UAE work permit: Nigerians appeal to host country over 300 job losses

NIGERIANS residing in the United Arab Emirates have issued a passionate appeal to the government to restore its friendly diplomatic relations with Nigeria, as the effects of a massive job loss bite harder on members of the community.

Over 300 Nigerians have lost their jobs in the UAE between July and September after the government placed a restriction on work permit issuance and renewal for Nigerians, citing precautionary measures to combat the spread of COVID-19 virus.


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In a statement on Wednesday, the Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation United Arab Emirates (NIDO-UAE) said: “The United Arab Emirates is our second home and we acknowledge the hospitalities and opportunities given to us… we are indebted and grateful.

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“We solemnly appeal (to the UAE Government) to temper justice with mercy, forgive our trespasses, listen to our plights and restore to normalcy the friendly relations with Nigeria government and citizens.”

Director of NIDO-UAE Fernando Judel told The ICIR that at least 301 Nigerians legitimately working in the country had lost their jobs since July, according to data he collated after the Ministry of Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) blocked the work permit application portal for Nigerian nationals.

“We are yet to know the precautionary and preventive measures and why it is specific to Nigerian nationality,” Judel said.

Last month, the UAE Ambassador to Nigeria Fahad .A. Taffaq, during a meeting with chairman of Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM) at his office in Abuja, denied there was any restriction placed on Nigerians.



    “There has been no official restriction on Nigerians from what I believe as an official position from the UAE. The UAE is a very welcoming country and does not discriminate against any nationality. Everyone is welcome to come, work, and contribute,” he said.

    The diplomat said his country was proud of the huge number of Nigerian nationals going to the UAE for medical tourism, education, and employment, adding that some elite Nigerian professionals held good positions in the UAE – in medicine, engineering, and the education sectors.

    Despite this official position put forward by the UAE, the reality on the ground is that many Nigerians in the country are unable to work and are now stranded. Some others who were newly offered employment said that their offer letters had been revoked.

    Although the Nigerian Mission in the UAE is said to be engaging with the UAE authorities on the work restrictions, there is no telling how soon this issue, which has lingered over two months, will be resolved.


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    1. Pls UAE we beg u in the name of God pls help us open Nigeria work permit because we have some innocent in dis county d lord bless UAE

    2. The MOHRE Claimed that the ban has been lifted and we can reapply for the work permit but till now it’s still showing on their system that it has not been updated.

    3. Please dont punish who wnt too work with the ones who are not ready too work, people do bad here in uae always blame it un nigeria, dis is bad😢

    4. Rapists, thugs, drug dealers, prostitutes, murderers, scammers, lazy ass bustards… UAE Government I plead with you to flush this nation out of your country.

    5. UP UAE UP united Arab emirates we Nigeria ask for mercy the government of UAE please forgive us and forget don’t do this to us please

    6. Honestly speaking all I have to say is that the use government should please consider the good Nigerians doing there job legitimately . Many of us have lost everything back home and we came here to start all over.Please show we Nigerians mercy .God bless UAE

    7. In all honesty, I must say the UAE government has been very accommodating to every nationale in their country, the leaders are progressive and forward thinking. They have taken every measure to protect the lifes and properties of not only its citizens but to a greater percentage of the expatriate population. Nigerians are just bearly a fraction of this population yet the atrocities committed by cultism, prostitution and crimes in the last year has been outrageous has compared to other nationales living in the uae, let’s not forget they have a an expo exhibition to conduct and in doing so they owe it to their visitors to have a peaceful and productive visit. The challenges have been very difficult post pandemic period but yet they have been strategic and structured to forsee Nigerians as a treat to their peaceful country. It is imperative to say that other countries have faced the same sanctions not only Nigerians but peaceful dialogues were reached by various government representatives, the bulk of citizen control should be both ways and i must say Nigerians must come up with a meaningful structure that will assist the uae government in fishing out the bad ones and provide a peaceful cohabitation amongst Nigerians in the UAE. The nigerian media is also not doing its citizens the due respect of rebranding the Nigerians image in diaspora. However the intellect or our leaders have been clouded by sensless egoistic approach which is dipping the economy of its good resources or both human and material combined. The holistic approach to any meaningful bilateral relationship between nations is a two way approach where by both representatives are working together to address insecurities and peaceful coexistence, the bulk of the responsibilities lies on the table of the Nigerian interior and exterior ministries to come up with strategic and stringent methods of filtering people who are coming to the UAE. I believe if this approach is taken the uae have no option but to open its doors to Nigerians. Let every Nigerians rebrand them ourselves as the Nigerians we want to be known for as committed hard working and peaceful citizens. Be an ambassador of peace and the right image will be known world wide.

