Nigerian fintech companies shame, threaten customers for late payment of loans

Edited by Ajibola AMZAT

YETUNDE Adewole lost her phone in June. She got a replacement weeks later, including a new SIM card and everything went back to normal.

She didn’t give a thought to the missing phone or the SIM card until rumours started flying around in July.

Yetunde owed money. An online loan fintech company was sending WhatsApp and text messages to everyone in Yetunde’s inner circle that she was a debtor and fraudster.

Her close friends, former schoolmates, and work colleagues received these messages, three or four times daily.

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“I tried explaining to everyone on my contact list, whom I could get in touch with, that I didn’t take any loan from the online loan company and it has not been easy trying to clear my name for something I didn’t do.

“It was a really traumatic experience. My biggest regret was failing to block the line when my phone went missing,” she told The ICIR.

Yetunde had never taken a loan from an online loan app, but she failed to block her SIM card after her phone went missing.

A WhatsApp message from one of the fintech companies, with Yetunde's picture alongside.
A WhatsApp message from one of the fintech companies, with Yetunde’s picture alongside.

If a missing phone fell into the hands of a scammer, a transaction could be done on the account of the phone owner without his or her knowledge.

All the scammer who picked up Yetunde’s SIM card needed to do was, download the online loan app, enter a fictitious financial detail, and let the algorithm generate a credit rating.

The fintech creditor usually asks for permission to access the contacts on the SIM card before the loan is approved, a process that takes barely an hour.

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The scammer used Yetunde’s SIM card to take multiple loans from several online loan apps which included: NairaPlus, EasyCredit, TrueNaira, GoCash, CashLion and LCredit.

One month after, the online loan companies hounded Yetunde’s contacts, saying her payments for the loan was due.

She later reported the case to the law enforcement authorities and got a Police report and written affidavit.

The Police assured her of their intervention, promising that the messages by the fintech creditors to people on her contact list would cease.

Two weeks later, her friends still sent her screenshots of the threat messages by the fintech loan companies.

For thousands of Nigerians like Yetunde, whose identities were stolen by scammers, the online loan companies helped to publicly shame them without properly vetting their identities.

A data-sharing breach

On August 17, the National Information and Technology Development Agency (NITDA), slammed Soko Lending Company, a Nigerian online lending platform, with a fine of ₦10 million for privacy invasion.

This was after a series of complaints against the company for unauthorised disclosures, failure to protect customers’ personal data and defamation of character.

A key basis for the fine was the company’s ‘privacy-invading messages’ to defaulting customers’ contacts when they did not pay back loans.

This clearly violates Article 2.2 of the Nigeria Data Protection Regulation (NDPR), which bans illegal data sharing with third parties without a legal basis.

The ICIR reviewed the terms of service of six loan apps hosted on Google Play Store which included: NairaPlus, EasyCredit, TrueNaira, GoCash, CashLion, FairMoney and LCredit.

They all failed to disclose to users downloading the apps that their rights of access to users’ contact lists would be shared with third parties if they defaulted. This does not conform to Google Play Store’s policies.

The updated data privacy policy on the Google Play Store stipulates that apps that offer financial services on its platform should disclose to users what it intends to use their personal information for.

“Your app must post a privacy policy that, together with any in-app disclosures, explain what user data your app collects and transmits, how it’s used, and the type of parties with whom it’s shared,” the policy reads.

Findings by The ICIR show that recovery agents from the six loan apps engage in brazen violations of their clients’ privacy by sending threatening messages to contacts of debtors when they default on their loan obligations.

Edna Inyang, a make-up artist in Abuja, said she got an online loan app from FairMoney but its conditions did not specify they would share their data with a third party when she defaulted.

“One of the conditions for the loan is that they would gain permission to my phone contacts, but they did not say they would share that confidential information with family, relatives or people on your contact list when I default,” she told The ICIR.

In January, a Twitter poll conducted by Techpoint revealed that 56.2 per cent of Nigerians did not care about WhatsApp’s privacy update.

More than half of Africa’s 54 countries have no data protection or privacy laws, according to London-based rights group Article 19.

And while 14 countries do, nine have no regulators to enforce them, the group said.

Social shaming scheme

The online loan companies make use of the social networks of their customers to shame them, based on The ICIR findings.

Defaulting customers are sent messages such as “You will not be able to get a loan from us or any other loan company/bank again”,  or “Your loan will be increasing every day by 5 per cent.”

Sometimes they use threatening messages like, “We are giving you till 4 pm to make your payment today or else.”

Udoma Nseobong had taken a N30,000 loan from CashLion Credit and he paid the weekly interest consistently for six weeks.

When it was time to pay, he defaulted by a day and cleared his debt the next day but the messages were sent to his family members nonetheless.

“I had some challenges that made me default for a day. The second day, even after I’d paid off with charges, I was declared a fraudster on the run with my entire family. I don’t know if the CBN is moderating the activities of these guys,” he said.

A user who identified herself as Feyisetan Salau claimed in the Google Play comments section of NairaPlus that she had been repeatedly contacted about an unpaid loan by representatives who used ‘abusive and threatening language and increased her interest rates.

“However, the loan recovery procedure/tactics this organisation employs is so unprofessional and appalling. Threat isn’t the way – be professional,” she added.

An anonymous University of Abuja student also said the texts cost him his relationship, and another user said his boss almost fired him for embarrassing the company.

There were countless complaints on the loan apps page on Google Play Store indicating deep grief those messages had caused.

To combat debt collection methods by these companies, some people have started gaming the system.

A user said she wrote to her entire contact list to say that her phone had been stolen and that they should ignore any fraudster who might send text messages to them. Then she deleted the app.

While a user might be barred from borrowing from one loan company because of unpaid loans, for example, they could still easily get credit from a competitor.

Though the criticism of these practices has steadily grown, Titilayo Adetonya, a customer representative for CashLion who spoke to The ICIR, justified the methods of debt collection by online loan companies.

“There is no defamation of character involved when we trust people we’ve never seen by giving them money and when it’s time to pay they don’t pay.

“It’s lawful to send those messages to their contacts because we warn them before we send those messages to their contacts and that’s how we get our money,” she said.

A missing fintech link

In Nigeria, prospective customers seeking loans from online apps are expected to download the app, enter their financial details, and let the algorithm generate a credit rating.

Most apps ask for a Bank Verification Number (BVN) and a phone number link to the BVN.

The ICIR searched for the names of the six online loan apps on the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) database and their names were missing.

This makes it hard to know who exactly owns an app or even where the money for the loans is coming from.

However, they reveal the location of their physical addresses on their information page on the Google Play Store showing that they are based in Lagos.

The ICIR found out that the loan apps, CashLion, NairaPlus and LCash, were all co-owned by Grola Tech Credit Limited, after tracking its debt collection team leader via a LinkedIn post.

Grola Tech Credit Limited was, however, registered on the CAC database with registration number 1636828 but identified as inactive by the commission. The directors of the company are Chinese national Du Yaoyao and a Nigerian Ayomikun Ogunkanmi

According to Section 58 of the Banks and other Financial Institutions Act (BOFIA), any person wishing to carry a financial business other than insurance and stockbroking in Nigeria shall apply in writing to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for the grant of a license.

It was not clear if the online loan companies failed to vet the scammers who used Yemisi’s phone number, or whether its rules were not stringent enough to detect dubious customers.



    Scammers are likely to succeed unless the online loan companies introduce a high-level multi-factor authentication like pictures and fingerprints, Resources Manager at Fintech Association of Nigeria Seun Folorunso told The ICIR.

    “Scammers take advantage of unsuspecting Nigerians who expose their data to extort these loan companies unless they introduce other high-level means of identification to stop them,” he added.

    Editor’s Note: This report has been updated by deleting the unsubstantiated claim made against Migo, a popular lending company.

    The ICIR regrets this error. 


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    1. I can’t believe this is happening to me, this easybuy send me SMS that I am. Qualified for 300k VIP loan, I no reply them. After like 2days I received credit alert of 176k , without a sender name, it only came with Ex, I am a business person I don’t know who the sender was, I was hoping the sender will call to demand for he or her goods… Fast forward to 21days of receiving the money, this easybuy company called me that my loan due date will be due in the next 7days, I should pay on time if I want to gain high credit, I was shocked to hear that. I ask the lady pls what loan, she said they gave me loan of 176k see me see trouble. I told the lady I don’t know what she’s talking about, she said if I don’t need the money I should return it immediately. I ask her for an acc to return d money, she gave me, I return the money. Do you know after 3months I return the money this scammed company started calling me with threatening messages, that I am owning them , I should pay them interest of the loan they pay into my acc,Bc I return the money after solving my problem with it, so therefore I will pay them interest. What should I do in this case? I can’t be scammed just like that.

    2. I was seriously devastated after I felt played by this company , They took all my funds , They have wonderful ways to make you deposit all your hard earned money in the hope of doubling the funds or making some sort of profits back and you get slammed with a tax before withdrawals.

    3. If by any chance you were a victim of mining or investment scheme that required you to send your personal asset, money or cryptocurrency in any form to a third party then you obviously need some light in this dark tunnel. I have been a crypto holder since 2014 and was a victim of the Quadriga scheme in 2016. All the red flag right there but it was too late. Luckily I found an article where I was able to report and reclaim my lost asset,

    4. Everyone know say the country hard, but for these loaners they’re evil. God forbid. Like this eh, I no dey pay shishii 😒😏. Rubbish people😂.if you are still worried about them or what they will do to you if you’re owing them, sorry oooo 😂🤣, that’s to your own detriment. Do not mind whatever messages or threats they send to you daily. Most of these loaners are fast killers, crooks, life hunters and real time scammers. Like this eh……. Am owing about…. of them😌, but I no dey pay shishii 😒 it’s over 2 year now since they were overdue and none of them were able to call or send messages to my contacts and post my pictures anywhere. They are even tired of calling 😏.

    5. I am finally a free man. My records are clean, I have a great job and a better house.
      I was so tired of being turned down and rejected on potential job opportunities due to an assault charge and DUI that occurred over 20 years ago. My mugshot would pop up which was humiliating.
      I had bad credit which made me find it hard to rent or buy a car. But I’m glad all that is over now,
      I am a licensed professional counselor with a masters degree. I have goals to go further in my career but was blocked by my online incriminating information.

    6. Omo na them sabi, everyone know say country hard,but for these loaners, they’re demons. God forbid bad thing. Like this eh, I no dey pay shishii 😒😏.them think say dem dey wise . Rubbish people😂😋 If u are still worried about them or what they will do to u if u are owing them ,na u sabi, that’s to ur own peril. Do not mind whatever messages or threats they send on daily basis. Most of those loaners are fast killers, crooks and real time scammers. Like this eh…. Am owing about 8 of them, but i no dey pay shishi. It’s over 5months now since overdue and none of them have sent messages to my contacts or post my pictures anywhere. They are even tired of calling me😌😏.

    7. Thanks for your post.
      Regain Funds LLC boasts a proven track record of successfully resolving financial disputes and recovering assets through a combination of legal and technological means.

    8. Me na cashhall, Hela Cash and easykash they treating me o
      Money wey I no apply for wey they credit me and still dey treating me that I’m a ritualist
      Helacash is even posting wanted to my contact list sending them my bvn and numbers that’s too rude of them help us find something to do to it the app that we didn’t approve the loan that is crediting us and come back after 6days abusing us treating us with dealth

    9. I took a loan from palmcredit 9k to pay back in two weeks and by the end of it I couldn’t payback then they started calling and threatening me there after they started texting my mom saying I should pay off immediately then they kept on sending and sending till I finally payed off and now I borrowed 5k from GBloan to payback 9500 which I’ve taken from almost 4 times and have Been paying now they’ve started threatening me,that they’d post my picture to all my contacts calling me a Basterd a scammer,a beast abusing my family. And calling. E unfortunate please help me oo and now they’ve been adding 400 daily to the interest which is now 12500

    10. Please kindly help me out, I did not apply for a loan under the below loan app (loan me, Lifepurse, carmeloan, deloan) because their interest rate was too high but I got an alert from them and even wrote to their customer service but it was not attended to and now they are disturbing me to repay a loan of 11,000 each.

    11. Cashhall is treating my life with death they give me #6000 and they want to collect #11,440 back from me this are the messages they are sending to me.


      Please help me ask them ooooooo

    12. I personally collect money from palmpay next thing to see is that they just start calling me and my contacts they start disgrace me all around in country
      Then my palmpay account wasn’t in lv2 why did they allow me loan
      All these loan app they supposed to be banned in these country
      I’m tired

    13. I apply loan on a yoyi loan app on the due date there agent call me ask me to pay the loan back I accepted and told him am at work I will pay it soon after work gbam before u no he has posted my picture am a fraudster am a ritualist my mom saw it and fainted after few days they ask me to pay back there manager call me I said I will not pay oooo

    14. Most of them are scammers deny them permission from ur pH am a victim too I lost my phone n could not retrieve my sim cos am not the one that registered it n d person that did is very far away from me before I new it my friends started telling me funny stories that I don’t understand

    15. Same here I can’t sleep talk less of eat
      I collected the loan for my school project and I haven’t pay back but I said they should give few weeks my loan just due just a day they have been threatening me since I don’t know what to do now

    16. Good day everyone, this is a very serious issues, I know how miserable it is to be conned out of your money. I have an old friend who is a computer expert now and she has helped me out many times in solving problems online even with my bank and also keep my digital financial apps on authentication password to keep me safe from scammers online. As for me this is a sure link you can rest on. This is someone i know so well, she is successful in her doings and she is on the page of helping people. Email address is [email protected] mail her directly. This is the best you can do for yourself. My name is Al Cronin Kulas and i stay in 130 I St. Anchorage, Alaska. Mail her, jot down your problem and as well include telling her i referred you.

    17. I am a victim here,I took a loan from one of the loan app cus I was very ill at that and I had no other choice so I took the loan two days to the dues date I have been able to raise the money so I applied from another loan app to pay back the money this continued for a while and there started threatening my with a screenshot of my contact from there system saying they would send SMS and also call them in other to stop that from happening I applied to another one again.
      About two weeks ago,my phone gotten lost while trying to run for my life,and 5 days ago my dad came back from work showing me a message which state,
      Even my uncle showed my a message like that it really wasn’t my fault and the messages are going far .

    18. I am a victim here also
      On getting home 5 days ago,My dad showed my a message sent to him from NAIRAPLUS indicating that,(If u love you daughter and do

    19. There is a loan called cycle cash, they are tarnishing peoples image.. Please kindly look up to this and get them for investigation. Here is one of them number 09061766468.

    20. Harassment from this loan app is too much (lcredit)
      They started calling my relatives and my contact cursing me and embarrassing me to my contacts. I have already paid them the actual amount I owed and they are asking for additional money. I’m at the verge of losing my home and job due to their behavior , pls help me out because I’m already thinking of commiting suicide. I’ve been trying to log in to the app but I’m unable to and they are just giving me different excuses.

    21. @ Ester olanike, @ chinedu and any one having similar issues …….I once had similar issues i sold a landed property because of this loan shatks so that they will not embarrassed me or post my pictures I borrowed loan every day n paid back every day Monday to Sunday over 30 loan apps when I’m in there web I almost commit suicide………….before I got the tricks that I have been duped so far over 12 months I dealt with this loan sharks I lost millions n almost lost my life

      If you have collected the loan
      Denied the app all access to your

      Sign out the app and delete
      Signout your whatsapp number for a while
      Download truecaller

    22. Please,if a petition needs to be written against those loan app staff, could you please notify me and what to do now. They have been embarrassing my close family members and tarnished their image in public.l am due for 3 day paying part payment to some of them but still insisting that is just an extension,and increasing the Inerest
      Another loan company is cashmama ,cashhall,nairaland ,nairabus Easy credit, Eagle cash ,Tiger credit cashmall,Quickcredit ,fast cash,and lot more . their first reminder comes as a threat and corses compelling the customer to pay at their own time, sometimes 1pm, threatening the customer of blocking their accounts using their BVN and publishing their pictures to the entire public in which they do to me and they are still doing That is so absurd and when they don’t get the attention of the customer to repay ahead of their due date, the resort to threat. They are killing me already because the shame is too much ,even know nobody can borrow me money to pay them back because they have tanished my image everywhere.

