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Knocks for Nigeria Police over invasion of Edwin Clark’s home

THE invasion of the home of former Minister of information, Edwin Clark, by men of the Nigeria Police Force, has drawn criticism by many Nigerians.

Clark, who was a senator during the second republic, said policemen invaded his home in the Asokoro area of Abuja on Tuesday, saying they were operatives of  Special Tactical Squad, and that they had a warrant to search his house.

According to Clark, the policemen said they were looking for weapons, but at the end of the search, nothing incriminating was found. He described the incident as embarrassing and threatened to take legal action against the police.

Spokesman of the police, Jimoh Moshood, later said that the officers were not authorised to embark on the operation, adding that they had been detained.

Moshood said this while parading one Ismail Yakubu, the alleged informant who had purportedly misled the police into believing there were weapons in Clark’s house. Also, according to Moshood, the IGP, Ibrahim Idris, had sent a delegation of top-ranking officers to apologise to Clark for the embarrassment.

Nevertheless, many Nigerians took to the social media to condemn the actions of the police and criticise the IGP for what they say was an act of dictatorship.

Senate President Bukola Saraki, who himself has had several altercations with the police in recent times,  described the actions of the police as a “threat to democracy” and “a gross abuse of state institutions”.

“If there was a genuine reason for the search on Chief Edwin Clark’s home, nobody would object to it. However, for the Police to conduct a raid on the pretence that they were looking for arms, and eventually, the claim turned out to be a hoax, means something is amiss,” Saraki tweeted on Wednesday.

Similarly, former Kano State Governor, Rabiu Kwankwanso tweeted: The unlawful invasion of the residence of elder statesman Chief Edwin Clark by men of the Nigerian police is another sad episode in the recent catalogue of embarrassments, witnessed under the current administration.

Some also questioned the sincerity of the leadership of the Police in denying knowledge of the raid on Clark’s home.

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