N/Delta Avengers Deny Ceasefire Agreement With FG

Niger Delta militants

The Niger Delta Avengers have denied being part of a one-month ceasefire agreement with the federal government.

Sources at the Ministry of Petroleum had claimed that the federal government has brokered a one-month ceasefire with the various militant groups in the Niger Delta region, including the so-called Avengers.

“It was very difficult getting the Niger Delta Avengers to the negotiation table, but we eventually did through a proxy channel and achieved the truce,” the official had said.

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Hours later, however, the militant group issued a statement via their twitter account, denying the purported ceasefire agreement.

The short statement read: “the NDA high command never remember having any agreement on ceasefire with the Nigerian government.

The group had reeled out a number of conditions to be met before it would agree to a negotiation.

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The conditions included the involvement of the home countries of the various international oil companies operating in the Niger Delta region.

The Avengers are also demanding sincerity on the part of the government, saying it would be the major factor that would affect the possibility of a dialogue.

The group also warned the government and the oil companies to suspend further selling or buying of crude oil from the region, and not to carry any repair works on damaged oil facilities.

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The renewed attacks on oil and gas infrastructure in the Niger Delta has brought Nigeria’s crude oil production to a 30-year low of just a little above one million barrels per day.



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