    23. I borrowed a loan to sort out my school expenses ooo.
      And the loan was 15days overdue and I’ve paid 5k already. The interest rate was too much. Tik credit started sending messages to my contacts and family stating that I’m Hiv positive and wanted at the health care centre that if seen they should take me to the nearest police station. This has cost me alot .
      Imagine…. How can someone clear his or herself from this scandal.
      They are still threatening and expecting me to pay the money oooo

    24. Today I was blackmailed by by a lady that works for an online loan app (Cashbus) with this phone number; 09064792217.
      On the 7th of December, a certain number called me introducing her company as an online financial service provider so I responded by asking her how was she able to get my contact because I can’t remember contacting her or anyone in her company but she tried to convince me and I accepted their offer. On the 13th I was contacted by one of their staff to remind me of my loan that would be due the next day and I promised to make the payment but unfortunately I was not able to send it so I called them to ask for time to source the money. Today as I was busy surfing the net as usual, I noticed that a lot of threatening messages were sent to me and immediately I called the line to tell them that I’m transferring their money but to my surprise the lady started raining insults on me. It didn’t Stop there she went ahead to send messages to my contacts describing me as a criminal and all sorts of names, she called some of my contacts telling them I had a fatal accident and I’m laying down dead at garki general hospital and also went further to insult all my family members including my aged parents. She also threatened to kidnap me.
      Therefore, I would like to get justice for all they did to me since I didn’t rob them nor refuse to talk to them. Attached are all the evidences of all the messages she sent to me and my contacts. Kindly consider this report and bring the perpetrators to book as I feel cheated beyond what I could just let go.

      Kind regards,

    25. About two days ago I was blackmailed by by a lady that works for an online loan app (Cashbus) with this phone number; 09064792217. On the 7th of December, a certain number called me introducing their company as an online financial service provider so I responded by asking them how they were able to get my contact because I can’t remember contacting them but they tried to convince me and I accepted their offer. On the 13th I was contacted by one of their staff to remind me of my loan that would be due the next day and I promised to make the payment but unfortunately I was not able to send it so I called them to ask for time to source the money. Today I noticed that a lot of threatening messages were sent to me and immediately I called the line to tell them that I’m transferring their money but to my surprise the lady started raining insults on me. It didn’t Stop there she went ahead to send messages to my contacts describing me as a criminal and all sorts of names, she called some of my contacts telling them I had a fatal accident and I’m dead and also insulted all my family members and also threatened to kidnap me. So I would like to get justice for all they did to me since I didn’t rob them nor refuse to talk to them. I have evidence of all my conversations with her.

    26. I am presently going through the same thing now..I lost my phone about 3weeks ago..
      I just recover my sim card from MTN and did a welcome back..
      Now I have been receiving several messages that I am owing them.. messages has been sent to my contact..
      People I don’t know..
      I don’t have any reason to borrow from online loan companies..
      I don’t know who dis this to me..
      Quick naira (Payday) and several loans companies has been sending messages to my contact..
      Please I am not owing you people..
      I have asked them for their office address sothat I can go there and know what really happened..
      I have reported the matter to the police and we are ready to engage them, you can’t maligned my name and go scot-free..
      It’s not acceptable…
      Please I wish anyone can put me through on how to trace the addresses of this loan companies…they need to be thought a lesson…

    27. Hello good evening to me I will love to say this Palm credit of thing is a Scam because you guys may think you are helping but yet you are scamming them also to make your own wealth… your App you will write 14days loan offer which is 2weeks and your interest which we will all agree to but in some couple day you guys Will Start adding additional fee saying it’s a late payment …. nobody is an illiterate you are the real thief all this gibberish you’re Saying that you will destroy their life and their families see it’s just a Glance over the night 🌉,it won’t take some couple weeks or months that people will forget about it ….A criminal once become a president so stop threatening people’s lives……

    28. Have tired of this loan app i borrowed 5000 from them and they are expecting me to pay 8000 after 6days first nell and softnaira they are thiev

    29. I’m a victim too o….they have threatened to post my BVN, name and picture on vanguard newspaper even after paying half payment. Omo me I’m tired already

    30. I did take loan from Hi-cash and ECash of Cashbus, I also took Gfploan and Helpchance of DoCredit. Things were bad and had hospital bill and health issues to handle. I had most of their funds but wasn’t complete. While trying to raise their funds messages were sent labelling me criminal to family and friends. Right now I don’t care what they actually do. They can call me any name or post my obituary but one thing is sure that the money is gone for good. They can use their resources for the next one year and run a loss. I will get more people to borrow from them and not pay back till both the owners and agents are completely broke. If they think madness is a monopoly then welcome to Nigeria where we are all mad when pushed to the wall.


      CAREFINANCE 09120014972

    32. My SIM was stolen and was use to take loan from lcredit with my bank account coz I save my acc number and bvn on the SIM. now lcredit is tarnishing my image and harassing me please ICIR i need your help am really depressed

    33. My nàme is me segun Adegboyega my phone number is 08168396437, I apply for a loan of 200000 to pay for my house rent on lendbox loan app Their customers number is 08125019849, they told me to send an application fee which is 5500 which is for my baby food which I did later on they told me to send my account details which I did after that they told me to pay 10750 which I told them I don’t have any money again till date they didn’t send my baby food money please help me to get them down please am seriously crying here

    34. The truth is that, some one who borrow you money and want you to pay back 40 to 50% in a week is pushing you to go and steal. If a man have problem, even church money he will eat it since he has access to it, talk less of loan app. And the money is not even useful, you collect from the other to settle the other. My own i no fit talk. They tired with me, and they no gree give me to balance other ones again. My question is that, who are these people, and where is this money coming from? This become rampage just after COVID-19. Instead of palliative it become credit score with loan apps. Let it not be that Nigeria as a nation is owing China and we as youths and citizens again become defaulters. Our future as a nation May not be okay. Thanks.

    35. This loan app are thief .you can imagine I borrowed from them and repay the following week of my repayment I mistakenly sent money to their acct since then I have been trying to chat them but no response from them.

    36. Omo na them sabi, everyone know say country hard,but for these loaners, they’re demons. God forbid bad thing. Like this eh, I no dey pay shishii 😒😏.them think say dem dey wise . Rubbish people😂😋 If u are still worried about them or what they will do to u if u are owing them ,na u sabi, that’s to ur own peril. Do not mind whatever messages or threats they send on daily basis. Most of those loaners are fast killers, crooks and real time scammers. Like this eh…. Am owing about 8 of them, but i no dey pay shishi. It’s over 5months now since overdue and none of them have sent messages to my contacts or post my pictures anywhere. They are even tired of calling me😌😏. Dem dey crase. If you want to know how to deny them access and how to clear your contacts and data from their server send me a dm on WhatsApp @09151977310.But if you be one of their agents and you near my DM I pray make thunder no strike u and ur data shaa oo. Nonsense people 😏😒

    37. They even chat me up trying and I was trying to explain to them that I will pay that I was robbed but they keep threatening me

      Taking a loan is not a big issue, anyone can take a loan anytime, but trying to play smart, abandonment of loan or absconding with the loan is a big issue.

      I know what it will cost you once Lcredit takes actions against you, I’ve been lenient with you regarding this loan because of that, yet you are playing smart with me.
      There is a law backing this loan, so a Debtor can be remanded in prison regarding an unsettled loan. You can browse it to confirm.
      Lcredit has all your information and evidence that can be used against you.
      Go and make your payment now, I’m advising you.

    39. please do something about this
      first Nell
      soft naira
      cash mall
      this platform said I borrowed from them and I haven’t paid back yet
      and I didn’t borrow money from anywhere
      they are treating me please
      do something about it please

    40. I saw messages from
      first Nell
      soft naira
      cash mall
      saying I borrowed loan, something I didn’t do and they are treating me
      please do something about it
      please do something about it please

    41. My case is almost similar to Yetunde case posted. My phone was stolen in my wife shop some weeks ago which I have reported the case to the police station. The only mistake I did was didn’t block my sim or account due to I did not have any money in my two account so did not care about blocking it. Few week later my siblings, relatives are contacting me through my wife phone that they are posting my picture and details on WhatsApp that I am a debtor, fraudsters etc. Immediately i went back to the police station I was told no cause for alarm that they will track them down. Days later my pastor called and mentioned the same stuff that was then I went to zenith bank to block my Acct and also blocked my line. The pple that took my phone later went to my WhatsApp and send a scam link to my contacts. Everyday now they keep calling my contacts. I am fed up thinking everyday. Please help me out

    42. Due to health issue my bro had,the last payment for phone bought wasn’t paid(A phone worth 70+ but we paid just left with 11k to balance up) .I’m not the person using these said phone,I only had to stand as a shortee for my bro yet I keep receiving threat from easybuy management and I’m warned to pay else my BVN will be blocked,image of myself and family will be tarnished for good.Tell me if all these are done,how will I feel😥 despite my plea with them to allow me give a duration and if payment not made,actions should be taken against but they keep sending me messages.They even threaten to arrest me because of 11k for a phone I didn’t use oooo.What Joy will i get to pay when the money eventually comes and how do I convince the masses.

      This whole thing is giving me great concern plus the names they’ve been calling me since yesterday 😭.Pls what can I do because I’m depressed already.

    43. Am the latest victim, and I have take the pain to read all your comments, its too bad ,destroy a persons image over a loan that the person is trying to pay back, its wickedness of the highest order!!

    44. One number, 07011207801, has been threatening to post the obituary picture of someone that already paid them. This person borrowed from Deloan, and having made payment yesterday after sending his pictures to some of his contacts even after telling them he’ll pay and received confirmation from them, the number above personally chatted him up that he will post his obituary picture to all his contacts if he doesn’t pay back when his payment has already been confirmed.

      I got this information this morning, tried calling the number but the person refused to pick. Please, ICIR should look into this Deloan and their operations. Thank you

    45. So my phone was stolen…I didn’t block my sim then….becos MTN refused to block it wen I called dem to block it saying am giving dem incorrect maiden name of my mother but that same maiden name was correct wen I went to retrieve my line cos I asked de MTN customer service representative wat maiden name was dere…. before I could retrieve my line the thieve had already use my phone to register with different loan apps and took some loan and the succeded in collecting it using my access bank and my zenith Bank which was linked to my bvn..when I later retrieved the sim and came bk online I was going through my bank messages and saw debit alerts for a loan payment which I didn’t apply for…I complained to the bank they said they couldn’t do anything cos the thieve that took the loan using an online loan app so they were unable to help me….then later on around July and August I started receiving multiple threating messages from different loan app that I was owing them. I tried explaining to some but some were adamant. At a point some were rude and I was rude to them back… Some threatened with blocking my bvn, reporting me to efcc,even court and also sending messages to my contact…apps like aimloan and Quicknaira did it and I promised them I wasn’t going to have any conversation with them course of defamation of character…. Nicenaira keeps sending me threat and cursing messages… Me I won’t pay for what I did not eat and I won’t pay if you post my picture

    46. This just happen to me just now, my due date is today and next my Picture was tag WANTED!!! After I tried to payback from different account to complete the payment and its keeps bounce back.

      TREAT AS URGENT: This is to inform the general PUBLIC THAT

      Akeem Salami PHONE: 8023017603 BVN: 22166217174Date of birth:*21/09/1986 (36) is currently under investigation by the CREDIT BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION for credit fraud, Rape, Robbery and other charges. This person is currently on the run with our companies money ) and has refused to take nor pick our calls. Be informed that this person has been declared wanted and investigations has been activated. YOU ARE WARNED NOT TO DO BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS WITH THIS PERSON, contact us if you have any information about this person as soon as possible. kindly call this person to take off your details from the investigation procedure because we are provided with your details and if you are not also aware of this loan you can call the person to delete your information in the app. You will continue to receive messages on TEXT and WHATSAPP as the investigation unfolds…

      Don’t say you haven’t been warned!!!

    47. PLEASE ICIR,help stop this loan sharks finally
      People re going into depression ,dying,falling ill becos of this loan sharks plsssss😭

    48. Right now I’m being threatened to pay before the end of today and all I’m asking is till weekend but the guy refused saying they will start sending messages to my contacts it just so frustrating all because 12k if not for the hardship of this country how much is that and there nothing i can do than to just sit and watch my name being spoiled

    49. No loan apps can block or blacklist your B VN number… they can only stop u from collecting loans from others apps…

      To stop them from having access to ur contact…
      1.long press d app
      Then u will see (app info) on app info
      Then u will see (app permissions) on app permissions
      Then u will “deny” all permissions given to the by u i.e Location, camera, contacts, storage e.t.c
      After that,you go back to the “app info”
      You will see
      4.clear data & clear cache
      Then u will first clear cache then clear data…

      Then force stop the app or uninstall it…

      Note this:they won’t stop texting you but can’t have access to ur contacts anymore… I’m not advicing u not to pay back but at least it help you stay out of defamation… pending the time you can payback their money

    50. I am a victim also even to my enemy my name has bn sent to Dem .I ve become enemies to many both at home ND work on dis loan issue.dey would threaten one ND even threaten dose on d list which is not gud.i even always plead with den bt no.please help us out

    51. Please,am a victim of loan personnel that send a message to all my contact that I am a 419 on the run that people should stay away from me,oh my God what a shame,just because I was unable to pay them on the due date.pls govt should do some thing about all the loan app that put people shame.

    52. I’m a victim too, just because of a day due, they sent defamatory messages and my picture to my contacts and they asked me to pay, I’m not going to pay a penny, let them countinue to send the picture and defamatory messages. Pls I need the Link to report too

    53. Just one day overdue they started sending me these messy and throwing insults to my mother. Everyday they call to threaten and insult me.

      *MGT DEPT*

    54. Cha Cha loan app have send my pics and details for holding them loan after I paid part of it and I promise to balance the rest the app is very mean I want the government to remove this illegal app from play store .. I’m really in pain now God bless you

    55. I borrowed too bf I know d send my pics to contacts dat iam wanted by d poilce n my office ppl n I hv make mind to whenever I wish to pay it .I no care again..


      Again now

    57. LCREDIT


      With all due respect!
      This is an ungrateful act and you don’t bite the finger that feeds you

      You have been showing negligence with different excuses, empty promises and nonchalance attitude for Days, Weeks and Month despite given you enough time and consideration.

      Communication have been passed across on modalities for your debt repayment which you have been turning deaf ears to.


      For more info; Login to your App for payment or request for your offline repayment virtual account (Sterling Bank)

      Thank you for your anticipated cooperation…

      Sent too




      Those is wat they sent just now

    59. Sir ma LCredit has been threatening my life they even threaten to send all my photos to all social media and that of my family members I have paid all my principal loan remaining my interest but they are saying I am having loan left and they are threatening to kill me I am really hustling but they have called all my contacts to tell them I am a criminal and that I ran away with company money…pls wat do I do ….I’m loosing my sanity ….I borrowed this loan cause of school now asuu is on strike I still tried in hustling to pay up..

    60. Please am a victim of aimloan ,cash farm and Zuma they have label me a kidnapper and they sent death warrant to all my contact am only 1day over due been in the hospital all my contact have been callinfmg me bad name, message also send in my fb

    61. Please how can I get a link to those that bans these fin techs? They are so annoying, you can immagine them sending defamatory messages against me when it’s not as if I killed someone. I will urge someone to help me send the contact or email of those that can help us warn them seriously.

    62. Hmm. Have read through all and I can rightly say that the loan apps r good at threatening people, m a victim too, n felt like ending it when d calls, threat, messaging was much but with all I have read here, have a little confidence now, but is there a link where one can report this loan apps to that can fight for one, just living everyday in fear, also can they block one’s bvn too. Really need answers to the bvn own n the link too. Really appreciate everyone

    63. I am actually sending this as a notice concerning a guy that works with cashfarm with this number 07087892976.. all because my wife took a loan of just and was suppose to pay back 10,700 , the loan was due with just a day ,this guy went ahead and posted her picture caption saying my wife slept with a dog.. sent all this to her contact . Well, I do not have much to say and I am not begging anyone to look into this . I am sending this personally because I will track him down and deal with him.. He would regret ever doing such in his life. . I know the police won’t do anything likewise I am not ready to go to the police station.. I know by the time I am done with him other loan members /App would stop sending shits to tarnish there customers image .

