Hundreds are starving, homeless as UAE denies work permits to Nigerians

NIGERIANS residing in the United Arab Emirates have raised a public outcry over a restrictive labour policy that bars them from getting employed, leaving hundreds without means of livelihood, homeless and hungry.

The new policy, which prohibits Nigerians from getting work permits that will enable them live decently, goes against Sustainable Development Goals One, Two, Three, Eight and 10 which bother on poverty, hunger, good health and wellbeing, decent work and reduced inequalities respectively.


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Since early July, Nigerians in the UAE have been saying that they are being victimised solely on account of their nationality and more than 300 persons have lost their jobs as they are not granted work permits by the country’s Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MORHE) in charge of regulating labour affairs.

Those affected include those who have lived and worked in the country for years but whose work permits expired after July, and others seeking to relocate to the UAE for employment.

Jobless after working for seven years

One of the victims, who did not want to be named for fear of further victimisation, told The ICIR that he had lived in the UAE peacefully for over seven years and had never been involved in any criminal activity.

After toiling for these years for wages that were not commensurate to the 14 hours (on the average) he had to put in daily on the available jobs, he landed his dream job in answer to his prayers during the last Ramadan.

“I was so happy and grateful to God, believing that my life had changed but the company applied for my work permit issuance from the Ministry of Labour and it was stated that because I’m a Nigerian, I’m not eligible for work permit,” he narrated.

“Hundreds of people are losing their jobs daily. People are homeless. I don’t even know how I will get money to pay my house rent. I’m so depressed and I have children (back in Nigeria) whom I have not sent money to since June,” he said.

A sample of the rejection message received by Nigerians seeking to renew their work permits.

A sample of the rejection message received by Nigerians seeking to renew their work permits.
A sample of the rejection message received by Nigerians seeking to renew their work permits.

When translated to English, the encircled part of the document above states that “this nationality is not allowed to apply for permit.”

He later received a message from the company stating that his offer of employment had been withdrawn as they were unable to hire Nigerian candidates due to work permit restrictions for the nationality.

“We have been following the guidelines from the government to be able to hire our employees as per the law, as Nigerians’ work permits are not allowed in MOHRE as well as the visas by immigration departments..,” part of the letter read.

A copy of the communication from the new company withdrawing his offer of employment on Sunday September 26, 2021.
A copy of the communication from the new company withdrawing his offer of employment on Sunday September 26, 2021.

A fruitless journey to the UAE

Chabor Oghenevwede Angus and a friend who both reside in Nigeria received an employment offer from a company in the UAE on July 7 and were excited about the prospect of relocating to the country.

Unaware of the government’s ban on work permits for Nigerians, the company processed all their employment documents and flew them into the country through Ghana, as direct flights between Nigeria and the UAE had been suspended since March.

A copy of Angus’ boarding pass from Ghana to Dubai on July 27, 2021
A copy of Angus’ boarding pass from Ghana to Dubai on July 27, 2021.

He said they arrived in Dubai on July 28 and proceeded for their compulsory medical examination, induction and trainings. However, at the final stage of confirming their employment which involved getting work permit approvals from MOHRE, they were denied.

A copy of the work permit request form which was not approved by the UAE ministry in charge of labour.
A copy of the work permit request form which was not approved by the UAE ministry in charge of labour.

“After all they tried to do to see that we continued with our job, it proved abortive and the company was left with no choice than to send us back to Nigeria. We returned on Augusts 12. This is really happening, it’s not a fluke,” Angus told The ICIR.

Other victims share their experiences

Another anonymous victim who spoke to this newspaper said: “I don’t know when this ban will be lifted because seriously this is just unfair. I have just been told by the owner of my company that no Visa renewal for Nigerians and I have not saved enough. My last hope is to work in Expo 2020”.

Fredrick Adams (not real names) said he had no family in the UAE and had been unable to renew his contract after it expired on July 26 owing to the work permit dilemma. He called on the Nigerian government to come to the aid of its citizens that were stranded in the Middle East country.

Hillary Ejiofor is grateful to still have a job as his work permit is still valid, yet he is extremely concerned about the wellbeing of his Nigerian brothers and sisters and is calling for help for the many rendered homeless.

