National Assembly may call for Buhari’s resignation – Bagos1mins read

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A member of the House of Representatives Dachung Bagos, who represents Jos South and Jos East of Plateau State, has said that the National Assembly might call for President Buhari’s resignation if nothing is done about the state of insecurity in Nigeria.

Speaking in an interview on the Channels TV programme, Sunrise Daily, on Thursday, Bagos that a 14-man security committee had been inaugurated by the House of Representatives in an effort to tackle the menace of insecurity in Nigeria.

The committee was established by the House of Representatives to examine the issue of insecurity more closely, and to organise a summit which would have members of the executive in attendance, and in which solutions would be proffered on the insecurity spreading across the country.

Admitting that several summits had been held in the past which yielded little or no results, Bagos stated that the summit would be different and “a last hit to examine all the options available to the nation.”

He also stated that a different approach would be applied this time, as the summit would determine why the problem of insecurity had lingered this long despite the resolutions reached by the House of Representatives in previous years.

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“If the executive had implemented just thirty per cent of the resolutions and advice that the National Assembly has been giving them, I can assure you that we couldn’t have reached this level,” he said.

Agreeing that there had been derelictions of duty by the executive, Bagos stated that if results from the forthcoming summit were overlooked by the executive, the National Assembly would call for the president’s resignation on the basis of incapability -as a matter of last resort.

“If thexecutive would not take what will come out of this summit very seriously, I can assure you, as Parliamentarians and as representatives of the people, we would no longer have a role if we don’t call for the resignation of the president,” he said.

Speaking briefly on the call for a declaration of a state of emergency, Bagos said that the declaration of a state of emergency on insecurity would not disrupt the democratic process, but would give the presidency an opportunity to figure out where the problem of insecurity lied within the government.

An executive session was held on Tuesday by members of the House of Representatives, in which 12 resolutions were reached, one of which was the organisation of a security summit.

An ad-hoc security committee was set up by the House on Wednesday to organise the security summit which would be held between May 24 and May 28.


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