    64. So my phone was stolen… I couldn’t retrieve the sim cos my mum was the one who registered it and we were not close to each other . Before I could I regain all my stuffs back… Thieves or fraudsters had used my phone to register on multiple online loan apps and succeeded in collecting money… They were able to use my zenith bank account tho… When i later retrieved the sim and came back online I was getting multiple messages from them that I was owing them. I tried explaining to some but some were adamant. At a point some were rude and I was rude to them back… Some threatened with blocking my bvn, reporting me to efcc,even court and also sending messages to my contact…apps like aimloan and add money did it and I promised them I wasn’t going to have any conversation with them course of defamation of character…. Lcredit keeps sending me threat and cursing messages… Me I won’t pay for what I did not eat and I won’t pay if you post my picture.

    65. Together we can end this useless loan apps
      Add my number to whatapp 08032347768
      I am also a victim
      Lets end their fraud

    66. @ihuoma, please how did you stop them from calling your contacts? Someone should please help me.

    67. Imagine I borrow 8k to pay 14000 and I couldn’t meet up base on I lost my work
      There started accessing my phone contacts…with my image on it
      And sending them too all my contacts

      I lost my job ,this is so embarrassing,it now break up my relationship with my fiancee
      Federal government should work on this respectively.its so painful…any loan app respectively

    68. Xcredit and Lcredit are the worst, I am currently facing the same challenge but I have made up my mind not to pay them for contacting my parents who where my guarantors at the time of collecting the loan. I had the intention to pay back but now they can go ahead and do as they please. Fortunately they were unable to get to my contact because I stopped them. I am sad that they got my parents involved in it.

    69. currently am in mess with this 7days loan thing, I was insulted and embarrassed for late payment even a lady insulted my late mother after I warned her to stop usi g her pictures to send mags to my contact, I thought is a better means on getting money for business buh hell no this people are thieves they want to rek me after collecting loan from them like 3time 12k to pay 18985 in 7days nd still I/Omoney are worst

    70. I was also embarrassed,from palm credit,xcrosscredit and fair money,palm credit borrowed me10k due to my grandmother was sick Which I was staying with and telling me to pay 16,950 back,and xcrosscredit borrowed me 12000 to pay 18500,fair money borrowed me me 15000 to pay 21,380.but I said I believe god will du it just to run my grandmother test and some drug she need,and they told me that I will pay back in the next 14days.but on furtunatly,it is not up to that pay before they started posting me that am a fraudster, I was so cut the long story shout. I tried my best to pay part of those money and they are still telling me I must pay the interest added again to the money,so started removing any money that is coming into my bank account.can treatlling me with my bvn that they are ready to du anything.and to god be the witness I told them they should go ahead,because I have tried doing my best to retune the money.even interested can’t make people to pay the money back and it as just pass one day you will be adding more money to it which means is very bad…


      Despite our previous reminder(s), we still have not received any payment or answer from you. Therefore, we regret to inform you that if we do not obtain the payment of 130520.00 in full before 05/26/2022 (10am), we will have no other alternatives but to undertake court actions against you in order to retrieve the debt amount for our client (Francis john/Lcredit ). Please find the full debt amount and additional costs below:

      Account value: #70500.00
      Late payment costs: #60020.00
      Total: #130520.00

      Should your payment not be received in full in the next 24 hours starting from 05/27/2022 (3pm) to 05/28/2022 immediate court actions will take place.
      We would advise treating this matter with urgency and we believe you will not ignore this final reminder. To save yourself the inconvenience of court actions, we kindly suggest settling the total amount of debt and additional costs as soon as possible.

      We still trust court actions will not be necessary and look forward to receiving payment in return.

      Yours faithfully,

      Please check my principal cost and overdue charges. How do they want me to pay such amount

    72. Join us #TheICIR on Friday, by 7:00PM as we discuss issues surrounding cases of Nigerian Fintech companies shaming and threatening customers for late payment of loans on Twitter space.

      Click here to set a reminder:

      #TheICIRSpace #twitterspace #theicir

    73. They are still sending messages till now and nothing has been done yet to outcast those loan app

    74. There just too many ways you get scammed its not all about trying to make the victim bad. So many people lost their money when they didn’t even do anything that warrants that. A cloned website ripped me off, luckily I was able to get in touch with I N ST AN T R E CO VE RY. They were able to trace the blockchain and saw where the money went, they helped get over 65% back within 2 weeks. So many of those things are out there unknown to so many people also. contact them via their mail >>+>>quickrecovery07 h a t gmail Com

    75. These loan sharks have really caused a lot of harm. If not for the fact that things are quite difficult will we go looking for help from them? I’m also a victim and the insults and threats are just something else. They call your families, colleagues, bosses, friends etc. They need to be dealt with. Plus they do not make it known that your data will be shared with a third party which is another error. They do not care about your image at all.

    76. All these apps sending messages and destroying images should be let known that if 9ja was good no one would come to borrow from them, those illiterates open their trapts to insult u its not easy to pay back a loan in 7 days with 50% interest no one should pay afta all this embarrassment they don’t worth to stay in Nigeria some apps are frauds that dont have an office using 3 bedroom flats. Lots have died, just look for good apps if possible links instead pls government should really do sometin

    77. Am facing serious issues with so many apps sending massage to my but now I disallowed them access to my contact and I will pay

    78. Good day, link credit is threatening me. After showing them my proof of payment since on the 9th of May. They are still telling me am owing them and the debt hasn’t been cleared

      Also on the 9th of May at Ajeloan I don’t know who requested for loan,I just see I was credited in my kuda bank account. Immediately I emailed their customer service and I was told they aren’t on sit. So the next day which was on the 10th I emailed them and I was told to return the money in which I did. So they were now telling me I will pay the interest back since I didn’t refund the exact day
      So I told them am not paying any money because I emailed them and I didn’t get any response

    79. My experience with the Flashcash loan app. I paid their money when a day after when due. The next day, they already added overcharges. And I told them, I have paid your principal and interest what more do you want? Just this yesterday. That was how they started adding charges. Till they sent messages to my contacts because of 1k.

      THREAT AS URGENT: This is to inform the general public that (name)to be a go RUTHLESS/ CHRONIC and UNREMORSEFUL DEBTOR who goes about COLLECTING LOAN from different COMPANY. This person is currently on the run with our company’s money{ FLASH CASH} and has refused to pay nor pick our calls, he even denied that he did not collect any money from any loan app when we have hIS details. BE informed that this person has been declared wanted. we also found that he’s a ritualist and a kidnapper using innocent children for money ritual. Pls contact us if you have any information about this person as soon as possible, else the company will proceed to the next action, because this person provided us with all your details and if you are not aware of this loan you can as well call the person to delete your information in the app, because soon the person pictures along side your own pictures will be posted on all social media in the next FEW HOURS…..
      MY NUMBER:


      Cust Age

      BVN No :

    80. I received a loan of N28,500 of which N22,515 was instead sent to me from Lcredit for 14 days to run a business.

      I didn’t run the business because I felt I won’t be able to meet up with the time fixed. I instead deposited the money back into my bank account and waited for the due date to return it.

      I’d received a lot of threat from them, but none of my contacts had been contacted yet because I immediately removed the permission I granted them and cleared my cache and data.

      After threat and insults, what I do is place each of the contacts used to send their threats on blacklist.

    81. Hello,
      Thank you for reaching out to The ICIR.

      We extend our sympathy over the harassment you are currently going through.

      You can send a mail to [email protected] detailing your encounter with the loan app.

      They are in charge of regulating activities of loan apps in the country and in a better position to resolve the issue.

      Kind regards,
      Esther Ilesanmi.




    83. Lcredit,xcredit,etc are very wicked, they will begin you to apply and afier bn a good customer if something goes bad, they will threaten and even embarras themselves which is not me. They are not on playstore curecently but the hv a link

    84. Sir please help me, i have been hiding and full of tension every seconds of my life, lcredit, Easy credit, Easy moni are after my life, they keep trethening me that they will track me and kidnap me if they dont have their money, my phone was stolen and they use it to collect loan from them with my pictures without my knowlegde. they have sent my pictures, text massages that am a criminal to all my contacts list. pls help me save me now before i die. i dont want to commit sucide. i m married with 5 kisds

    85. Good morning sir/Ma,
      Please this sokoloan sisters Gocash and Fast money have never stop their trethening massages o,few day ago they sent me those massages with my picture to my contacts tagging me wanted that am a crinal,I took a loan and don’t want to pay,with my full name phone and picture,
      And they are sending me different account number to pay in the money,
      I don’t have peace anymore ,

    86. Xcredit also treating my life all the time till I get high blood pressure yesterday 12/4/22 xcredit deduct #105,200 instead of #45,200 from my account please help me

    87. Xcredit, LCredit Easycredit are so useless and the interest rate is come and die and got mannerless people working for them as account officer who talk and insult people because they want to retained their job. Is devil that will baptise those useless set of people.

    88. They try to do nonsense with me but immediately I told them our chat are screenshotted and that am reporting them to the NITDA for deformation of character they immediately blocked me and I never heard from them again. They only target individual people that don’t know their rights.

    89. If they have message your contacts, don’t bother paying them. That’s the worst they can do. 7days loan with 50% interest easy. No one said they are not paying, but the threat from them can make someone ignore. Set of idiots. LCREDIT no 1, XCREDIT 2, DELOAN, EASY CREDIT FAMILY. This people needs to be barn and lose. They have cause somany problem in the way of retrieving loans.

    90. Am sick of all this loan app trying to spoil people’s name all because of a little loan am report this cause my mtn simcard as not been with me for a while now and I have been using my Zain line I have different loan text me here there am owning them treething I should pay them asap

    91. Please you all should visit facebook and search for “Say no to sokoloan” and start following the group.The group is meant for online loan victims and it has really helped thousands of people.

    92. Honestly am even been threatened right now by this loan apps,they are threatening me that they will.send messages to my contacts and publicize my name.telling people that am a fraud when am not,one even called me a poverty stricken bastard ,cocoloan now is threatening me that they will tell all my contacts to avoid me because am.a fraud,all for the fact that I took a loan from them,even nine credit too,deloan ruined me by sending my picture to my contact,this is total invasion of privacy… They should be kicked out

    93. I came in contact today with an expert when it comes to hacking of school grades am so happy I could get mine fixed also with the help of anonymousmaskhat @ gmail com at a very affordable price and also without my school getting to know about the changes in my grades, this hacker changed my grades right from the school portal without any form of trace. Am so happy thanks to you anonymousmaskhat @ gmail com once again.

    94. God has already punished them. Pls, once they send threat messages to your content don’t pay them again . They have collected their money through the messages sent to your contacts. All of them are mad. I owe them and I will never pay. They can’t do anything apart from forwarding messages. Useless fellows.

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    96. I am also a victim here with Neocash who has threaten me and my family sending messages to my contact extracting number from contact list without my permission. The agent number is +234 912 018 0580 it’s from Neocash but when you search it shows you xcredit.

    97. I am also a victim here with Neocash who has threaten me and my family sending messages to my contact extracting number from contact list without my permission. The agent number is

    98. [3/29, 08:35] +234 902 549 8213: So today is going to be a different day I pray it doesn’t get to this point but I have really tired my have from now till 12 noon to send in your payment of any amount.
      [3/29, 10:38] +234 902 549 8213: hey
      [3/29, 10:43] +234 902 549 8213: Tellin people u have hiv is small
      [3/29, 10:43] +234 902 549 8213: Vry small
      [3/29, 10:43] +234 902 549 8213: Say u rape child that one small too
      [3/29, 11:01] +234 902 549 8213: U
      [3/29, 11:10] +234 902 549 8213: i dont need ur money again but u gto see
      [3/29, 11:18] +234 902 549 8213: ₦18050.00
      Current Amt. Du
      [3/29, 11:19] +234 902 549 8213: ₦18050.00
      Current Amt. Du
      [3/29, 11:19] +234 902 549 8213: u want use meplay
      [3/29, 11:19] +234 902 549 8213: nowahala
      [3/29, 11:21] +234 902 549 8213: u pick up
      [3/29, 11:32] +234 902 549 8213: i dey give u respect u come they make me look like ,mumu
      [3/29, 11:32] +234 902 549 8213: i need ur money to any amount
      [3/29, 11:33] +234 902 549 8213: becus at this point i dont care if u arrest me
      [3/29, 11:33] +234 902 549 8213: i swear i wont stop
      [3/29, 11:34] +234 902 549 8213: ur face is next…
      (+234 902 549 8213 deloan nd 2nd number 09063274589 fairmoney) that means fairmoney owned Deloan also

    99. A lady called me fro DELOAN dis morning nd we had some conversation which lead to disagreement btw me nd her ,the next actions i saw from my WhatsApp contacts was that d lady send all my contact a disgusting message that i raped a 3yrs old girl jst bcos of 2 days overdue loan nd if i was found, i shld be arrested…later she called me again nd i told her dat i saw wat she send to all my whatsapp contacts, d number brought out fairmoney scammer of which, d first number brought out Deloan scammer while d 2nd brought out Fairmoney…i need an urgent action abt the so called DELOAN agent…

    100. I am student of Lagos state university of science and technology, I took a loan in processing my admission from Loan apps but I never thought chasing a dream would lead me to depression and debt. Please i need your help because they’re are really threatening me. and they’ve send message to all my contacts.
      This is their message
      See if you don’t need big disgrace and Humiliation in your life today, just make your payment before 2pm if not, I’ll so disgrace and Humiliate you that you will never forget in your life. CASHLOIN

    101. This people are killer despite the fact that their interest is on high side the still go ahead and tanished people’s image after paying they still send message to my friends contact, government need to ban this people but my fear is those among the government worker’s will still collect bribe from them to keep operation, if government can ban Twitter for a while they should be able to send this people out too.fellow Nigerian should write petition against their dubious act and send them out of this street.

    102. [3/23, 5:46 PM] 345789753: Hello!! This is LCredit
      A freind/relative mmmmmmmmmm
      with mobile number 23457899974 borrowed a HUGE sum of money from LCredit, which is seriously overdue.
      the Loan is overdue. he ought to have made his repayment within the loan period GIVING,
      It is now through our human benevolence and customer integrity that we are reaching out to his emergency contacts to please reach out to him now, for him to pay up before 4 pm today otherwise After blocking her BVN, We are about to initiate legal proceedings for him and also reach out to all his contacts, notifying them about his default and his attitude toward paying back. it wont be wise if she allow us to treat him like the behavior he’s portray. FINAL WARNING .THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU
      [3/23, 5:46 PM] +234 816 630 2987: This is “L CREDIT” an online loan company…

      This is to inform you that a Serial Loan Defaulter who happens to be your Relative/Friend with the name 4t677yfdtygfd with phone number 467798877765 has vowed never to pay “L CREDIT” their money.(126434.00 NAIRA) You were added as a Guarantor/Emergency contact. We have been calling but no response. Please WE ARE NOT ASKING YOU TO PAY FOR ANYBODY. Kindly tell the above name to go and pay up the Loan or pay a REASONABLE part payment immediately but failure to do so, you will be HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

      If found, please kindly Call/WhatsApp this number 08126126120

      This is what they keep sending to my contacts

    103. This online loan sharks are dubious, i lost sleep because of them even dragging my family’s name into a loan not up to 20,000 you see this 9credit, lcredit, nairaplus, truenaira, gocash, fastmoney, most especially starloan, and imoney, they av dealt with me .i even lost my job in dis hard country , even with my images with insultive words. I tot of suicide but by his grace i couldn’t. Till today i refused to pay a dine .the defamation was uncalled for.

    104. I’m also a victim right now I can live my life the way I want to now I’m so scared please talk to them so stop spoiling people’s name all the family members everyone is aware of this but they will not there when the loan transaction was being made it supposed to be confidential for Christ sake after paying the money back we’ll all be missed because maybe we’ll be rectify .