“Some of us here are suffering for what we don’t know about because even if another country like Uganda, Cameroon commit any offence here, they will tag it Nigeria…Many people who lost their jobs have now been rendered homeless and are unable to feed. We are calling for help because Nigerians here are suffering,” he told this newspaper.

Our findings show that this work permit restriction does not apply to Nigerians working in free-zone areas as they do not require work permits to get their Employment Visas from immigration.

However, the majority of companies in the UAE are in areas designated ‘mainland’ and come under the Ministry of Labour which must issue work permits before Employment Visas are issued.

Seeing that companies are now wary of accepting Nigerian citizens, some recruitment agents have begun to reflect this ‘No Nigerian Accepted’ position in their job adverts, as seen by The ICIR.

Appeal for restoration of friendly diplomatic relations

Last Wednesday, the umbrella body of Nigerians in the UAE (NIDO-UAE) sent a passionate appeal to their host country to rescind its position and restore friendly diplomatic relations with Nigeria.

However, the UAE officially maintains a non-discriminatory position and claims that it has not placed any restriction on Nigerians, even though unofficial sources have attributed the ban to the criminal activities of some Nigerians in the country.

“It’s unfortunate that innocent Nigerians who are the (Black) majority in the UAE are passing through hard times despite being hard working, focused, committed and determined to excel in there various legitimate occupation careers,” a Nigerian resident in the UAE Nkechi Obiora said.

She urged the UAE government to safeguard the jobs of honest, hardworking and sincere Nigerians working tirelessly to contribute positively to the economy of the country.

Some other Nigerians who spoke with The ICIR, argued that they had taken the fall for crimes committed by other black nationalities.

Emmanuel Ugochukwu said: “It is true that a few Nigerians are not representing us well but the UAE is also tagging every black person Nigerian, which is not the case. Other people would commit crimes and they would say it is Nigerians that have done it. This makes it very tough for us here.”

Nonetheless, it would appear that the work permit restriction on Nigerians may not be unconnected with the flight ban the Nigerian government placed on Emirates, the UAE national carrier, over disagreement arising from COVID-19 testing.

Nigerian government’s position

Nigeria’s Minister of Aviation Hadi Sirika explained that the UAE introduced a COVID-19 protocol that was not backed by science and tended to target only Nigerians.

“For the sake of the international convention, we cannot be discriminated against,” Sirika said.



    Addressing world leaders at the 76th Session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA76) in New York, United States, last Friday, Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari stressed the urgent need to sustain efforts geared towards rooting out racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and other related intolerance.

    “In the past, racism oiled the machine of slavery and colonialism. Today, racism drives hate crimes and institutional discrimination. In all this, Africans and people of African descent are among the major victims,” Buhari said.

    The Presidential Steering Committee (PSC) has mandated the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Aviation to work together to resolve the lingering diplomatic crisis between both countries.

    As Dubai prepares to host the World Expo 2020 for 180 days, starting on October 1, Nigerians in the UAE are hoping they would be able to leverage on the potential opportunities the event would bring, but only if both countries reach a compromise.


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    1. Yes, other countries commit crimes too but not to the extent of what Nigerians commit in UAE.
      Prostitution- virtually every country in 🇦🇪 has a prostitute from the country doing such in uae not only Nigerians. Uganda, Kenya, Philippines, Bangladesh, India, Egypt, Morocco even has a high numbers of prostitute than Nigeria.
      Illegal sell of alcohol-Yes Nigerians has the highest number doing this
      Robbery and stealing-Nigerians is the highest culprits
      Fighting-Nigerians are no1
      Selling of jobs and dubious-Nigerians
      Hard work-Nigerians are the best

    2. Now everyone is focusing on tagging all Nigeria as bad,
      But everyone ignores the right thing on what should be done,
      If real you polishing anyone according to his/her crime stopping employment visa for Nigeria is injustice, because people who are committing crimes are 95 not working or with company’s or having employment visa,

      All people tagging Nigeria to be robbery, selling drinks and prostitutes but we all know there are not working with a company or have employment visas? Big No,
      how can you be happy tagging Nigeria who is working 12hrs duties without off day for year’s as crime?

