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Coup Attempt In Turkey

coup in turkey


Military jets and helicopters are reported to be flying in the skies of Ankara, the Turkish capital, while gunfire is reported in the streets of Istanbul and Ankara.

Gunfire has also been reported around the Police Headquarters in Istanbul.

A group within the Turkish military has attempted to topple the government of Prime Minister, Binali Yildirim.

A statement read on TV said a “peace council” now ran the country and there was a curfew and martial law.

The coup plotters issued a statement claiming to have taken over the government to protect democracy and re-unite Turkey with the world.

But the Turkish Prime Minister has said the coup plotters acted without the support of the Turkish military command, and threatened that the mutineers would pay “the heaviest price.”

Yildirim said in a TV broadcast that “There was an illegal act by a group within the military that was acting out of the chain of military command.”

But he declared that “The government elected by the people remains in charge. This government will only go when the people say so. Our people should know that we will not allow any activity that would harm democracy.”

Meanwhile, there are reports Turkey’s top general has been taken hostage at the military HQ.