    105. It’s painful i can’t send pictures here. Please this people are killers expectantly add money and all the loan apps

    106. This loan app are just wicked, operating without licence…The government need to close their office.Many of them don’t even have office,just writing on their page fake address
      Their interest rate very high,in a country where everybody struggle and hustle to survive
      The government should have mercy of his citizens and take action against them
      They copy their costumers contacts without informing them…They later used it to disgrace them,by lying to their contacts
      This need to be stop,before it get out of hand

    107. This loan app are just wicked, operating without licence…The government need to close their office.Many of them don’t even have office,just writing on their page fake address
      Their interest rate very high,in a country where everybody struggle and hustle to survive
      The government should have mercy of his citizens and take action against them
      They copy their costumers contacts without informing them…They later used it to disgrace them,by lying to their contacts
      This need to be stop,before it get out of hand

    108. See what this fool call herself representative of cash lion is saying Titilayo Adetonya,saying the only way to get their money back from borrowers is to expose the information of ur customers out ,
      Titilayo Adetonya, U have no right to penetrate customers contacts, and sending SMS to to the contact list, Who are u? Titilayo Adetonya, U are saying is not defamation of character, u are looking for war seriously, try to any customers again, u will see the Anger of the youths, they will close down ur office, by force, ….

    109. L credit,N cash ,True naira and easy credit should be taken off,a friend committed suicide but tge wife kept telling people he died in his sleep,she opened up to me today and its really sad

    110. These ppl are the most dubious and fraudulent ppl av ever seen,CBN,FCCPC,EFCC NITDA,NHRC,and other committee involved in bringing these demonic illegal money lenders down should act very fast b4,smtin terrible will happen to Nigerian,their outregeous charges which is beyond CBN standard of 7.75-11.75 for a month on every amount collected,but instead,these demons will collect over 💯 p for one week,with all kinds of threats for just defaulting once out of 5times,and almost all of them are operating without lisence, threatening ppl with police,efcc,court,pls gvt should do smtin very fast.

    111. These ppl are the most dubious and fraudulent ppl av ever seen,CBN,FCCPC,EFCC NITDA,NHRC,and other committee involved in bringing these demonic illegal money lenders down should act very fast b4,smtin terrible will happen to Nigerian,their outregeous charges which is beyond CBN standard of 7.75-11.75 for a month on every amount collected,but instead,these demons will collect over 💯 p for one week,with all kinds of threats for just defaulting once out of 5times,and almost all of them are operating without lisence, threatening ppl with police,efcc,court,pls gvt should do smtin very fast

    112. December last year 2021 I got a message on my whatsapp cos I lost my phone and my Bank detail was saved in my phone
      So wen I received the message it was from Lcredit that I should pay off my loan of 7500 that is due that I should pay 15,150 I told the man I didn’t borrowed any money that I was still a secondary school student he told me is not his business that I should pay off the money,where can I get up to that amount,all the contacts in my phone the have called it all tagging me on the message the sent to them.pls FG to take action on this loan apps

    113. Please this same thing was done to me, my phone was stolen and they used my details to collect loan from different loan angencies am in pain now cause they are spoiling my reputation sending messages to all my contacts as if that’s not enough they tag me a ritualist and a prostitute collected my picture on Facebook and sending to all my contacts, honestly I know nothing about this sometimes I feel like taking my life cause this situation is frustrating depressing and embarrassing, please help me out, what can I do about this

    114. This association should pls beg cashsea,mint loan,go cash and fast money to stop threatening and frustrating me especially cash sea and go cash I paid 14 thousand naira into cash sea offline account remaining five thousand plus to pay and she told me that dats not d account to pay in she told me to mail paystack checkout which I did 2times without no response am begging fellow Nigeria to beg on my behalf they should not kill me with their treat cos am a sick patient they message me with treat messages and calls they even went to the extent of sending my picture and my information to all my contacts list with everyday overdue charges am a low key fashion designer and what led me into borrowing of money is because of situation sorrounded by me I av 4 children to take care of they should pls give me time I will pay back

    115. Whatever, that has been said here is true, in fact, majority of Nigerian Federal workers are into this loan apps and its really causing problems for them and their families. I will like to call on the government to please banned this people completely. When they loan you money, they placed high profit and when you invest with them, in a year you will not get the profit they are getting from you in 7days.
      Am also a victim and will like to call on the public to please and please distance themselves from this evil people who have already marked themselves for hell fire.
      once again i want to plead on the federal government to please banned all these companies from operation.

    116. I am also a victim on 3 different occasions I have tried to commit suicide please government help us

    117. Pls government u really need to do something because somany Nigerians are dying because of this ruthless people pls banned them all and anyone that need money can go to his or her bank.pls I advise all to keep away from this people because they are worse than experience was a tough one and I really suffered about it if not for God Almighty that save me.

    118. I was a victim of these and they really tarnish my image after making small payment as a commitment on paying Dem and dey went ahead to send messages,the loan app are gocash, cyclycash,9credit,vcash,9ja cash, fastmoney and deloan.pls government save us from this people hand and pls place a banned on all of them and anyone that want to collect money from them, anyone that need money will go and hustle because wen we are
      collecting this money they speak nicely and promise to be fair to us but what do we see embarrassment,they are worse than the devil.

    119. Everything that has been said here is very true this loan apps can make someone to commit sucide they are fraudsters, scammers and diabolic I don’t know if they are after people’s life by taking their peace of mind or are they after their money.

    120. It is not a crime to borrow money of which I didn’t borrow any money from any loan apps and it is not a crime to default. However, it is a crime to breach data privacy and confidentiality right. Even if you have access to ones contacts, it is illegal to start sending defaming messages and spreading lies about the defaulters, you cant do such malicious act and expect the defaulters to pay back. It is not as if you guys will go back to undo the damages done. If you guys don’t know loan business ethics, then you guys should shut down. We know what the law entails. And if you don’t want any legal action to be taken on you, please let this be the very last time that any loan apps would be sending me a message or my contacts and as well call me on this issue. Government should please look into these online loan because they can frustrate life out of someone.. loan apps like Lcredit, Naira loan, Cash mall, 9naira, etc.

    121. I took a loan from LCredit and then my phone got stolen.i couldn’t reach them or pay my loan but only for them to send messages to my contacts with my address, phone number,bvn,email address even to people that i don’t know saying.saying i have been borrowing money from many other app with out paying and that I will die.i wish I can send the evil and devsting text.since they have done their worse i will never pay.

    122. I am a victim too. The first time I defaulted,they sent my picture and some threats to me saying they will forward to all my contacts,I panicked and could not eat. I kept crying and borrowing from people and other apps to settle them but later when I sat and thought of it,I decided not to even panic again why because if my contacts that they forward such messages to have been of help to me there wouldn’t have been need to borrow from online apps so I don’t give a damn. To save yourself from depression in a case of defaulting,just have it in ur mind that if those people who get such messages are ur true friends,they would have helped u in clearing even without u knowing. So don’t kill urself for loan apps,Dem go tire .

    123. That’s how Okash ,Easmoni and Xcroshcash has been harassing me over loans I collected from, I have pleaded that they should give me more time and the continue with their treats just 2days of defaulting..Even Xcrosscash deducted money from my account without me owning them and the never refunded it and now the want me to pay for the loan I collected…Our rights are just been violated in this country bcos of bad economy…I need to report them to the authorities especially okay…

    124. I took loans from them and since I couldn’t pay just like an addiction I started taking from others to pay off. But now I’m stucked and this people wants to kill me with threats sending messages to my friends and family. Telling them that I’m a thief and a fraudster, which unfair. I’m not denying the fact that I’m owing them but for them to tag me as a their for owing it’s not good. Some people even owe more than the #15000 I’m owing but they haven’t been embarrassed and disgraced like this. Other people have owed me for the graphics design work I did for them but I didn’t embarrassed them. I think this people should at least consider, I know it’s their daily bread, but using method of embarrassing and accusing people wrongly will not help them recover their money.

    125. The Worst are 9Credit, Soko Loan Groups which I think there other rude loan apps, also using Sokoloan as their name. Federal Govt and CBN should checkmate the activities of these useless loan APPs

    126. These loan people are criminal elements and their agents are hackers, whereby they are unable to hack you they start hairdressing you with threats on dued loans

    127. What can i do because someone is about to commit suicide how can i get reach to them so that they will allow me to be paying it montly

    128. Pls am just confuse am owing this app money and i don’t have money to pay back they keep threatening me always i told them to allow mw be paying it 20k monthly with my salary no respond pls guys how can i talk to them because i dont want them to blackmail me

    129. I needed money to buy drugs for my sick sister that is hospitalized and money wasn’t coming in immediately, so I got a message from a Loan app Deloan that I have a loan offer, so I downloaded the app and registered and applied 7days later an agent contacted me for payment I pleaded with him to hold on that i will be making the payment soon and he started abusing me and calling me all sorts of names that my payment is due and will expire by 12 noon meanwhile my payment was due that same day, when I didn’t meet up he kept insulting and threatening and gave me till 3pm and after 3pm he started calling my contacts and sending messages even after pleading he still went ahead to do that, I decided that I won’t pay, it was still my due date and already they were reaching out to contacts to tarnish my image along side with my picture which is against their privacy policy as well, the next day another agent started insulting me and cursing me and my family and my generations that it will never be well with us and my generations will suffer and die, is all these necessary? Even called me a thief and that I will live my life to keep borrowing money till I die and then went ahead to send my details including my bvn to contacts as well as my pictures. This is very wrong on every level and they still expect me to pay after doing all these. Deloan company should just be shut down permanently they are silent killers.

    130. Thunder fire all d loan apps. I don sell out my soul. If una like report to God. Until i get money den i will pay u if not send my name and pictures to God or even Satan I don’t care anymore. Una dey craze. Has China Reported Nigeria to God

    131. Can one travel out of Nigeria, even if one is owing one of these fintech companies like branch, fairmoney and the likes?

      This is the message sent to my contacts on WhatsApp because of the money I lend from circle cash by Iwuh Alternate 080104411214, 07045769306. Just for the sake of 10,000.
      Pls the government and human activists should pls come to our aid. They all destroyers of integrity

    133. You Guys should stop accusing this loan app. If you can’t meet up your loan, or don’t have a means of paying back without defaulting, don’t take it.. How many financial institutions in Nigeria can give out small loans without asking for collateral which most Nigerians can’t meet up with? Didn’t you guys read the terms and condition of the loan?

    134. Somebody should help me as well am into this issue of LCREDIT infact there own is worst more than the other app I took a loan from them and had an accident after the incident I struggle to pay from their money and promise to balance not untill this people start blackmailing me that am a fraudster to the extent of me commuting suicide sending messages to all my contact with other loan app infact I pray God help me out of this situation

    135. The truth is yes if we should consider the loan apps, they are actually running their business and customers surely may likely default in payment days..
      Am a big victim to apps like:lcredit, imoney, addmoney, found one, neocash, cashmall… It’s more like a charm, you take money from one and when it’s time to pay you are pushed to take from another app cause you don’t have the money complete and all these is cause they give you a short time say 7days but it’s actually a six days loan with interest above 6/7k depending on the loan amount it’s painful honestly…
      These apps have made many commit suicide, I had same thoughts but a brother saved me.. they send messages, I stay awake almost every night thinking of solutions and the only thing that keeps coming is download another loan app and pay…
      If bank loans was easy to get this things wouldn’t be happening..
      To all those victims like me that have been dealt with, honestly gain strength, talk to your contacts, admit your actions, answer their calls but promise not to pay back cause you can’t call me a fraudster and expect same me to pay off a loan…
      Take us anywhere is just a debt, we all do business and we are always been owned by customers, some pay back some we have to forget…
      I hope these helps someone

    136. It’s looks bad the way loan companies go about retrieving their debts anyway. Everyone is here lamenting their actions but they have failed to know that for there to be such actions, something must have warranted this.
      This loan apps are there strictly for business and profit, expecting to get the money back on the agreed date of payment to continue running business but most people take the loan ignoring that’s an agreed date of payment which will probably affect the company, they’re after their challenges forgetting the company has challenges to get the money for their business.
      So,I think the loan companies have to reduce the high interest,and customers patronizing them should always endeavor to meet up with time of payment. If they know they can’t meet up or don’t have plans of paying back they shouldn’t go ahead getting the loan.
      It’s just that simple
      It’s heard that people will get loan and when they’re called to pay back,they will start giving you stories of their life that there’s no money to pay back forgetting that’s someone’s business.
      In a nutshell ,loan companies should reduce their actions and customers should stop being ungrateful and inconsiderate.

    137. The aim of this loan shark is for people to default that is where they really make their money, kindly note that they are very diabolic too. do you think if everyone have been paying back before due date or on due date they will make so much interest???. Also when they pay them before due date they will never deduct from their interest because the person paid earlier … but when there is default they start making nuisance of the client. As for me i see them as upgraded 419 organisation. w
      why disturb contacts and not go to the right authorities to report, is it not because they are also hiding their evil secrets… please lets be wise lot of scam happening in all this online loans biko

    138. I fell a victim because I need money to buy books in my school and now I can’t even sleep at all,pls the government should do something about these loan app

    139. I can’t kill myself. If I have stroke, will the owed money be able to cure me? If am owing and I start showing commitment paying bit by bit and you go ahead to send messages to my contacts, then that is the end of the payment only for me to tell my contacts to disregard fraudulent texts or mails from anybody. Life is short even with pressure from family, work n friends. Loan companies start using your heads because with this stupidity, you tend to have high bad debts .

    140. Please my own is that I don’t know anything nor hard of the name of this app untill today that I went through my message and saw what they sent to me
      If someone borrowed u Guys money and maybe the person did not reach in paying the dues on tim making the others feel uncomfortable with the test even saying that u will expos the person on social media trying to tarnish the person image hmmm please I don’t know anything and no one should involve me in this

    141. I am Also a victim of this loan app I regerted taken from I wish would even when I beg them I will pay dey kept sending message to my contacts and expect me to pay thing that annoy me most is the fact dey lied and even asked me to go borrow loan from other loan app and come to pay I’m now I’m in big mess if I get out of thus I swear I won’t ever try it if I get broke I stay I won’t die rather than go take loan from this loan app for 7 days to pay interest of 10k or 5k plus…I am holding about 12 loan app now as I speak.with u because I kept borrowing to clear the first and keep until I ended up browsing 12

    142. I don’t really know what is wrong with those loan app,i needed 50k for my health and a app can’t give it to mean, meanwhile i borrowed from a different app loan,just for the 50k i needed to be completed,they borrowed with a high interest,I borrowed the money just because am really in need of it that moment,am an Oscar pathie

    143. I don’t really know what is wrong with those loan app,i needed 50k to add to my business,and a app can’t give it to mean, meanwhile i borrowed from a different app loan,just for the 50k i needed to be completed,they borrowed with a high

    144. Please somebody should help me report LCredit loan app, I got a loan from this app. Promised to pay by month end as I am a salary earner. This app has been threatening my life and that of my family. Please somebody should help me, if anything happens to me please hold LCredit responsible.

    145. I have drawn strength and courage from most of the comments here even though I have made up my mind not to trouble myself over any threat. I have borrowed from many of these mentioned loan apps and have been consitent until lately. THEY HAVE STARTED SENDING. At first, I tried ignorng their calls because of their manners, But on the other hand, after looking what right I have left when all these threats become RED, I made up my mind to talk to them as many times as possible. What that does for me is to let them no I am willing to pay but not at the pace they want it and secondly to remind them that it will not favour us both if they send my name to my contacts as a fraud. Doing that is a bridge of my data privacy which National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) frawns at and will fine them Like N10M just as they did to SOKOLoan. Secondly, My contact can also sew them for bridging they data privacy (getting their numbers without permision) Most of them just do copy and paste messages without knowing the negative implication it has on them. As for me, the most respected of them are Carbon, Migo then maybe Fairmoney. If we all can send compaints (About 50) to reputable Nation TVs like CHANNELS, ARISE TV inviting some people in this field to clarify this, many of them will behave. Let’s also get inputs from good legal practioners to know what is expected and the steps to take MAKE OUR BP NO GO ENTER RED O!

    146. First and foremost i will talk on two sides..
      THE LOAN COMPANY and the,

      I work with Fintech company, and i will start from this end. Agent/loan collectors are never been trained rude or been insultive..
      now for the LOAN COMPANY perspective, CBN is aware of the creation of all this LOAN APP because license where given to all these LOAN APP. while terms and conditions are there before the approval!!