      How can you stop employment visa and open visit visa, 97% of those committing crimes are on visit visa because they dont care them are not on any company never scared of termination stopping employment visa is like given them lose hope that they are not better than those on the street,
      Why are you polishing someone faithful for years working for a company just woke up and said you can’t extend your visa because you are from Nigeria, if an employee is not faithful or committed any crime against the company will lose his job, Nigeria government dont care if UAE stop employment visa because the visit visa is ok,
      UAE/Nigeria government work hard to leave visit visa open all because of business because that favour themselves,
      My friend company was very upset when there tried to renew his visa and is rejected the company didn’t want to lose the staff because he committed know crimes he had been with the company for years with hard-working staff,

      Please UAE/ NIGERIA Government dont lets people who are committed to their job feel like they are not better than those who are on the street…

      UAE know people who are committing a crime are not people with a company my question is why should you stop the employment visa and allow visit visa is better you stop visit visa and open employment visa dont who is working pay tax daily,

    3. It is so sad that the nationals of the nation whose resources is the most beneficial to this economy is the one suffering. I paid for my study here, graduated got a job and my work permit was denied. We suffered depression and all manner of phychological issues you could think of. When you have to pay bills and feed. People wake up in the morning for work snd you are home doing nothing. Every three months you have to pay for visa renewal, every month for rent, transportation almost every day to check if you can meet up with some pt jobs that are highly demeaning.
      You know all these make you feel, this is the root cause of the so called illegal jobs some people across all nationals indulge in. When people seek for means of livelihood legally and they are denied not because they aren’t competitive or free of crime, you are automatically approving illegal means. I never knew racism could be this high.
      I pray God to strengthen Nigerian govt to know which way to go, it is a disgrace on us all for our citizens to leave Nigeria and seek for means of livelihood here. We have so much more than we need to make Nigeria great.
      On the other side, sometimes you think you are punishing people but you are digging your own grave. it happens seamlessly, you may not know until it dawn on you.
      There must be problems, disagreements, crimes but there are several ways of tackling problems.
      In school we were thought the essence of punishment and reward is to punish bad behavior and encourage good behavior respectively but the reality here proves that wrong.
      Sometimes i got confused when we talk about religion and where you expect justice you experience injustice.
      We are all answerable to God Almighty.

    4. THIS IS A CANDID COMMENT FROM A LEGIT UAE RESIDENT. Am not one that put my mouth in issues like this, but because I see a lot of lies here, I am tempted to clarify a few things.
      1) from the polluted spellings & grammars I read here, its certain most people who claimed to be Nigerians here are lying.
      2) Not only Nigerians are into prostitution in UAE. Mostly in Dubai, There are so many Cameroonians who sell their body for as low as 30aed.
      Prostitution in UAE is done by more than 70% of single women. Aside Nigerians ladies who sell their bodies on the street, there are also a lot of Ugandans, Kenya’s, Ethiopians, Cameroonians, Ghanaian’s, Indians, Filipinos and few Sudanese.
      3) UAE never stopped renewal of work permits for Nigerians. This is just one of the many lies on the lips of Nigerians who take pleasure in spreading fake news. I can say this for certain cos mine was renewed few weeks ago.
      4) As for crime, Nigerians have a very bad reputation because few of them are into different crimes here ranging from cultism, armed robbery, job selling, internet fraud etc. ABBAS case certainly did great tarnish to our image.
      Nonetheless, Pakistanis & Cameroonians are into alcohol selling and consumption in UAE more than any other Africans. Cameroonians ladies even have “INGANGA”(Illegal bear parlour) where they sell bear and whisky.
      One comment above label Nigerians as the only country that do alcohol in Uae, that totally false. It represents just one of the efforts by other African nationalities to label Nigerians as the sole crime perpetrators in UAE just to make themselves look decent, but frankly speaking Nigerians ain’t helping matters to quell such accusation cos a few are actually into crimes.

    5. What a shameless article. UAE do not owe anyone, UAE does not have to solve Nigeria’s problems, or any other failed nation’s problems. UAE hosted many people from all over the world and treating them nice, better than their home countries, whether they come from Africa, America, Europe or Asia. There are plenty of Nigerians here, not all of them are good, many get involved in illegal activities.

