Lawmakers Deny Buying Vehicle at N298 Million

Senate President Bukola Saraki
Senate President Bukola Saraki

Sequel to the acquittal of Senate President Bukola Saraki over the allegation of illegally importing an armoured Range Rover SUV into the country, the Senate spokesman Aliyu Sabi, has clarified that the price of the said vehicle was not N298 million as was wildly reported.

Sabi described the reports as “false and mischievous” warning journalists to desist from “sensationalism” in its reportage and also accord the Senate the respect it deserve as an institution of government.

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He said: “The correct price of the vehicle when it was imported in 2015 is $298,000 which at the prevailing rate of N165 to a dollar is about N49,170 million.

“The Senate paid N62.5 million for the vehicle in November 2015.

“This is contrary to the mischief by those who decided to turn the $298,000 to N298 million as the price of the vehicle.

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“For the avoidance of doubt, the price of that vehicle is N62.5 million and not N298 million.

The Senate spokesman added that all reports relating to the legislative institution, particularly on the vehicle matter ought to be accurate and all facts put in proper perspective.

“We urge journalists to avoid sensationalism,” he said.

“The Senate is a responsible institution and those who believe that when they have issues to explain before it, the next thing to do is to resort to falsehood, blackmail, muck-raking and mud-slinging, should know that they are just overheating the polity and undermining our democratic institution.”

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Sabi reassured Nigerians that the Senate is totally committed “to upholding the rule of law and to work for Nigerians, in accordance with our constitution.”



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