      Loan company who disburse loan into an individual account without collateral are not stupid! But permit me to say this 96.8% of the customers that where disbursed HAVE THE MOTIVE OF RECEIVING THIS LOAN AND NEVER WANTS TO PAY BACK.. i called a customer(after we exchanged pleasantries and i named where i was calling from IMMEDIATELY THIS INDIVIDUAL HANGED UP THE CALL 7days over due.. i waited for some time and called back again and he responded MAKE UNA DO WETIN UNA WOON DO I NO GO PAY SHI SHI.. NAH MY GREAT GRAND FATHER MONEY WEY DEY NO GIVE AM WHEN HE DEY SLAVERY MISSION!! now i will like us to look into this response amd judge… there are countless responses from customers who intentionally dont want to pay and yey CBN receive their annual % from all this FINTECH company..

      When an agent who is been given TARGET to retrieve such loan encounters 150customers with that action and he or she is to contact only 200 and to meet at least 33.4% of that ticket that same day of they will terminate his or her APPOINTMENT.. put your self in that same places WHAT WILL YOU DO TO SAFE YOUR DAILY BREAD FROM STOPPING

      so many individual have lost their JOB all because of the 7 thousand naira and more customers who refuse to pay up the loan intentionally…

      Where are the job that our GOVERNMENT CREATES???

    147. Please help some loan apps have been sending messages to my contacts that I owe them and they have sent my semi nude pictures from my gallery to these people my image has been ruined I need help.


      *NOTE THIS::*
      *SINCE YOU WANT US TO GO THE HARD WAY WITH YOU. THEREFORE, Your siblings and the entirety of your Family will be publicly disgraced and harassed been tagged a FRAUDULENT FAMILY starting in less than 24 hours FROM NOW*


      *FRAUD will only do more harm than good to your family’s integrity and social engagements with people.*



      This is the message from Cashlion just now after they have already sent messages to all my contacts tagging me a fraudster and all sorts of names and they still expect me to pay back. ICIR Please do something about this people.

    149. You all should search for this page of Facebook ‘Mobile app debt victims in Nigeria’ Join it and thank me later.

    150. After defaming someone’s character and seeing thier private data’s would you still expect the person pays the depth?
      This alone is a criminal offence and is punishable by law.

      This is same question I asked soko after they released my details to my close contacts claiming that I am on the run with their money even after I made a part payment on the exact due date and shared the proof with thier agent.

      I have taken a decision not to pay because there is no need anymore.

    151. Help ! Help ! I am also in the same situation. I have been borrowing from some loan apps when my poultry business faced a financial meltdown in October 2020. I lost a lot of laying and young birds in my farm. Recording a loss of 750, 000. Alongside with some money I had with me,..I borrowed some money from some loan apps. A particular loan app couldn’t give me a reasonable amount of money for my venture, so I decided to borrow from other apps too and I have been paying back and never defaulted.
      I decided to invest in a crypto currency platform with expectation that when it yields, I can settle some basic needs and awaken my dormant business then generate more income,. Pay off my loan apps and then do away with them. Many other business appointments that could bring immediate cash failed and also change of appointment with partners. Then it dawned on me. The debt collectors keep calling almost 5 times a day. You can imagine receiving threatening calls from several loan apps. I never ignored their calls, I keep picking up but their coercion can make you want to commit suicide. I keep explaining to them that I needed little time but these set of people are not good listeners. I was forced to start looking for buyers to sell my landed property to. I decided to even make part-payments to some apps with available cash but they won’t stop the interests that keeps shooting up everyday. They already have access to my contacts,. Then they started sending ridiculous messages to my contacts, even alongside with my pictures. People stigmatized me, avoided my calls, didn’t even want to greet me or come near me because the apps debt collectors lie to people telling them that I used their number as emergency contacts of which I never did. I only use my wife and mum’s number for emergency contacts. They are doing this to make people pressurize you into doing something anti-social to pay their money. I decided to shut myself out from the world because the more people send me a screenshot of the photos and messages they’ve gotten,.. it rips my heart apart. It has really affected my marriage too and has caused a lot of chaos in my family. How do I want to pay the money that it’s interests keep shooting up everyday? This is suicidal. I am suffering social stigma right now. That I don’t even know if I should relocate from that area. Right now I am in solitude


    153. Am facing same challenge at the moment. These are apps that I have been borrowing money and paying back some for over a year while some months but failed to pay back this time and I have requested more time to pay their money but they didn’t grant that, they called me different names send messages to all my contacts offen and they charge high interest rate on the loan collected. Promised to share my picture on the internet mobile app like : 9credit, Ncash, xcredit, Gotcash etc.
      Is not as if I won’t pay back there money. Havnow my name and contacts is at stake and the high interest rate too. I believe something need to be done becauseits unfair to disclose your debtor informations to the public reducing the person to zero and web ahead charge high interest rate on the loan. Federal government should step into this and address it before it’s late infact it’s getting late. What will happen if I pay their money? Will they send messages to all my contacts that I have paid and their sorry for messages, BVN black listed? I want to know because I have good intentions to pay their money

    154. I am facing the same issue with imoney i have never defaulted on payment apart from this one time and they are now threatening me i don’t know.what to do

    155. See, these companies are unlicenced companies!
      They are wrecking havocs in the life of people, as for me, all the ones I collected, as long as you have sent messages to all my contacts, I am not not paying back any dime, do your worst.

    156. My experience is a bit different.
      I made up my mind not to take loan from Truenaira and Nairaplus again after I had cleared my loan.
      To my surprise on 11/12/2021, a message from lionCash woke me up that loan of 70k has been disbursed on both apps to my account. I didn’t apply for any loan and my phone was not accessed by anyone. No credit alert. Checking the app, loan was actually disbursed to a virtual account power by Providus bank.
      I reached out to both Truenaira and Nairaplus, they didn’t reply until Wednesday. Truenaira insulted me and call me names. Insisting I should pay back the money I didn’t collect. Still sending me bad messages till now because the loan has expired since 17/11/2021. They have been threatening to go viral with my details since 17/11/2021. Nairaplus has been calm with me, they advice I should reach out to Providus bank and get it sorted out.
      I reached out to Providus bank but they told me the virtual account is used by loan companies and merchants, that I should reach out to the loan company.
      As it is now, both Truenaira, Nairaplus and Providus Bank all denied the virtual account number.
      I knew something was fishy because since 17/11/2021 that the loan expired, they have not message any of my contact. Infact Nairaplus has been silent but Truenaira has been sending me very bad messages per hour daily.
      Please I need help and advice on how to handle this situation. I didn’t apply for any loan on both apps and I won’t pay back the money I never collected.

    157. Pls I need help because I’m facing a loan app called add money now which I think they’re operating under L credit and I feel like ending my life because it’s not even due date to collect salary my mum has BP of which she got the message she is now been hospitalised .I want to sell my phone now in order to pay

    158. I apply for a loan from fair money but the money was disbursed into wrong account no. I complain but they directed me to go to my bank for help bcos the money was disbursed into access bank account and I use Acess bank also just a different of I digit. the Acess said fair money is the one that has right to contact them for wrong transfer not me. I mail and called fair money and was told they had contact Acess bank but I will need to be patient. Later I mail Acess bank customer care and they told me all complaints on the saidtransaction have to be route through fair money. Along the line one cashier help me to check the account they disbursed the money to(which I know through the mail fair money sent to me) and it was discovered that they sent the money there on the said day but the account holder withdraw from that money the next day. Though the account has beenpeg and the account holder has been asked to see the account officer incharge. Fastforward to a month later Fair money started calling me and sending me txt on a daily basis that iowe them, I told them I don’t owe them a dime bcos when they want to disburse the money does the account name osminr? Does the account shows my bbm? So I don’t know why they willdis used money to account that is not my name or my bvn. Pls what can I do to stop all this harrasment of calls and txt messages

    159. Right now as I type, gotocash, deloan, cash lion and the likes sent a defer amatory message to my contact as long as messages have been sent I won’t pay a dime. Let them continue, they’re so rude, I was already having hpb but after reading others experience I have decided to be calm and be paying bit by bit. I can’t kill my self because of them oh…even Nigeria self is owing

    160. RUTHLESS/CHRONIC AND UNREMORSEFUL DEBTOR ON THE RUN!!!!TREAT HAS URGENT: This is to inform the general public that:
      is a DECIETFUL PERSON,THIS PERSON has PROVEN to be a RUTHLESS/CHRONIC and UNREMORSEFUL DEBTOR who goes about COLLECTING MONEY from different COMPANY . this person is currently on the run with our company’s money(9CREDIT)and has refused to pay nor pick our calls. Be informed that this person has been declared wanted. Pls contact us if you have any information about this person as soon as possible, else the company will proceed to the next action, because this person provided us with all your details and if you are not aware of this loan you can as well call the person to delete your information in the app,, because soon the person pictures along side your own pictures will be posted on all social media ….9CREDIT MEDIA TEAM BY 12PM this is what am facing .

    161. Good day,am having a serious issue with them seriously have pleaded with them to give them some time RUTHLESS/CHRONIC AND UNREMORSEFUL DEBTOR ON THE RUN!!!!TREAT HAS URGENT: This is to inform the general public that:
      is a DECIETFUL PERSON,THIS PERSON has PROVEN to be a RUTHLESS/CHRONIC and UNREMORSEFUL DEBTOR who goes about COLLECTING MONEY from different COMPANY . this person is currently on the run with our company’s money(9CREDIT)and has refused to pay nor pick our calls. Be informed that this person has been declared wanted. Pls contact us if you have any information about this person as soon as possible, else the company will proceed to the next action, because this person provided us with all your details and if you are not aware of this loan you can as well call the person to delete your information in the app,, because soon the person pictures along side your own pictures will be posted on all social media ….9CREDIT MEDIA TEAM BY 12PM

    162. L-CREDIT, is a bad loan company that ICIR and NITDA must look into and silence them totally, their illegal operations must be stop. They are seriously draining lives out of Nigerians.

    163. I am currently a victim though over due. I thought of committing suicide until one of siblings advised me that when they call me I should tell them to exercise more patience that I will repay when there is availability of cash. Before then I have never defaulted apps like fastmoney, lcredit, kaskkash, sokoloan, Go cash My business was down so I thought of starting up again. I took a loan from fastnaira, naira9ja, fast money, lcredit, ucredit, super credit and right now some of had alraeady sent messages on my contact list and whatapp page. A friend of mine called and told He saw a message in his whastappp page. That I owning 46k I said I took a loan from them and even quoted my date of birth exposing some my personal details. The actual amount was 32k. I pray God will help me pay them off. Although I encountered the same problem early this year. I was able to pay them off but I don’t what pushed to go back to them again. Till now keep sending threatening SMS, WhatsApp messages. Please, ICIR should have the loan apps to stop their suicidal attempt in debt recovery.

    164. shenhaisheng (CASHSEA) LoanApp are using their agents wwith this phone numbers 08069569370 & 08063685119 to send damaging & threatening messages to contacts because of delay in payment

    165. shenhaisheng (CASHSEA) LoanApp are using their agents with this phone numbers 08069569370 & 08063685119 to send damaging & threatening messages to contacts because of delay in payment

    166. Sokoloan, 9ja cash, Gocash, Fast money, are all owned by sokoloan. They need to be banned. They recruit touts as agent. These people have ruined many lives. Government needs to do something now please. I am a victim, they sent my image labelling me a fraudster and sent to all my contacts on WhatsApp after one day of default.

    167. As much as I don’t support crude way of debt recovery, there should be laws and Acts regulating both the Creditors and Debtors to forestall illegalities from both parties. Everyone should be legally and morally bound by the Terms of the contracts. Some Nigerians have deliberately refused to pay back thinking its a national cake. However, there are debt recovery processes overseas too and everyone should do the needful without causing unnecessary pressure on the other. Thanks

    168. I have a credit card that went to collections. I paid it off over time in full even after they offered me to pay at lower amount – interest. On my credit report it shows negatively, I did all I could to get it off  but shows the failure to pay originally … I paid it in full and feeling like I’m stuck with the negativity on my report despite my efforts to pay all that I owed. All loans I applied for was turned down, to whole situation got worse when I wanted to buy a house and I was still not approved all due to my credit history. I was so furious and wanted to get solution to this luckily for me I got a solution when I contact tom.lawrence114 at g mail com after I watched a Youtube video and how he had helped people got out of credit issues. He explained the whole process and in few days he helped me removed every collections, negative items on my credit history
      What amazes me was how fast he got me out of this mess and got approved of the house afterwards. I’m having the best and comfort of my life thanks Tom

    169. I really appreciate this platform. Majority of this fintech are worse than scammers. Especially FORNAIRA. PLEASE help us to bring them all down… They are a scammer.

    170. Can’t all these complains from affected customers from these predatory fintech lenders be presented to the standing committee of house of rep on aids, loans and debt mgt?
      The complains are too much, something needs to be done.

    171. I really appreciate this platform. Majority of this fintech are worse than scammers. Lcredit is number one, with their unprofessional conduct to their clients they fell obtaining loan from them makes them taskmasters. They should know they are not doing any good cos one is paying for their loan services.
      My experience with lcredit is irritating, disturbing and regretful having deliberately making it unable for me to login so they can be claiming i have overdue. Well, I think is time the house of Assembly committee on financial matter arose to this victimization to Nigerians that employ their services.
      Also NITDA should provide more guidelines to restrict their data breaching to customers.

    172. I have been borrowing money from this useless app and I was unable to pay just one day after the due date because I was robbed and all the money in my account was swept under the carpet.immidatley I started receiving calls from all my contacts that am a fraud even with my picture all over my contacts.i swear am not giving a Kobo let my contact provide the money for them.usless set of people.

    173. Good evening, please I want to report ninecredit. My sister lost her job and has been in the hospital since an Incident occurred at her work place. She pleaded they give her the grace of 31st of this month. But they still go ahead to send messages saying the shameful family of my father’s name. Now she want to commit sucide because of thier messages that has been sent to her contacts. Ninecredit needs to be called out. Please and please. They have sent messages of threats which is very very wrong.

    174. I applied for a Loan of 30,000euro for my son’s hospital bills on yesterday with Mr.peter and today the money was paid out to my account Today.. am now happy now because he got me out of debt by giving me a loan those who needs loan should contact him now via: [email protected] for more info.

    175. Nkash is the most notorious of all these loan apps….. They call your contacts a day after default. They dont care the health conditions of some of these contacts and the severity of their messages…. Some of these messages to family and loved ones have sone a lot of harm… I implore whatever authority in charge to pls look onto this… They send messages fpr loans as little as 3000 naira….

    176. I once was in default and the agent that called me told me if I repay now I would get a loan of 12000,so I quickly paid up the 10000 and reapplied cos am in need of 10000 but was shock to receive 6800 into my account,I angrily called back the agent only for her to tell me,I didn’t go through the conditions,6800 to pay back 12000 from Cash here

    177. My account has been hacked in the past,I went to my bank to complain and they told me the cash was pulled out from a wallet account then asked if I had shared my card details with any online business,I said online loan app,they told me its those people that are stealing my money,300,1900 then 11000,I quickly blocked the card.this loan company don’t make use of KYC which is in business,I got to Silver grade and yet my data and false messages where sent to my relatives,just a few days in default and I didn’t take the loan amount of Silver grade,I still get threaten and label Criminal to my family. I think the authorities need to do some great deal to this loan company,Sokoloan

    178. I took a loan from them too. I narrated my issue and that I should be given two days more, that I’ll pay up with accrued charges. They had ignored all my pleas. I addressed the loans by paying a little and hopefully I get my pay in two days, I’ll pay up. I’m just being notified by my contacts of messages stating me as a defaulter and a fraudster. That no business should be done with me. They actually keep telling me they’ll do more. I can’t eat, drink or sleep. It’s just so hard. I regret using their financial institution.

    179. ForNaira is a scam, I apply for a loan which they offer me #6000 and I didn’t accept it, they send #3900 to my account and say that I will pay back #6190 just for 7 days, and no phone number to reach them. They need to taking to court.

    180. Well, I didn’t take any loan but was surprised to have gotten a text that said a friend of mine was a fraudster because he took a loan and wouldn’t pay back. I was astounded. Had to call the guy 3 days later and he explained to me how they got my number, and it is exactly as this story puts it.
      Even though they’re desperate to get their money back, they sound very uneducated in their approach. Makes no sense.