    6. I understand there may be nice people too in Nigerians but the majority is involved in robbery, alcohol selling, prostitution. You people have ruined your country’s name. They carry knives. One of my friends hand was cut while resisting. Two days back my car was robbed. Too much prostitutes in my neighborhood. The crime rate is extremely high. UAE are doing best which had to be done before a year ago.

    7. CRIMINALS from a particular part of Nigeria are the ones dragging Nigeria’s name down the drains and causing headaches for other law abiding Nigerians

      Same case in Europe and America.

    8. If you go out in diaspora and start misbehaving without remembering how stupid and irresponsible your government back is sorry be your name.if you don’t want to work or do legit business in uae no need you coming because those stupid way of making money can never work here.if eventually work for you is matter the will get you.this my 5th Yrs in UAE,as long as united Arab Emirates is concern they are try their best to tolerate some Nigerian stupid way of life.we all know what law of UAE says about prostitution,alcoholism,robbery,and fighting and all this things listed Nigerian are involved on it daily basis without fear of the country the came has nothing to offer them than killing a Nigerian if you don’t appreciate little help UAE is give means that you are ungrateful human can you be giving people who are trying to help your ugly situation you so call one Nigeria put you headache everyday in the name of quick we that working all this yrs you get sense pass u.if you want to commit crime why not commit it in us stupid country call Nigeria.thank God I notice what is coming I cancelled my visa join freezone company.if you don’t have reason coming to diaspora please don’t come.

    9. Shey una go say Buhari cause this one too?
      Because everything that happens in your life is all caused by Buhari.mcheeew

    10. The truth is, Nigerians are the cause of all these!! Someone said other nationalities are doing bad things…. How many Cameroonian lady have you seen standing in the streets in uae doing prosti, how many other African nationalities have you heard are cultist, fighting and killing people? Only Nigerian do that. How many other nationalities have you heard are Beijing into houses to steal or stabbing people to death just to rob their valuables? Only Nigerians do that
      I’ve been on the UAE for 5 years now and I know all these stuffs so rather than calling on other African nationalities and blaming your government, blame your selves, blame your brothers and sisters who are doing very bad things in this country. If the uae government took that decision it’s with a reason… they’re not fools. They take their time to things and in the right way… eg they took 6 months to investigate and arrest Raymond abbas knows as hush puppi can u guys tell us he’s innocent and the uae government did a wrong thing?

    11. The situation at hand is so painful and heart breaking to imagine. As I speak with u my fellow Nigerians am also facing same issue.
      My suggestion is that Nigerian ambassador to uae and other bodies not forgetting Nigerians Aruba that are here to intensify their effort to see that this situation is quickly resolve.
      I want to also stress that parents or guidance should know the kind of children they send abroad. Because the sins of selected few miscreant Nigerians is rubbing on innocent onces.

    12. We have some Nigerians in this country who have been in their company for more than six years .Joshua Abu…. he have been working with AB..Thomas Libyan company….this is the seven year.plz consider some of them because they are innocent.

    13. Uae didn’t request Nigerian to come in UAE and in UAE there is no homeless in United Arab Emirates so don’t blame a country u people r looking for subscribers OK all Nigerian r doing bad things in UAE they use lady’s and sale alchole and roberry… And there is many African country r there in UAE only nigrean r doing.. I have a small compnay I bought a Nigerian he start fighting after a weak and I have staff from gana I swear my God they r respected I love UAE

    14. Americans!! Wake Up…As Christians..wake up..Nigerians in this. Far away..UAE.. foreign country are in Need of financial support to pay their flights back home to Nigeria. ..or to be offered work in America.They need your American. Help.

