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VIDEO: As long as people are happy with your works, ‘you can steal’, says Okorocha

ROCHAS Okorocha, Governor of Imo State, says the issue of stealing while in government becomes an issue only when one has not met the expectations of the people.

“I am for target,” Okorocha said during an interview with Channels Television, clips of which have gone viral on the social media.

“If I give you a target and you perform it, that is good enough. But if you keep searching for some level of corruption that is where it looks like it’s vindictive.

“Because there’s no man on earth, in Nigeria, from A to Z, who will say he lives (only) from the money you pay him monthly.

“The salaries of governors are N750,000 monthly, so if you don’t have a second office and you don’t have something (else) to do, you must steal.

“Excuse me, every political office holder who doesn’t have a second office must steal.

“So but if you give target, excuse me, you then perform your work, and people see the way you have done it and it’s correct, they are fine.

“In Imo State, if you come to Imo State now, people are happy with the performance. They are happy. Their children are going to school without school fees, they are happy.”

The video clip was shared on twitter by @Uruokpala.

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