    8. My work permit is still pending (Pre-permit is with me already) since covid-19 started in 2020 up till now. UAE should tamper justice with mercy cos is affecting we in Nigerians outside that have good intentions and wants to come to work in UAE.

    9. My work permit is still pending (Pre-permit is with me already) since covid-19 started in 2020 up till now. UAE should tamper justice with mercy cos is affecting we in Nigerians outside that have good intentions and wants to come to work in UAE.

    10. Some of you guys need to fear God before you comment here. Many Africans disguise in the name of Nigerians to commit crime. A Cameronian guy selling alcohol and an Ugandan lady doing prostitution. After being caught, they will claim to be Nigerians. The truth is, some Nigerians are bad,like 2percent out of 💯. Nigeria is not a bad country, but quite unfortunate that this is happening. Nigeria is far better than some of these other African countries

    11. Please UAE government have mercy. Allah is merciful and Allah doesn’t punish the just with the unjust. If you take away someone’s job… maybe he has a family members of seven he is taking care of, both of them will all die in hunger and hardship. Allah will not be happy about that. Please for the sake of Almighty Allah, remove the suspension on work permit for Nigerians. May Allah continue to bless UAE.

    12. Nigeria Government please wake up from your slumber, get Nigeria working, give Nigerians hope and take up your place of glory in the community of nations so that people will see reasons to remain at home and even foreigners will see reasons to relocate a d look for Job in Nigeria. We have River and abundance of good water underneath Nigeria Soil but we take our bucket and go about looking for water to drink in another Man’s land….. Nigeria Government take responsibility…. Build your country and you will see nations inviting your citizens to come with visa on arrival… It’s time the government rise up to make life meaningful for its citizens and put to an end to the humiliation Nigerians suffer abroad simply because the International community doesn’t see a manifestation of purposeful and visionary Leadership in our system of Governance structure…. It’s a shame that a country that is so blessed with abundance of everything to make life easy and sweet now look like a confined space and everyone is struggling in one way or the other to run away as oxygen levels in the country appears to have dropped below 18.5%

    13. Having gone through several comments here I observed that many people are Law abiding doing their lawful businesses the bad eggs among them should have learnt their lessons during this period of challenges.

      UAE government continue in your sense of humanity by accommodating nationals in your country in making a living while they contribute positively to your growths no wonder there’s prosperity in your land.

      Let me also submit here that the logger ahead of the UAE and Nigerian government is not only effecting people who are residence or wishing to travel to work. It also effected a group of us, we have completely paid all expenses in March 2021 for a conference: DIHAD 2021 17th Dubai International Humanitarian Aid&Development Conference & Exhibition( 84 Countries, 64 NGO/Companies )Participated excluding Nigerians due to the UAE and Nigerian government ban. We are still hopeful that our money will be utilized when their issues is resolved at DIHAD 2022. God bless both Nations.

    14. Can Nigeria leaders not provide job for its citizens. We in UAE is really suffering from bad leadership of Nigeria. Please our authorities should do something about dollar increment, its becoming unbearable for us who are doing business. THANK YOU!

    15. I couldn’t renew my working visa and don’t know yet what the future holds for us and families that depends on us for livelihood. Its heartbreaking and needs urgent resolution. We need help here, being a Nigerian is not a crime for those of us working legitimately to feed our families

    16. May God bless the government of UAE, for their benovolance in creating jobs for all nationalities and for being unsentimental over some decades past. what some countries cannot do for their citizens UAE is doing it for them . Please I want to appeal to the relevant authorities of UAE to please tamper justice with mercy. there are many good Nigerians in UAE who are responsibly going about their lawful businesses and equaling complying with UAE laws in their various places of work. Though the bad eggs who are perpetuating evil have actually dented the image of every Nigerians here. Please all Nigerians in UAE are not bad.

      for the sake of the law abiding ones ,please treat each person based on his or her record and do not make the punishment general .thank you and God bless the government of UAE.

    17. I am a Nigerian living and working in UAE legitimately and d same goes to thousands of other Nigerians but of course, there are few of us misbehaving and engaging in all manner of illegal activities.

      I want to use this medium to appeal to the UAE government to tamper justice with mercy on those that are well-mannered but treat d black sheep among us accordingly.

    18. We Nigerians please let’s respect ourselves and do meaningful things according to UAE government instructions please God bless UAE government God bless Nigeria,they will look into it and help us Amen thanks

    19. It’s so unfortunate that the bad ones that are defacing the good one are not affected. They don’t wanna work but make money so fast.