    15. The bad records u leave behind will always haunt you. Everywhere Nigerians go they leave a bad record. Now is the UAE to be blamed…. No way

    16. What I know is that I HAVE GREAT NIGERIAN FRIENDS WHO ARE THERE IN NIGERIA with who I spend long hour debating how to bring a more positive change and growth there..and according to most recent research is that NIGERIANS ARE LISTED AS BEING AMONG THE MOST SMARTEST AND MOST INTELLIGENT PEOPLE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD..with this said..Nigerians are intellectually ..creatively and spiritually far ahead in a position ..of contributing much of value to the world and and their own societies..if only there is financial support. Or better yet..SELF BELIEF THAT ANY THING IS POSSIBLE WITH THE FAITH THAT WHAT IS NEEDED TO CHANGE THE NATION OF NIGERIA FROM WITHIN CAN BE DONE..STARTING WITH FREE EDUCATION AND Work study programs FOR EVERY. Student.. free hospital care.for those in need .and. Free food centers…and Americans like myself. who are willing to live in Nigeria as World PEACE CORE WORKERS TO HELP NIGERIANS .to. Challenge their negative image…and become once again the GREAT PEOPLE THAT WE ALL KNOW THAT THEY ARE. The world must take heed of whom the Nigerian really are.Check the Bible. and history of Isreal and Egypt. and the word EBOU..MISPELLING FOR HEBREW. ..also know more about why there is such situations in Nigeria..look at the politicans who purport to have served or now sering Nigeria. The Nigerians along with the. Ghanians..Benins and Eithopians are important to WORLD history.

    17. Is really bad what are guys are doing here robing people of their goods and our girls haven sex in the open under long cars parked at streets and car parks what do we expect them to think of us, if we don’t respect our self how will they do not to talk of our government that don’t care because there kids and relatives don’t travel out to hustle.

    18. Nigerians are a different breed from all other African nationalities in UAE and that is an obvious fact everyone knows. The UAE has what it takes to ensure that everyone follows rules and help the nation make progress but it seem as though most Nigerians are wired to just commit atrocities anywhere they go.
      I’ve lived here for a while and I can tell you that most Nigerians don’t deserve being in this country with all the kinds of vices they involve themselves in.
      Too many cases of theft, yahoo yahoo, prostitution etc amongst us. I can name more than 10 areas in abu dhabi alone where most Nigerians perpetuating evil acts are and they are so bold and raze with the whole thing…so annoying…
      Let’s make a change on time o before all countries in the world reject us entirely.
      The Nigerian govt has a huge role to play here but as it stands, I doubt if they can do much because we’ve done too much and tge issue with the Emirates airline saga is still on…
      God help us

    19. One thing we must do as Nigerians working in UAE is to report to the authorities anyone we see involved in scrupulous or suspicious activities. We are fond of looking away or covering up for bad elements among us just so that we don’t look ‘wicked to our fellow Nigerians.
      This is exactly what has brought Nigeria to her level now and Nigerians are making that same mistake in UAE.
      There are people like us that work hard and do things legitimately just so that our name and that of the country won’t be tarnished or disrespected no matter the temptation to play smart and do something illegal for money.
      We all have a short time here as it is not our country, all we REALLY have to do is focus on our legit jobs, be completely sincere and honest, report/expose evil people, save up so to establish yourself (incase things go south), live peacefully with the Spirit of God in you.
      We can never be disregarded when we do these things…

    20. Please we are begging the UAE Government, not everyone commiting crime here is Nigerian, many other Nationals are involved, please we are begging the UAE Government in the name of Almighty Allah to have a Rethink, there are lots of honest and Responsible bile people among us Nigerians please have have a Rethink, there is no gainfully employed person that will go about committing crime.

    21. I just wanna use this great opportunity to warn all Nigerians in the diaspora to be careful and be well behaved anywhere we found our selves.Lets try to always be of good behavour ,represent our darling country Nigeria positively and not destroy the image of our country eventhough our leaders are bad,we shouldn’t be bad aswell in a foreign land.I hope this problem is solved for many Nigerians living in the UAE.

    22. UAE doesn’t tag any crime committed by black persons to Nigerians as some claimed they do that basing on your documents and i dont think that there is any Ugandan or Cameroonian who hold Nigerian passport but there are some Nigerians who actually hold these countries passports therefore the crimes tagged on Nigerians they are truly committed by Nigerians believe it or no

    23. Do what Romans do..
      this is not Africa!
      if you cannot follow the law
      the door are wide open for you to go!
      UAE did not force you to come here
      ‘keep that in mind..”
      Fact: when you arrive here..
      robbery, scammer and prostitution goes up!

