

“That’s her business… This shows I am a real democrat… What they are saying is different from what is happening. They should come out and say those things they feel was staged managed by the cabal. What the cabal force to me to do. They should mention just one thing.”

Aisha Buhari had in 2016 made a similar statement during an interview with the BBC Hausa version. She said at the time that President Buhari “does not know 45 out of 50, for example, of the people he appointed and I don’t know them either, despite being his wife of 27 years. Some people are sitting down in their homes folding their arms only for them to be called to come and head an agency or a ministerial position”.

She refused to mention any names of the people she claimed were in charge of the government other than her husband. “You will know them if you watch television,” she said.

Aisha insisted that “if things continue like this up to 2019, I will not go out and campaign again and ask any woman to vote like I did before. I will never do it again”.

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