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We can replace the horrors of battle with the blessings of peace, says Trump after meeting with Kim Jong-Un

DONALD Trump, President of the United States of America, has expressed optimism that his just concluded summit with North Korea leader, Kim Jong-Un will bring about lasting peace, not only to the Korean peninsula but to the world at large.

Speaking at a press conference shortly after the historic summit which held in Singapore, Trump said, “We can replace the horrors of battle with the blessings of peace”, adding that “There’s no limit to what North Korea can achieve when it gives up its nuclear weapons”.

“Anyone can make war, but only the most courageous can make peace,” he added.

At the conference which held all through Monday night and into the early hours of Tuesday morning,  Kim Jong-Un signed a document agreeing to quit pursuing the production of nuclear weapons, as Trump agreed to lift the many sanctions the US had imposed on North Korea.

However, Trump stressed that “the sanctions will come off when we are sure that the nukes are no longer a factor”.

“I actually look forward to taking them (the sanctions) off, but only when I am confident about denuclearisation,” he said.

Also, Trump said the US will stop a routine joint military drill it holds with South Korea. North Korea has consistently complained that the military exercise, also referred to as war games, are quite provocative.

“We will be stopping the war games. We’ve done exercises for a long period of time, working with South Korea. We call them war games. They’re tremendously expensive,” Trump said.

“South Korea contributes (to these exercises) but not 100 percent. We have to talk to many countries about treating us fairly. The war games are very expensive, we pay for a big majority of them.

“(And it’s also) a very provocative situation for North Korea. We’re negotiating a very complicated deal… I think it’s inappropriate to have war games.”

When Trump was reminded that he once described Kim Jong-Un’s regime as a “brutally oppressive” one, he said, “I believe it’s a rough situation over there, but the main purpose of our discussion was denuking”.

“It’s rough, it’s rough in a lot of places by the way,” he added.

Overall, Trump insists that the summit is a major victory and historic achievement for his administration.

“We haven’t given up anything other than agreeing to meet Kim Jong-un. Only a person that dislikes Trump would say we’ve agreed to make a big commitment,” he said.

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