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I’d rather owe workers than sack them – Fayose



Ayodele Fayose, Governor of Ekiti State says it is better to owe workers and be making efforts to pay them than to sack them.

In a series of tweets on his verified Twitter account on Wednesday, Fayose said he would rather owe workers their salaries than sacking them as being done by some All Progressives Congress (APC) states.

“To me, it is still better to owe salaries and be making efforts to pay as we have been doing than to sack workers as being witnessed in some APC States. We are owing salaries no doubt, but we have been paying and hopefully, we will clear the arrears,” he writes


He urged labour leaders to put the Federal Government on its toes, by asking questions on how Nigeria’s funds are spent.

“I call on labour leaders to put the FG on its toes, by asking questions on how funds belonging to the country are being spent. Without doing that, states may continue to find it difficult to meet their expectations.


“For instance, this year’s benchmark for FG budget is $42 but oil now goes for over $70 per barrel and instead of paying all the revenues to the Federation Account, FG still operates an Excess Crude Account contrary to the judgment of the Supreme Court.”

Fayose, on May 1, announced the promotion of 37,100 workers covering promotion arrears in the civil service between 2015 and 2017.

“Yesterday, during the Workers Day celebration, I approved the promotion of 37,152 govt workers. The promoted workers will be paid all their entitlements.

“The workers made me a man of history in Ekiti state. I had no trade name, a family name that is recognised, but with their support, I was able to defeat two incumbents and become the first Ekiti person to be elected governor twice.

“I appreciate the support that I have enjoyed from workers, even when the battle was fierce. I will never forget their role in bringing me back to office, particularly the teachers. My legacy was already rubbished when I left office but God and the workers made me come back.”



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