      If we all can support the UAE government in catching the bad ones, maybe the good ones will have good face in the land.

      GOD bless Nigerians, GOD bless UAE and GOD bless is all

    20. God bless UAE government,and they should forgive Nigerians what even wrong or bad act they have committed please,i personally love UAE so much may God continue to bless you guys,let them start issuing us jobs and our visa renewal again please most of us came here with good intention ,bless you UAE thanks

    21. Nigerians to some extent are not living to some expectation, always fighting, prostitu****, drinking and making notice. They are now crying foul. I saw it coming that Nigerians will struggle to get visa in future. Next time behave and do what you went to UAE to do.

    22. Please uae government, consider we that have been working for years with good records………. And no criminal case or bad attitude.

    23. UAE government should please forgive Nigerians, they are so many good Nigerians living in the United Arab Emirates,

    24. Thanks to UAE government for the great decision because Nigerians in UAE are ashaming Africans for the atrocities they endlessly commit even to their African brothers and sisters like Robbery, kidnapping, killings, drugs smuggling, prostitution and many more.
      Iam 40 years old but I’ve never seen any Nationality behaving like animals on this planet.
      May God punish wicked Nigerians and their grandchildren.

    25. I wonder sometimes why someone will leave her country to another country to misbehave, i think there should be screening of age limit and maturity level before issuing UAE visas to some Nigerians because the people comitting this evil affecting the innocent one’s are the young age people who has no plans for future and does not think responsibly. Looking at it, a family man with aim to make ends meet for himself and family will never peppetrate evil or join bad gang. This is really affecting the innocent one’s here in UAE. Those who commit evil should be apreahend and punish for it according to their law. After all, the UAE have one of the best security system in the world that can track any criminers and hudrums down. They should not generalized it to affect the entire Nigerians. In every country, some are good and some are bad. He who commit a crime should be punished for it, The UAE government should temper mercy with justice to free the innocent one from the act or the bad one. Thank u and God blesss

    26. Some Nigerians are doing illegal activities in UAE ,they are trouble makers , doing prostitution, scammers,thieves ,they are not following rules ,feeling they own the country, drinking alcohol in the public and saying bad things to others bad people don’t deserve second chance…

    27. Please I will really want to say a big thinks to the UAE GOVERNMENT for all they have done for we Nigerians and other countries.
      Please we are are asking the government to give us another opportunity again in UAE for jobs because things are not else at all we us.
      And God bless you

    28. And to think that I just interviewed with Atlantis the Palm Dubai and from all indications, might get an offer next week.
      I pray this does not derail my ambition because I’ve waited for this all my life.
      Also theres something I noticed about Nigerians in the UAE. Is it that when you guys arrive at the UAE, you suddenly start speaking terrible English because virtually all Nigerians resident in the UAE that I’ve spoken with has this vice.

    29. Ban their flight; So what do we expected from them? If Aviation minister release their flight today everything will be set in UAE for our people leaving there.

      Minister of Aviation, Minister of foreign affairs have mercy on our people leaving in UAE please. Listen to them

    30. I am sorry for u Nigerians who are losing jobs because their visas aren’t renewed for whatever reasons. I request all Africans to raise their voices on this matter because it affects us all as the continent.Let the culprits be punished and the innocent people be given jobs so Long as they qualify.
      Let the two governments sit and read an arrangement.

    31. Till all of us just go back to Nigeria and stay there that’s when our Nigeria government eyes will open, they didn’t know that UAE government is helping them to reduce poverty in Nigeria, buhari and his kinsmen I don’t really understand seriously, please UAE government please help us to renew our working contract back, I am security guard but my company can’t renew my visa because of these issues we need ur help please #prince of UAE come to rescue us, not all Nigerias are bad we have the good ones here and the good ones is the ones working with a company than u all and God bless UAE government and the prince and princess of UAE

    32. The issue is very serious, we have well meaning Nigerians working and abiding by the rule of the government here. It pain to see people losing their jobs because of someone’s else’s misbehaviour. I work here and can testify that it pains tow of my colleagues are being affected by this restriction presently. Pls let there be dialogue between the two parties.

