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Herdsmen Kill 22 in Kogi Communities

At least 22 people have been confirmed dead on Thursday following an attack by suspected Fulani herdsmen on nine farming communities in Dekina local government, Kogi State.

The affected communities are Agojeju, Ikpoba, Ojeh, Ajomojayi, Ajadaji, Idochi, Ojiyanawo, Ulaja and Oganenigu in Dekina/Bassa federal constituency.

Local sources report that the herdsmen raided the communities in the early hours of Monday, with most of the affected community already deserted and the people taking refuge in neighbouring areas.

Representatives of the affected federal constituency at the National Assembly, led by Usman Ibrahim and Silas Ahiaba, said that the affected communities are distressed and require urgent intervention of the state and federal government.

“We are all talking from the position of distress. As we speak, our fathers, grandfathers, parents and loved ones have been chased away from their ancestral homes where they have existed for over 200 years,” Ibrahim said.

He said further that “22 people have been confirmed dead, with several others either injured or missing,” adding, “Right now, we are refugees in our own land.”

Ibrahim lamented that the response from the state government has so far been disappointing.

“The state government has been fully briefed on this matter. But whether they have been able to make any inroad is still not certain because our people are still displaced, he observed.

“As at today (Wednesday), a few policemen went to the places but no form of arrest has been made so far,” he noted.

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