    24. Am deeply moved by the fact that this news is helpful but my concern is to call my fellow Nigerians to stop relating this issue to racism against UAE, we some of the black people are big headed and criminals of the highest order against many innocent citizens here whereby we always turn their generosity into stupidness although not all but mostly Nigerians have even gangs if you don’t know which tortures people, stealing and even killing so before we cry, let’s also revise our manners rather than crying for diplomatic help

    25. Good corrective and precautionary action. Just visit Al nahda in Sharjah and Deira and see the mayhem there. So many activities against the law of UAE. Flesh trade, drinking and fighting.

    26. 😥😥😥😪😪😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    27. 😥😥😥😪😪😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    28. The Number of Nigerian girls on the streets doing prostitution in UAE, Nigerians selling alcohol in apartment and makes noise so that other tenants can’t sleep or has to move away and leave the building for them, taking people phones on the streets etc is not done in secret…it Is very open… everyone is afraid of a Nigerian in the UAE

    29. To be honest , most Nigerians in the UAE are doing things that sometimes I myself I can’t understand…I saw Nigerians robbered a Sian guy in day light , I also witnessed Nigerian girls took a Sian guy into thier apartment and robbered the make naked.
      I was corned by Nigerians in darkness inbetween buildings..they took my phone, necklace and my wallet..our brothers from Nigeria have to slow down

    30. Like Hassan said, UAE 🇦🇪 is well sophisticated with technology to deal with these crooks. All my respect and gratitude to them for their hospitality towards us despite some late decisions. I have spent the little I saved to get my driving license just to ugrade my earnings, and now, this comes up. In my opinion, UAE 🇦🇪 should just adopt the same scheme Qatar used to eradicate the same issue from their country. There are individuals dedicated to work. No one supports evil. I am not and will never support what some of our brothers are doing. The truth is that some of them are just doing this so that it’ll affect everyone because they don’t have any job. It’s very unfair and it should be addressed. IN THE NAME OF ALLAH 🙏 , I BEG THIS GREAT NATION TO PLEASE FORGIVE AND HAVE MERCY. MANY INNOCENT NIGERIANS ARE SUFFERING. INCLUDING ME. GOD BLESS EMIRATES.

    31. You cant blame the UAE gvt for that our brothers are the one to be blame it reaches a time even fellow africans we do fear them.

    32. This is racial discrimination I wish we can all leave their country to a better opportunity,respect is only gained when you know your worth,I’m so tired of their shits,even other nationality will bully you because you are a Nigerian .

    33. The truth is that there is no country where evil and good people exist. Can the righteous be victimized along with the evil ones. The answer is capital NO. UAE is a wonderful nation and people praise her leaders for their ingenuity and wisdom. The honest truth is that UAE has the technologies and wherewithal to fish out the bad people wherever in their country however, deal with them accordingly without the innocent being unnecessarily punished.. This is an appeal to UAE authority to temper justice with mercy and rescind the decision on the employment visa ban for Nigerians.

    34. It’s not fair anything that has to do with crimes now in uae is now Nigerians the work permit was suspended june28 I got another job because the job I was doing was not okay only for my visa to be process I was still under cancelation then now i renew my visa and very soon I will have to make another visa change what about the innocent ones that are going for renewal it’s not fair even before that to get a job as a Nigerian here in uae is hard saying.ALL NATIONALITY EXCEPT NIGERIAN during June a lot of Africans be it Nigerian or Uganda were sent back over three thousand people with handcuffs WHY just because I was born a Nigerian if they want to revenge for not helping them when they needed us it is not the citizens fault and Nigerian as a country is not stable

    35. The bitter truth is that a whole will bear the punishment of a some . What goes around. Ones around.
      Nigerians in the UAE should seat up . A few of them a guys of substance while many are crooks . Before the UAE took the decision to suspend work permit for Nigerians , they had taken to notice the crimes. Sex vendors , beer vendors . Is really pathetic

    36. When people start overstaying their visas, how will they pay for them? Paying flight back home is not possible. There are lots of families here, because of this my child cannot go to school, its so touching I cannot perform my basic father duty to him. Because of this ban. All my family will be on overstay. I cannot do visa change for all of them.


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