    181. i am also a victim of their threat, bullying and assaults, av taken loan from them several time and paid back, mostly before the due date, because they have a way of persuading you that if you pay a day to the due date, you ill get an upgrade in you account. i defaulted once on and they spread me information all over my contacts available on whatsapp that i am a fraudster and a chronic criminal, and nobody should transact business with me until they arrest me… i felt so bad and had to disconnect my major line because of the shame and nightmare they have brought upon my life. the people that send this messages are employees that are hired and compelled to do all they could to retrieve the loans. some will portray themself as a legal personnel, some will say your case has been reported to the police, different kinds of tactics that tend to be false. on the list is xcredit, 9jcash, sokoloan, fastmoney, lcredit, icredit, gocash, anyloan, hcredit. ….. they are all HIRED KILLERS… RUN FOR YOUR LIFE
      please kindly check neusroom, someone posted a petition there against these fintech companies. SIGN IT AND LET GOVERNMENT WIPE THEM OFF THE SYSTEM..

      they interfere in all app simply because they want to temp you to borrow from them.most of them i learnt operate illegally, that is why they adopt that style of retrieving their loans


      Repayment is due today and they sent this 9:45am, I was in church when I saw this and I just shook my head

    183. i plan on committing sucide because i cant come up with the repayment and the threats messages i get from them i would not want to be alive to see it. Please advise your friends and family not to get their self into getting a loan even in their pressing time of need

    184. When numerous people are saying the same thing, it means it is true or there is a 90 percent truth in it. I saw few comments that rebutted what people are saying here and calling it fake. It is very glaring that he or she is one of the loan company staff. I even saw a Chinese name in the comments that opposed what people said.
      The way forward is to look for the best way to take every measure to report this fintech and penalize them so as to bring them to a stop in their evil acts towards Nigeria citizens. Achieving this will bring an end to their evil act and bring liberation and peace of mind to people who have been affected in one way or the other.
      To me, I think what is needed to do first to
      collectively report and flag against them on play store and after that, seek advice from a lawyer on the best way to speedily bring them to book.

    185. They are much that tarnish people’s reputation on their due date or a day after due date.
      One guy David in cycle cash ruined my reputation by sending messages to my contacts on due date,even after pleading for to give me few hours to pay.
      Addmoney,will send your picture along with threatening messages to your contacts.
      9credit,one of their customer service lady is always rude and sounds like an angry bird on your due date and she will start calling your contacts.
      They give people high blood pressure with their threats thru calls and messages.
      Even their automated voice machine is another headache.
      It’s high time government send them packing.
      I just pity the innocent staffs ,that they will send work to do but choose to act like an animal.

    186. This loan app have cleared my shop I now beg for money up and down ,I will never pay any money to them let them do there wost .

    187. I have been very sick, these Fintech loan companies are very wicked, I couldn’t meet up with my business anymore and I also had to buy medication to stay alive, I have been paying even as far as wrecking my business to pay them because no more profits were coming in, I had to take from other loan companies to pay back just to avoid the embarrassment and insults, just one time I defaulted because I had no more money and had to buy my drugs, they sent messages to my contact that I am a fraudster a criminal on the run this and that , monicash, 9cash, cash lion, kashkash. Similar thing happened to my friend as well she attempted suicide but God helped she was saved on time 9credit, cashrain, Mikoloan and Supercash under Ucash almost killed her, I also got messages from Xcredit, easycredit,Ncash quickcredit and cash credit saying they will implicate me and arrest me if the person they sent unbehalf of doesn’t pay her loan, that I should make sure I call the person or face the consequences. These people are horrible, some of the agents said they deduct their salaries everyday if they can’t threaten and embarrass customers enough to pay and further sack them. They really need to be checked

    188. New credit and palmcredit too are part of those stupid app sending threat msgs.
      I av never defaulted since I have been using the app but just this once Sind the due date nthat was 2 days ago on 16th they have started givinge BP

      New credit I just discovered it’s same as palm credit are on it too now. I borrowed this Money just 15k to pay 17900 for business God is my witness. I am into uber/bolt business my car has been giving me stress so I need to work on it and start work on time so I borrowed this money 16 days ago the due date was two days ago and they had started calling me and sending me threat msg that they will inform all my contacts that it has been long over due that they could see I don’t want to pay. I called to let them kW they shld give me little time, the customer service representative hissed and handed up on me. After getting the text I pleaded to give me a week to get my self together after working i will pay, the next thing I got yesterday was another dimension of threat and now today again another threat. this is giving me BP already. I need help

    189. Am a widow with 2 kids that I cater for by myself,no help from anyone. I took a loan from Addmoney and never default for once but on the last one I took. I was so down with fever and unable to attend to my business. I couldn’t pay the loan,I was called,insulted,threatened and messages was sent to all my contacts. I almost lost my life. Even right now my health is failing and the loan keep increasing. They don’t even want to hear anything. They have ruined me ,all my families and friends sees me like a criminal. Please let the government do something about this. If I die my children will suffer

    190. I took a loan and I have been paying back as at when due even with the short time, they have contributed in wrecking me, sometimes before I am due I pay because their agents will call and send threats and all sorts , only for me to default just one time and I even paid part of the money but still moni cash and 9cash keep sending messages to my contacts daily, everyday they send messages, even after I have paid part and I keep taking to the agents and explaining my predicament of fraudsters that wrecked me. Their interest is so high and they give you 6 days to pay back, with the frustration and urgency of need one has no choice but to jump into these sharks and then when you plead for more time to pay they treat you as a fraudulent person. Some of the fintech company’s employees even said I should go and borrow from other apps to come and pay them that they don’t care, honestly I can’t pay anymore as long as they keep sending messages to my contacts everyday, they should continue. These people should be looked into

    191. Don’t mind them, it’s not only Soko Loan, they are plenty. That is why the big ones like Aella Credit, Fairmoney, Carbon will never do this because they know the law. It’s these stupid small loan companies that they opened office inside their parlor and give you 5,000 to collect 7,000 in seven days that will be harrassing you and sending very embarrassing messages to your phone contacts. Even banks can never do that to those owing them millions of money. The government agencies needs to sit up to their responsibilities and punish these loan companies doing nonsense.

    192. I just witnessed someone use a different name, and different bank details, BVN to apply for a loan and it was approved. How do you send money to someone who presented a different name from BVN?

      This is how thief’s, phone repairers use customers phones given to them to repair to borrow loans. Note most people save their BVNs on their phones because of bank emergencies, I have my BVN saved on my phone and most times you even send your account details to friends and family to fund you so yes, fraudsters can actually use your details to apply for a loan. And again NITAD fined soko loan 10m and they are set to shut them down and possibly start arresting them. Follow them on Instagram @NITAD for more information. It’s a crime to send out personal data to a 3rd party even if your customers signed your NOK

    193. My own case is different,I always collect loan to repay loan and this has practically shut my financial life down,I can’t even boast of 1k in my account and after explaining this to them some of their agent adviced me to still go and borrow more loans from another app to pay them. As it is Nigeria government should help us cos it has not been easy. Deformation of character through their messages are killing some Nigerians.

    194. Once they give you the loan, go back to your phone settings, and to Apps permission, go to that loan app and open it. You will see all the permissions you gave to them and switch all off.

      They will be the one to be begging you to pay because they can never reach out to your contacts again or access to your phone details.

      Thank you

    195. Dear Sir, good evening to you sir ,I want to complain to you sir Hikash send unfair massage to my contact which is unfair they have send this massage to my contact because I owe them kindly be informed that alaba fagbore, with 8052181728 is a fraudster and is yet to make his overdue loan repayment to Hikash.We have secured the service of law firm to prosecute this case.Tell alaba fagbore to clear his overdue loan.

    196. This is to inform the general public that BELEMA DADA (BELLS AND DELLS)
      is a dubious person and a ruthless chronic criminal who goes about defrauding people. this person is currently on the run with our company’s money and has refused to pay nor pick our calls. Be informed that this person has been declared wanted. Please contact us if you have any information about this person as soon as possible, else the company will proceed to the next action, because this person provided us with all your details and if you are not aware of this loan you can as well call the person to delete your information in the app, because soon the person pictures along side your own pictures will be posted in all social media be warned.

      This was the message sent to me by this company for not being able to pay back my 3000 loan with high interest.

    197. All this apps are the same,the Opay app that i trust I 30k to pay back 42k just because to help my friend,so i allowed him to use my phone,the due date is 25th October a lady called joy anwuli call me on 24 October, nothing like hello good day she just started insulting me shouting calling different names i was embarrassed, may while my friend salary pay day is a day before the date, all this loan apps need to be stop, imoney is worstly, they are killing us some of us work for them at the end of the month.thanks.

    198. All this apps are the same,the Opay app that i trust I 30k to pay back 42k just because to help my friend,so i allowed him to use my phone,the due date is 25th October a lady called joy anwuli call me on 24 October, nothing like hello good day she just started insulting me shouting calling different names i was embarrassed, may while my friend salary pay day is a day before the due date, all this loan apps need to be stop, imoney is worstly, they are killing us some of us work them at the end of the month.thanks.

    199. What every body have been saying is true,I borrowed loan from one of the APP called CASHSEA and i try to payed through POS but the POS print out slip is not cleared,so one of the APP agent called me her is Blessing , i try to explained to her even snap the POS slip to her she was just shouting on me before i could no what is happening people on my contact have started calling me ,but to safe myself the embarrassment still have to make another transfer cos she sent me another account number.
      Now is over 3 months the first 5000 naira is yet to be revert back to me i called the Lady Blessing shes telling me her boss said the money can not be reverse up till now my 5000 is yet to be reverse back to me.

    200. All the loan apps operating within Nigeria should be banned permanently especially those that give loan for only 1 week and still charge you almost 50% on the loan. Imagine requesting for loan of 10k, they pay you 5k and post 10k as what you are owing. And on the due date, they threaten you even to the extend one said he will kill me if I don’t pay the loan on the due date. I called the company to report and they customer care said go and pay and delete our app. Obviously, no one is regulating them or monitoring them. This is what loan sharks do. The likes of Ncash, 9credit, Quickcredit, Nairaland, Credit9ja, Credit pro etc. Please rate them inappropriate on Google playstore for them to be removed. The FG has refused to help us. Let’s help ourselves.

    201. Since Nigerian Government and Concerned Agencies are not ready to help us. The best thing to do is start attacking the Loan Vipers by going to PlayStore and Flagging their apps as Inappropriate and also getting many people to comment and rate them 1 star.
      As we Speak, we have done this successfully to Lcredit and Google has deleted their App from PlayStore.
      Let’s us do same to Others.

    202. Obviously this is nonsense so because of 5k u start sending messages to my contacts why I took the loan and not my contacts why do u have to do that its not right if am a fraud I won’t allow u access to my device even the manager number that have been calling his not picking

      STUPIDITY I ADHERE TO IT BECAUSE THEY INCREASE THE LOAN 5K PER DAY,I GOT SCARED AND COLLECTED FROM OTHERS LIKE ICION ,EASY LOAN,9JA MONEY,RUSH CREDIT,LCREDIT ,I HAVE LOSS COUNT .all gave Little amount .to gather all together to pay fast cash .after paying I had to collect back to pay the small loans and go extra mile because of the I am owing fast cash 100 and it has now increase to 146k ,Icoon too 136k I have paid 89k out of it rush credit was owing 80k I paid 69 they increase to 110k so still owing like 48/50k..I work and at the end of the month they take all my salary.the most annoying thing is I reassure them.of my commitment to pay them and stop increasing the money.instead they still went ahead especially icion and rush credit to send messages to my church members,my colleague in school
      Today my colleague at work after trying to prove how commitment I am to pay them .I will pay them what I owe them but I won’t pay any extra interest.they tarnished my image and expect me to still pay …I AM NOT A BASTARD

    204. Especially xcredit…they also impersonate saying they are from a legal firm on the same day when your loan is due…they wouldn’t even say hello…the next thing u see is if u dont make payment today, you will regret collecting loan from them

    205. These loan apps are sending people to their early graves. I wish we could all be united in bringing these sharks down. Google recently recently removed Lcredit from Play store, and I believe it can still happen to these apps, 9credit, Ncash, xCredit and all of them.
      If we all in mass, flag these apps inappropriate on play store, I believe it will yield a positive result.
      Imagine 9credit having like 1k complains and inappropriate flags per day.

    206. Like seriously, These apps are not.
      Why will you give a loan toa person you don’t confirm the numbers they put down.
      I lost my phone.
      On knowing this after a month, my siblings and dad, said some apps said I borrowed money from them.
      The issue of pictures won’t help during the lending of loan. It’s only finger print than can be assured.
      How can someone who lost his phone, on getting back online, series of message about fraudulent act, e.t.c is on going with my image.

      All these apps, are a mode of slavery.
      I read someone comment,
      Imagine because you borrow money to survive, it later take you the live again, due to their threat.

      For all the apps that borrow the person that stole my phone money.
      In as much, you can’t call the contact number they put down to verify.

      You are on your own.

      Continue sending messages to the contact.
      For those that have falling into their trap, see let me tell you,
      NIGERIA self Own Money,
      Don’t kill yourself,
      Don’t live to please People,
      Live to please yourself

      Ire O!

    207. I think the loan companies will have to chose one option, they either be patient and find a more civil way of getting their loan back or they go ahead with their stupid threats and shaming sms and forget about the loan, because you can tarnish my image for whatsoever reason and threaten me illegally and expect me to pay back, never. If it was a country that it’s government is awake this loaning companies will not survive. How will you give people loan with a very high interest that is sometimes up to 50% interest rate and expect them to be able to payback in 7days time, you have already set them up not to payback. It’s because no our regulatory bodies are asleep so anything happen, and worse thing is that most of this loaning companies are own by some foreigners mostly chines ,they will come here and be exploiting our people. Nonsense.

    208. Have once owe them and payed with the interest despite the blackmail messages sent to all my contacts. Now sending this message to my contacts list again…. How many money do they want to collect…. As they are spoiling my image, God will tarnish theirs too with all that concerns them

    209. I was hoping to ad images but saw I can’t. I also defaulted and they have started calling my contacts.

      In the end, do they still expect one to pay the loan and the overdue charges?

      Here is a copy of the message.

      *TODAY, Your shameful approach and inactions towards this little amount owed will bring a lifetime regret for you if only we are not justified for this act.*
      *Since you obviously have no value for your family and their reputation, and want to feel the wrath of been publicly addressed accordingly with detailed analysis without you denying it or giving false claim to the public when asked or briefed.* *When it’s 3PM messages & calls Messages will be send to all your contacts (I.E. RELATIVES, FRIENDS, COLLEAGUES).*
      *We will swiftly act as earlier stated and have their image crippled due to your decision.*
      *You will get exactly what you never expected as a chronic debtor. NCASH LEGAL TEAM*

      The person English no even balance.

      I will advice everyone to never use these apps.

    210. In fact . I had a miscarriage bcos of this issue… Embarrassment, threat and you still want me to pay back… Once I pay now… Will they clear my name …. I have never defaulted just ones and my pics is everywhere.

    211. Lcredit has finished me . I have no other option than to be giving them my salary and borrow for m other online sources to repay them. They are just setting trap for people by taking advantage of present hard economy in Nigeria. They have trained many male and female rogues they work with to harras people. Your phone will ring from their auto calls like right times in a day to remind you few days to the loan dew date. Many that were jumping into the lagoon and hanging committing suicide could probably be traced to the embarrassment and threat of this loan sharks feasting on innocent common Nigerians.

    212. I don’t have time for any stupid message from any loan app. Let them send messages to the whoever for all I care. If they threaten me, I threaten them back. Even Federal government of Nigeria is owing. So? What’s my business with their stupid threat messages 🤷

    213. I’m also a victim of this lcredit of a thing, they have been threatening me ……I mean life threatening…..they even threat to track me down. Just because I defaulted in a loan which I’m already paying back already……please help me…… All these threats in affecting me academically…….I’m already hypertensive because of lcredit

    214. Please help me out,am trap by this people,I don’t know what to do again, I collected loan from one of them and I always pay before due date, everything was going well not until money started deducted from my account buy unknown person,I couldn’t make payment on time , so they started threatening me and I decided to collected from another loan to pay them, before I know,I couldn’t see money to eat again,so i decided not to collect loan again, that I will be paying them installment, but as am paying, the money continue to increasing,I have paid almost #350000 but to my surprise the last time I did calculation It was over #500000. So for now I don’t even have money to eat talkless of paying loan. Please what should I do because they are threatening my life.

