Canadian Scholarship Opens To African Journalists

The University of Winnipeg and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation are organising a journalism conference to bring journalists, academics and the public together to debate important issues like basic human rights, global corruption and criminal justice abuses, that investigative journalism can help illuminate.

African journalists can now apply for an all-expense paid trip to attend the conference which will hold between June 13-15 in Winnipeg, Canada..

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The Global Integrity scholarship will cover the flight from the reporter’s home country in Africa to the conference, hotel, and a per diem to cover meals and transportation.

If the selected journalist needs to obtain a visa to visit Canada, Global Integrity and the conference organizers will provide a supporting letter.

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To apply for the scholarship, applicants must fill out an application and explain in not more than four to five paragraphs how participating in the conference could make a difference in their journalism career or enable them to report a current or future story.

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The deadline to apply is April 13.

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