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Izge Attack: Death Toll Hits 133

Musdapha Ilo, Maiduguri

An additional 40 corpse were discovered in surrounding bushes in Izge village following a weekend attack by suspected members of the Boko Haram sect, which now brings the casualty figure to 133.

Some 93 persons were believed to have been killed by the attackers before.

There are anxieties that the figure could rise further as search continues with many still missing and others suffering life-threatening injuries.

The village which once had a population of appromimately10,000 persons is totally deserted following the massacre which forced survivors to seek refuge elsewhere.

The attack on the village took place at about midnight on Saturday as gunmen clad in military camouflage and brandishing sophisticated weapons invaded it, setting houses and shops on fire, killing scores and inflicting injuries on several others.

Residents of the area have expressed their displeasure at both the federal and state governments over the incessant attacks by insurgents on their village with no concrete measures taken to avert the situation.

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