    215. Please I need help I don’t understand my atm was stolen l credit has been threatening me with all kinds of massage I don’t understand Nigeria no body have pity for each other I called the customer care service and she insulted me and spoke to me in a rude manner and I was scared because I was afraid they would call my contact but they can do whatever they like I’m not paying for what I do not do and I stand by my words

    216. I took loan from online lending app, and I have not been able to pay back because I used the loan for business, but unfortunately for me my shop was burgled and the thieves went away with my goods, I almost commit sucide yesterday it was my husband that came to my rescue, I am still on it and I have no hope bcos I have no one to help

    217. Please help. They sent message to my pastor family and my key contacts. For what. Money can not pay for this embarrassment and stigma.

    218. This people are crazy,I lost my ATM and phone some weeks ago..since last week they have sending messages to my contact that I took a loan from them…the person that took my phone and ATM took loan from different loan companies…now they are calling and threathing my contact….. God will punish them for tarnishing my image…I can never pay for what I know nothing about..

    219. This people are crazy,I lost my ATM and phone some weeks ago..since last week they have sending messages to my contact that I took a loan from them…the person that took my phone and ATM took loan from different loan companies…now they are calling and threathing my contact….. God will punish them for tarnishing my image…I can never pay for what I know nothing about..

    220. I saw this app on Google playstore and I downloaded only for them to remove money from my account,money that was meant for my boss, I mail and message them all to no avail so I decided that all loan company will pay for it o
      I don’t care about messages anymore they can go to hell for all I care

    221. Am a victim of this so called loan app Naira plus, cashlion and Lcredit am a student who needed money to complete my school project work so I went and collected loan from this apps and they have being threatening me and my contacts that am a fraudster, I don’t know if they still expect me to pay back the loan I collected after tarnishing my image please ohh I need help

    222. OCash is becoming a death loan app.they called my wife even when I still have a day to pay with huge interest and limited paying tine

    223. I don’t know why people fall victim over the threaten so far, everybody borrows even the nation so I have nothing to worry about about the threaten, borrowing is far different from scamming to worsen it all even attached that I borrowed even from company like that without paying back. This company should be penalize for impersonation which my dream is for someone to stand to fight for we youth.
      If anyone threaten you threaten them back.

    224. Ncash, fast money, 9Jacash and the rest are thieves.. I took a loan from 9credit,a day to my due date, I just woke up to see threat messages on my phone… The very day I’m supposed to pay, they already sent text to all my contacts. I went to play store to write a review that I won’t pay cos they already did their worst.. two days later, they removed 10k from my account… So, I took loan from fast money and 9ja cash cos they’re all owned by sokolending to cover up for the 10k and the shame… I don’t give a fuck about these loan app anymore. The highest they would do is to send messages to all your contact which I don’t care..

    225. I just lost someone due to the shame she faced in the hands of Ncash….Now, they should come and get their money from her dead body.😭😭😭

    226. Pls i lost my phone and when i did welcome back i started receiving messages from different loan apps threatening and sending text messages saying im a fraudster and if i dont repay my loan they will start calling all my contacts,posting my pictures on social media,news papers sayin that im a fraudster and they will block my bvn ,account if i don’t pay .., i say i lost my phone and i dont know what they are saying. They continue to threaten me and my family, and im very sick at the hospital share my contacts telling them that im a fraudster . they call and i told them as soon i get discharged from the hospital i will pay for the money i didnt eat but still they continue to threaten me and my family
      pls i dont know what to do I need help

    227. Everyone keeps complaining about loan compaines, one of them saved me during the lockdown and they continue to help all of you if you go to a loan app and you cant keep up leave its not by force. Dont use your own to spoil other people’s own, a country where government does not even care about you the only means of relief you want them to close it. If they close all loan compaines how will you cope when you need urgent cash. I use God name take beg una, no use your own take spoil my own

    228. My people , just be like me . See ehn, we are the ones that gives them power. Haba, why will u ever feel embarrassed that messages were sent to your contact? Why.
      They know that people prefer loan apps who don’t know them personally and the ” shame ” attached to loaning keeps us most times from asking family and friends.

      The first freedom is to know this: THERE IS NO SHAME IN TAKING LOAN. There is no shame in owing. If you settle this quickly with urself u will never panic.

      When messages were sent to my contact, I also wrote a simple text and did a bulk messages to all my contact.

      And get this: no one should ever repay a loan once messages are sent to your contacts.

      The legal penalty and sensible way is increased interest as the loan is delayed. Also a bad credit score with the bureau.
      Also, since people drop addresses etc, reach out to them personally etc.

      No one should ever feeel worthless due to unpaid loans.
      They are in business, and one risk of loan business is bad debts.

    229. Pathetic indeed it was for me. Someone introduced this loan platform . I use to be a good customer with them until I defaulted just once. They are bent on destroying lives. Advise anyone you know , it is better to starve than it is to borrow, you will die of heart attack with a full stomach. All attempts of negotiations is thrown overboard. Currently paying off gradually but they keep up with their derogatory massages to my contacts. Sure I made the mistake, but after paying I will go online to defame the companies involved too.

    230. This is a WhatsApp message I just sent to easycredit now. I repaid my loan yesterday which is the due date, did not default at all now ooo. You guys did not clear me and this resulted in over charges. I chatted your team as a gentleman today and you guys refuse to respond. I still swallowed hard and paid the fraudulent excess charge, sent you guys my debit Alert and you are still yet to clear me.

      For the avoidance of doubt, I hereby will not be liable for any late payment of any sort as I have magnanimously over paid you even after you guys breached our agreement. Furthermore, should any of my contact get any disturbing message, I will take up this matter legally and report to the appropriate authorities. Your credit recovery team will hear from me and they will lead me to you guys. I will get a court injunction that will compel Zenith bank to release your account details. Am pleading as we don’t need to go through this route. Kindly clear me now for peace to reign. Warm regards. The public will be my witness. My name is Engr. David.

    231. This people are wicked, in the process of borrowing I was scammed. They’re not helpful at all. I almost committed suicide for the name shame.

    232. I didn’t borrow a dime from naira plus only to see messages on my phone from them, threatening me to pay old loan of #6000 and the current loan with interest.At first I thought it was right Tex for wrong peron but they kept disturbing me through lion cash message, naira plus message,. ..I spoke with a lawyer who said I should demand statement of my account and I did there were traces of any loan from these men…then I got interested to serch about them…I got to know that only one person coordinate the activities of these neferious, devilish and doomed group..I Tex to an officer of them that used to call to threaten me that they should send me report on how credit my account… blatantly he refused… only to return after six days that he will forward receipt to me….I said do I buy toys or books ! how come you are talkiy receipt.. jush show me how you credit my account simple.He refused only to demand payment with threatening to shame me if payment and am prepared to find them and sue them for all trauma their wickedness has caused me.

    233. Easy money has been sending text to my wife contacts coz she failed to pay on time and now the loen of 18500 is now up to 45000 within a month I wanted to pay but I couldn’t avaoid that money and it keep increasing this is a real scam and they ve started deducting money from her account this is a real scam. How do you expect a person that couldn’t pay 18500 to pay 45000 this is craziness

    234. I paid lcredit higher than the amount, I mean #16k, instead of them to return it they return it back telling me to lend it oo lol..
      They should do there worse because I won’t pay them Kobo anymore and my contacts? They can’t smell it not to talk of sending them message or calling.

    235. The worst is that some of them posses as Lawyer and begin to send you fake court notice. I am still waiting for them. I don’t them after sending text messages what next? The so called Ncash was sending messages and they foolishly sent threatening messages to my school daughter’s mother and she sent it to her Lawyer and after everything she contacted me and said that I should forward Ncash no that she will file a case against them for involving her in a loan she did not put down signature for. And advice me not to answer them again or pay the loan since they have already tarnish my image and this I confirmed from two lawyers that the best way to win them is to write to them telling them when I will pay the loan and also demand that they pay for damages. They even cut call on me whenever I tell them that I spoke with my lawyer and he said that if I am trying to reason with them and they still went ahead to tag me fraudster and send message to my contacts that the will pay for damages. All of them should just get out.

    236. That’s is how foolish they are I also begged for a little bit of time because my company where I work is closed down and we have not been paid…I don’t mind paying the penalty fee but all they did was threaten me and send threat messages to my mum and contact list…how fair is that and now I have decided not to pay again…after sending the messages to my contact because I have to explain myself so what’s the use of paying back

    237. Soko loan, ncash, go cash, fast money, Didi Cash, Naira plus, cash Sea, 9credit, 9jacredit, and delikes are thieves. Run from them

    238. You can’t send messages to my contacts and expect me to pay. It’s never possible. All the loan apps that are attached to soko lending should be wiped out and also all those short term loans (7days& 14days) should be deleted from Google play store. They’re all bunch of thieves.

    239. Please i need help i also take my life because of lion cashlion, lcredit i was seriously injured and sick for 4months can walk with my legs this people send messages to all my contacts that am a fraud my name is now everywhere

    240. LCredit should be looked into. They are big time fraudsters, stealing more than yahoo boys. The interest they put on late payments is too much — over #300 per day… Please they should look into LCredit, they have aggressive and arrogant customer representatives. And they keep using their bots to disturb customers at 30 mins intervals…

      You keep receiving their robot calls every 30mins

    241. My husband overpaid 9credit. Instead of paying 4,100 he paid 41,000. They would not reply to his mail or talk responsibly to him. Instead they borrowed him back the money {in short of 2k} as loan and still demand for interest. Now they have started sending their nonsense messages. We have decided not to pay anything if they like they should report to buhari. Literally, they are even the ones owing us.

    242. My husband overpaid 9credit. Instead of paying 4,100 he paid 41,000. They would reply to his mail or talk responsibly to him. Instead they borrowed him back the money {in short of 2k} as loan and still demand for interest. Now they have started sending their nonsense messages. We have decided not to pay anything if they like they should report to buhari..

    243. Good morning everyone.

      The annoying thing about this loan apps is some of them will start threaten you on your due date, some of their staff are manner less, lack home training and disrespectful.

      I current have issue with easycredit, I overpaid my loan by 10,000 naira, I have being contacting their customer care through all the available means for refund but no positive response.
      No reply to my mails
      They only pick my call once and cut it off, since then no response again
      Whatapp messages were only respond to once and that is all up til now.

      Let say I was the one owning them money by now, my contact would have started calling me because of series of abusive and reputation damage message they would have start sending to them.

    244. If truly our voice can be heard on this platform, let’s something be done. Am a victim of this loan apps, yes I borrowed with pure intention of paying back, but something went wrong along the line. Their loan recovery officer’s are mannerless, disrespectful. Threats messages are sent to all my contacts via what’sapp. They have no disregard for human lives at all.

      I believe as a well registered organization, there are ways to recover your loan and not use a demeaning tactics. Making people fall into depression to the point of commiting suicide.

      Sokoloan and subordinate
      And whole lot of them need to be looked into seriously. They are causing more harm to the society..
      And few I believe are legit.

      Please the right authority should look into this issue as it’s causing lot of damage to Nigerians as a whole

    245. I know somebody who committed sucide because of Lcredit, she couldn’t bear embarrassment from Lcredit she has to take her life.

    246. Today I woke up and started receiving calls from family and friends that NCASH had been sending messages to them that I’m owing the company and refuses to pay,even after the payment this stupid Chinese people and their Nigeria slaves are using this method to tarnish the image of a person. Governments of Nigeria should do something to check mate this behaviour the way Uganda and Kenya did.

    247. I’m facing same issue from Lcredit app….my phone got stolen, everything wiped out…I later did welcome back and next thing is their daily threat….I don’t default which have pleaded with them to calm down and gimme time but they want to send my account number and bvn to people

    248. Hello Everyone,

      Please go on Google Playstore and report these apps. Search and click on the top right corner and click on “Flag as Inappropriate”


    249. Ncash and xcredit have been sending messages to my contacts via WhatsApp and sms since yesterday,telling them am a criminal just because I failed to pay on time due to my dad’s health who later died. Have been pleading with them that they should give me time but they refused. Theses apps have to be banned,they are sending Nigerians to their early graves. I don’t know if they still expect me to pay after the embarrassment…

    250. To me, how has leading and borrowing become a fraudulent act in Nigeria or is it tag as fraud in the Nigeria constitution? You can’t tag someone fraudster because of borrowing from your company besides the issue of posting someone picture by tarnishing his/her image should be look into.

    251. Good Evening Sir/Ma. Please if a petition needs to be written against those unruly stuff, Please notify me too as well. I got a threatening message from Ncash, Truenaira and other loan apps that my account will be block, they will publish my name on social media and sites and apprehended me because I could not be able to pay at the due date. This is embarrassing and deformation of character. I try to tell their customer staff that I don’t normally default, but something happen to me, I lost everything, My Job, business and they they should give me time, that I will pay them back. The next few hours, They sent text resulting to threatening, that if I didn’t pay up by 10p.m today, my account will be block and my picture will be posted on social media and sites that I am a criminal and fraudster. Please this app needs to be banned and eradicated. I explain to them that they should give me time, that i will pay them. they don’t want to listen, and this is a seven days loan. Please this online loan app needs to stopped.

    252. Am passing through same problem, I welcomed back an old mtn sim coz I use it for WhatsApp and online business, I started receiving calls from strange numbers, text to my contacts, with the name I registered the sim card , am female yet they refer to me as male, sent messages to my contacts, threatening to do this and that, please Lcredit leave me alone I didn’t collect your loan.

    253. I went through the exact situation of defamation as stated in this post.
      There’s also another loan app, Nod credit, they specialize in stealing the same loan approved for an individual via the exposed debit card details.
      Got a loan on the 4th of April this year, later at night that same day, I was debited with 10k and on the 5th I got another 10k debit before I could freeze my account. Both debit alerts carried the name “Fola Esther” whom I later got to know works with them.

    254. Who is responsible for regulating these people ? I have been dealing with them since March 2021 but sometimes in August l couldn’t meet up with payment because l was told to pay before 2pm and l told the guy that l will pay by 4pm Because l was in a meeting and the loan was due on that date by 3pm one of my business associate called me this someone l have been doing business with since 2009, another person cancelled a business deal that gives me weekly income as an external auditor that I normally used to settle these loans. To date l have not balance my financial position.

    255. Please this so called loan company should be properly checked bcoz they’re the one making it almost impossible for people to pay back what they owe, because what they advertise on play store is entirely different from what they offer in their app,.. They are extortionist and fraudster, how can you give a loan of 7000 to pay 11000 plus in 7days that’s 4k interest, please this people should properly checked before it get out of hand…

    256. Wait o. After defaming someone’s character do they still expect the person to pay? Bastards Chinese slave style in this country

    257. I really don’t know what to do right now, if one is ok nobody would have go collect loan. The easimoni loan app and staffs have graduated from defrauding people of their hard-earned money to life threatening actions the have declared me wanted after five transactions. Just because my salary have not being paid and I’ve been due for a loan repayment at of yesterday nothing had not said to me..

    258. I have long been looking for how to report this particular loan App nairaplus. They’ve been threading me with all kind of ill messages. I did took a Loan of 10k to repay 12,700 for 7 days which I initially ended up doing after 8days as I couldn’t make the payment on Sunday due to my busy schedule. I repaid it very early on Monday Monday that made up the 8th day,repayment was confirmed after which I deleted the app off my phonen. Eversince I did this, it’s been one repeated messages to another with threat of sending messages to my contacts and labelling me a criminal. I still have the proof of payment right in my email.
      I really need a help, i really want to report this scammers.