    33. one thing that makes me feel bad about the whole issue is that this embargo is affecting some innocent Nigerians who happen to be very peaceful in UAE. But because of what is happening they turn to generalized it. it would have been better to sort those bad once from the good once the better and send them back or face severe punishment.
      Nigerian are not the only once commuting atrocities in UAE just that they are of the minority group out of the total population in UAE and happen to be blacks which turns to be a major problem racism. Asians who happen to commit Alot of evil are not treated as such.
      of recent an Asian man Happen to scam my brother the sum of 4000DHS as deposit for work permit. we later found out that it was a scam. we caught him right handed and when we try explaining they situation to an officer of the law they didn’t say anything reasonable and the man left. we still when to complain about this same man to the police station but nothing was done. Had it been it was an African man who happen to be in that Asian man situation. it will be some thing different. Asian and other nations do worse than the Nigeria but they are not treated badly. But one thing I will like say is Nigerias Please try to portray good behavior where ever you are. A friend of mine is scared to go to his accommodation above 10pm because of Nigerians. they harrase people to collete money and gadgets using weapons. this is not good. God Bless you all.

    34. It’s been over two months now I my company stopped canceled my job contract because my visa can not be renewed, I have been jobless over to months pls uae government should tamper justice with marcy , I don’t even know how to pay my bills and my over stay fine is counting every day 25dh

    35. After four years in UAE 🇦🇪 with visa, now am here without visa 😢🤣🤣🤣🤣 i paid 8k for resident visa but labour didn’t approve my visa….. No visa again for me oh 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿

    36. This people really disappoint me,i don’t know what to do here, i got a job, they said Nigerian visa is not available, 💔 i paid for resident visa 8k labour didn’t approve my visa, now am here without visa 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    37. Well Nigeria should be well behave in of the country they are residing as their second home and abide by the rules and regulations governing by the body of the country we should not be a destruction to another
      mans land.Thanks

    38. What I just wanted to say is that our government should resolve this issue with uae government because these issue affect so many of us please find solution

    39. I don’t believe because attrocites Nigerian committed in UAE that makes the government to put ban on employment visa because I leave there more than six years I just came back by August. What about Pakistan and Indian collecting money from people telling them they will give them job but later the office will close down but uae government didn’t do anything for them but what I know is that Nigeria government and Uae government are not in good relationship , in terms of jobs why they always ask philipino ,Indian and some other Asian countries are they more educated than Nigeria? Nigeria govt and Uae govt should have a good relationship .

    40. It’s good move by the UAE government. Most Nigerians in the UAE are very diabolic. They took their cultism to other people country
      Fighting and killing each other every day in the name of cultic group.
      Not for getting drugging, banditry, cyber criminality and Prostitution.
      Whenever I go to Naif Deira Dubai, the whole street is full of Nigerian prostitutes.
      Last 2months ago, they rub a family in Abu Dhabi and killed the father and his pregnant wife very cruelly.
      The ban on work permit is an understatement.
      For UAE to be safe in this upcoming EXPO 2020 events, they should deport all Nigerians who are not working in vital sector.

    41. After 6 years here in UAE teaching in a school, got a new job. MOHRE did not give work permit. We have bills to pay. Without a job how do we pay them. No notice was given on this. Cheques will bounce as our rents and other things are paid through cheques. This is another crime.
      My son completely stopped school because school cannot sponsor him since I am not their staff.
      This is a ripple effect. What if those that have personal loans.

    42. Nigeria government failed to understand the scenario that UAE government wants only Emirates airline to operate to and from Nigeria as Nigeria doesn’t have a national carrier and once this is approved by Nig govt, UAE government will lift the suspension of work permit and Visa renewal for Nigerians. #simplelogic#

    43. Innocent Nigerians are been punished for the atrocities committed by few Nigerians. UAE is our second home and for now we do not have any other home except UAE. Please lift the restrictions.

    44. I pray that they resolve this matter soon, And
      Minister of Aviation should please forget anything behind it and free their flight. He should remember of the people losing their jobs,

    45. Am begged the u.a.e government to have mercy on us, they should not used the crime of other to punished even the innocent citizens of Nigeria…. Please 🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭

    46. This is really partetic and we plead with the UAE government to rescind their decision on work/ renewal permits for Nigerians.

    47. The reason u.a.e is behaving like that to Nigerians is that of attrocities Nigeria in u.a.e, is committed l am just pleading on behalf of other Nigerians who has good mind of going to u.a.e, that the government of u.a.e should please lift the embargo on age restriction pose on Nigerians who wants to come to u.a.e, and any one who caught involved in criminal activities either Nigerians or any country should be be punished according to their law, maybe by sending them to jail in their country and deported such person,they should just please, they should be please allow Nigerians from age of 25 and above with mansure mind they should please consider us, because there’s a lot of Nigerians who wants to go to Dubai with good mind and we have Nigerians over there that is doing well


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