    259. I just received a threatening sms from nkash. Apparently, I just found out it’s a mobile loan app.

      “TREAT AS URGENT: This is to inform the general public that: (someone’s name) Phone: 090******** is a FRAUDSTER AND DECIETFUL PERSON,THIS PERSON has PROVEN to be a RUTHLESS/CHRONIC and UNREMORSEFUL DEBTOR who goes about COLLECTING MONEY from different COMPANIES . this person is currently on the run with our companies money(NCASH) and has refused to pay nor pick our calls. Be informed that this person has been declared wanted. Pls contact us if you have any information about this person as soon as possible, else the company will proceed to the next action, because this person provided us with all your details and if you are not aware of this loan you can as well call the person to delete your information in the app,, because soon the person pictures along side your own pictures will be posted on all social media in the next FEW HOURS……NCASH”.

      I omitted the person’s name and number because I don’t even know for sure whom the person is or if the allegations are true.

      Please I would appreciate it if anyone here knows their true contact details/address of the app owners so I can proceed with a lawsuit, just incase they go ahead with their threats.

      Thanks very much

    260. Pls this loan of a thing should be banned in Nigeria because if u see d way they threatening people,it can make the person commit sucide pls our government should look into this matter

    261. These app loan should be banned from Nigeria because the threatening giving to us is too much, they even call me to tell me dat they would arrest me because of I borrowed a loan of #7000 and I have repay the money which the interested is 10000 and the money is increasing every day. Am just a student ,if not for conduction did they think that we are happy to borrow loan and not to repay it,and again they even threatening to post my picture on social media and news paper that am a fraudulent ,it Shouldn’t be like dat
      Please help us ooo
      These threatening is becoming too much
      If it continues like dis there is probability that am going to kill my self,I don’t even have peace of mind 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    262. I am a victim and still a victim. And am suffering from the consequences this loan apps have caused me. There’s this particular one SOKOLOAN, NCash,Gocash,they are unfair and their staffs are rude by using demeaning words, they go as far as calling my parent and leaving threats that they will Bury their daughter she does not pay their loan. Once you take loans me default for 1 or 2days then the trouble starts.

      Now I have issues with this particular app Ncash, I paid off their money by transferring into a wema bank account that was created in my name( Monify) which automatically clear up my loan from the app. Now I mistakenly sent money into that account again which on a normal day I should get someone to reverse the money back but viola they don’t have a company phone number and the stupid email they left is not real. I don’t understand all this.

    263. Am a victim of this loan app 9credit gocash as am typing my name is everywhere now on my contacts with message saying that am a fruadster which my mother die on sickness and I was taking this loan to buy drug’s for her they have tarnish my image everywhere now please help me

    264. These loan apps almost made me commit suicide last week,9cash and Gocash have been sending messages to my contacts,I defaulted because of a family emergency I tried explaining to them to pls wait till month end but they refused,they even called my mum ,my dad,my uncles,aunties,they sent messages to them that am a criminal on the run,my mum called me crying,my dad was almost crying,my uncle called saying I spoilt the family name,the worst part is Go cash has been sending messages to my contacts with a picture of mine that is not descent at all ,they sent to all my WhatsApp contact’s, I almost committed suicide if not for God and they still threaten me daily..Am suffering from depression because of them.

    265. This do called online lenders needs to be apprehended , they are the real thieves, 9cash gave out a loan of #5200 and to repay #8400 for 7days. Haha, this is too bad, I later realized we are working for them ..if u look at it critically you borrowed money and u are paying twice of the money, so where is ur gain. CBN pls stop this people before it turns to #endsars# part 2

    266. My problem is with Lcredit. I mean how can you try to pay back a loan but all their payment platforms aren’t working yet they keep increasing and increasing the late payment fee? Infact, if you try it three times and it fails, the system freezes for 24hrs. I think it’s deliberate. One of their agents even confessed that the network from the app is bad. I even complained to their agents on WhatsApp but got no reply until after sometime when I’ve used the money I had that they sent me an account number without an account name to transfer to. I have screenshots to prove all these.

    267. I just wish people can gather and borrow from these apps well and then let them post and get tired
      We are all victims
      Mine was just 1day overdue and I took their call in the morning but went into an office meeting. They were calling again around 12pm but I was not aware because phone was on silent due to the board meeting and I was the secretary
      When I came out of the meeting, I started receiving sms and calls from my contact list. I saved my 2 other lines on my phone so I go messages too on them
      Was terrible

    268. My brother took a loan from GoCash app which I cleared when I heard about it on 8th Aug 2021, yet, they keep sending threat messages to my family from this number: +234 704 931 4320. I am so tired of this, it’s getting too frustrating

    269. I know of a man to poison himself over this same rubbish & My cousin were he not so head-strong prolly would have followed suit. ​The methods are jst too nasty & uncivilized (and i’m not racist, but if you observe, you’d find most these companies are handled & owned by chinese foreigners).

      Their aim is to bring into Africa, their sick culture which they have successfully implemented in their communist & racist nation, and our Gov’ts here have ZERO control over their actions, because of how heavily indebted they are to theirs.. permitting them to run amock of people’s sense of self.

      Ridiculous interest rates, ridiculous time frames (even by Google’s standards) – What is then left of Africans? Back to Slavery? Slaving to avoid shame? This time by another race? Nah, i don’t support this.

      Not me supporting defaulting, but they should either regulate their methods of retrieval or be banned in toto. They are obviously callous & indifferent towards loss of lives & how this affects the individual’s mental health. All for HOW MUCH? abeg getat!

    270. My wife almost committed suicide because of their threats, till now, she’s still battling depression. if there’s anything we can do to save this situation I’m in. Thank you

    271. Thank you for this expose. It has been going on for a while. Some of these companies are part owned by Chinese nationals. I once sent an email to CBN but they were asking me to to complain to the institution first and get some registration number. Some of them even force the debtors to the roadside to beg for money to pay the loans. Just terrible.

    272. If you are a loan app debt victim, log onto Facebook and search for mobile loan apps debt victims in Nigeria. Join and thank me later.

    273. Am going to sue them and slam a huge claim
      Thank for this your information . Am a victim just this yesterday ,when my family started calling me to verify what happened between me and Ncash . The painful part is that they referred to me and family as wanted criminals declared wanted and they send the defamatory text to my contact that I used them as guarantors and collect loan from them .
      In addition the default charges continue heaping up

    274. This is now a normal thing for the loan apps.
      To be sincere it’s not good to not pay if you have rightly borrowed. Though it’s happening to me.
      But the prob is that, situation might com up and will make you not to fulfill your obligations. You might invest and ends up loosing all but this people no care. Pls no care about the sms cus if u do, u might endanger urself. Just try and pay them off. It’s not easy to bounce back from lost investment especially when your capital is loan.
      It’s because of the law system that’s no too upright.
      How would another person know about my life.
      That’s privacy violation and I see it wrong

    275. My image had been tarnish from online loan am sickle cell cell I borrow money and am yet to repay I told them to give me sometime I will repay they sent serious messages and call to all my contacts that am a fruad that people should not relate with me am dying silently I almost commit suicide they are not helping they contribute to people problem

    276. Am facing the same thing now it’s so depressing and life threatening I pray they do something about it before it gets out of phone was stolen and used to borrow money on these apps,and these people are messaging my contacts.i have to tell my family members that they should disregard the messages that my phone was stolen.

    277. That’s so disgusting. But, you people should know that our voices may not be heard here. So, if you believe we can raise our voices as loudly as The government and CBN can hear? Chat me up on whataspp let gather together and fight smart. 07045565392

    278. For me I think all these are happening because Nigeria is not a serious country. I’m a victim of the cruelty of these apps. I use them without defaulting in my repayments. But my bank account was hacked by some of these apps. While others will just withdraw my money unauthorised. This crippled me financially. And I couldn’t get money to pay back my loan. I pleaded with them for more time but some refused to heed. Instead they started assassinating my character by sending defamatory meseges to all my contacts via whatsapp and sms.
      At a point I nearly committed suicide because I was so depressed due to the public disgrace.
      Yet their penalty fees are still counting outrageously.
      The CBN ,NITDA and media has failed in their duties. I reported to them but nothing was done about it apart from Sahara reporters that published it. See many Nigerians have died from all these and much more are in line to follow suit. Suicide tendencies have skyrocketed due to the activities of these apps. They will steal from you and still disgrace you.

      Now is time to end this nonsense.

    279. I borrowed money from LCREDIT and was about to pay back when I got an unauthorized debit on my bank account, even though the loan is yet to be matured. I reported the fraud to my bank which investigation is going on. I wrote them to inform them about the situation and also tell them I won’t be able to pay that I don’t mind the charges only to be threatening me by them. Infact, so many representatives calling me with different numbers not minding the fraudulent activity on my account as a result of disclosing my ATM Card.
      What I observed is that all this online loan app are fraudulent in nature. They want to exploit Nigerians. They sold our data which are suppose to be private to third parties not only that even ATM details since there are some lesser transaction that can be done without customer getting OTP which I learnt recently from the bank. I think it is high time all this unprofessional way of doing business stop. Central bank of Nigeria, NITDA and other authorities should sanction them appropriately.

    280. Two questions I want to ask –
      How do the apps get onto the phones of the borrowers?
      When the alert comes to their accounts is it sweet?

      Right now it’s your fault if you loose your SIM and someone gets access to it because it has happened to enough people for us to know better.

    281. Im currently to pay 150k for different app because of the interest and all that and the most annoying and depressing thing is that no matter how I struggle to pay this people interest still accumulate everyday making it difficult for me to clear myself they even went ahead to message my contacts different app oooo abeg government just shut this apps down

    282. One loan company sent me some messages about someone they claimed was owing them money. Not me o, I was one of the person’s contacts. I told them to leave me alone as it was none of my business. After all was I in any way involved in the transaction?

      The person insulted me in reply. I think it’s totally unacceptable and it’s up to Govt to step in and stop the harassment of innocent Nigerians.

    283. The harm these so called online loan apps have caused so far is too much. I suffered the same fate with 9jacash/Gocash (Sokolending company) some weeks back when I took a loan of 30000 naira to repay 37,000 within 7 days. The loan defaulted for a day and penalty charges were added and I paid back 30000 that same day only to discover that my contacts were texted both on WhatsApp and Texts claiming that I absconded with company property and I should be reported to the police. I called the number that sent the texts but it was not picked up. I did some investigations and that the physical address for the recovery team of sokolending is actually at Ikeja, G.R.A on Isaac John street near Radisson blue. The company also has an account with UBA under the name sokolending Richloan with account number 1023408536. I believe the authorities of UBA can avail us with the details of these fraudulent company to curb its activities.

    284. Nice post, but as we all know this is Nigeria and the both parties ( Debtors and Creditors) have some sort of ill contribution to this problem. as much as data privacy violation is totally wrong so is borrowing and not paying back as at when agreed on, my advice to Nigerians is if you are not 100% sure that you can pay back at the stipulated time frame then don’t take quick loans and loan companies should make sure ever customer is vet and guarantors are contacted before giving out any Kobo, lastly you kw why private details is called private it means it shouldn’t be easy to get how can you save all that private information on your phone that can get missing. I don’t see why you will give out your BVN and allow access to your contacts for a loan when you are not 100% sure you will pay back on the agreed time.

    285. This loaning companies are are worse they lied too much.they will advertised pay in 3months or 6months.but they will give you a week to 3weeks to pay back.3 days to the day.they will be calling with their mannerless staff to threaten u.its time to take them to court for their lies.

    286. I believe these loan recovery companies are acting with this much impunity because they believe nothing can be done against them. If not, how do you message everyone on a person contact list because that person took a loan with you? You then go ahead to claim that the person is a fraudster and a scanner. Haba!

      I was called sometimes ago about a client (I’m guessing they never knew the person was my client), the representative who called me was saying all sorts of rubbish. I then asked her, how much did this person borrow? She replied that He borrowed 3000. Can you imagine? Calling someone’s entire contact list and telling them he scammed you because he has defaulted on a loan of 3000, can you just imagine!

      Its a shame our justice system is very slow and ineffective, if not, these loan companies should be slammed with multiple suits for defamation.

    287. To me. NITDA is not living up to her expectations. All these loan App found culpable should be banned for 6montgs

    288. I’m working in a Fintech company & the story you narrated, it’s very fake.. Have 1 thing in mind.. loan from Fintech company is fiat money not cryptocurrency, it has a centralized system so fictitious or not all money transfer can be tracked, I pick your sim, borrow money and send to myself. That has exposed me right. So the stories these people tell you is certainly not story to believe.

    289. This is happening to me right now…truenaira are on my neck to pay i no nothing about they are even calling and sending threats messages to my contacts saying they will post our pictures on social media…that am a thief and am being wanted by police…truenaira,xcredit,ncash,kashkash…my phone was stolen and the person uses my my phone my Sim to collect loan from them,,before i did welcome back…please help us please this company needs to be ban for Good

    290. This is so happening to me,my phone was stolen at my shop and i find it difficult to do welcome back not intill a month ago and i started receiving messages from…N cash,true naira,xcredit and so on that i have to pay for money i no nothing about,even now that am writing truenaira are on my neck texting my contacts that am a thief who ran away with their money that they are going to post my pictures on every social media and that of my contacts..this companies are to be ban for Good…please we need intervention from this frausters call online loans…please help us..

    291. This just happened to me…I’m trying to deal with my family members and friends…I just lost my job and a prospective client because of this…9jacash,quick credit,credit9ja and some others are guilty of this…How can I forget run cash,there was a particular number that called most of my contacts,sent threatening messages and spoke so rudely to me…The only reason why most people go for online loan is because we feel it’s better and more confidential but why will a private affair become a public affair because my loan was due by a few days with incurring credit…Will they go back to message my contacts that I’ve paid them…I’m so frustrated right now…

    292. I had same issues with Naija cash, so I borrowed 22 thousand and I was to pay back 30k which I mistakenly paid twice, the agent who cleared me informed me about it even before my bank, I tried to get my money back and I didn’t the agent said I should take another loan so it will be used for it which I did, after a while they said I did not pay for my loan the next is that they started sending messages to my contacts saying am a dabtor and a thrift I ran away with company money, I lost my job I sent them all evedence of payment but they still said they did not see it. Next is money started disappearing from my account and they are still claiming they are not the ones.

    293. This your investigation is incomplete.

      If someone loses his or her phone does it follow that the BVN is automatically displayed on the phone? How can you get a new ATM card on your account with the correct PIN? How will you be able to change your PIN without going to the bank?

      For a loan to be disbursed it must go into the correct account number with the correct account name matching the BVN assigned to the bank account.

      Be sure that those who are being asked to repay actually applied for the loans and have refused to pay. To should go and pay back what they are owing.

      However, defaming someone’s character and selling private data is a criminal act. The company should write their employers and then sue to court. This is the right channel for recovery from defaulters.

      If the companies are not properly registered then it a different story. What if they have proper registrations and their customers are defaulters?

      How will they recover their money? Kindly address these two problems dispassionately with a view to solving the myriads problems in our nation.

      Thanking for a good selfless work.

    294. Thanks so much for this. Gocash, 9jacash under soko lending company are the worst in this regard.

      Federal government should sanction any online loan app that is not registered with the government.

    295. I think this loan issue should be discussed in the Senate or house of representatives because Nigerians are being defrauded. These Fintech companies give loans with interest above 30 percent for a 7-day loan. Imagine the financial problem someone has that made him apply for a loan. It’s obvious these Fintech companies are not here to help Nigerians. Imagine someone’s account was hacked the night of the day he took an online loan. It was clear that his information was used to hack him because the Fintech company use Pos machine called Apampa Teller to deduct money from his account the night he took the loan.
      Therefore, Senate needs to debate this issue of truly they represent Nigerians and not themselves.

    296. Apart from the threats, some of these companies offer loans at outrageous interest for a very short period of time.. Tell me how someone who is looking for funds can afford to pay an interest of 20k in just 6days. This is wicked! CBN should please come to the rescue of its poor citizens. All these loan sharks offering loans for maximum of 7days with outrageous interests should be permanently scrapped.

    297. Please,if a petition needs to be written against those unruly staff, could you please notify me. They have not only embarrassed my close family members but tarnished their image in public.
      Another loan company is N-cash. Its staff are very rude and poorly trained. A colleague said that their first reminder comes as a threat, compelling the customer to pay at their own time, sometimes 1pm, threatening the customer of blocking their accounts using their BVN and publishing their pictures to the entire public. That is so absurd and unruly I must say. Some of the female staff of the said N-cash would use their half-nude pictures as their dp and when they don’t get the attention of the customer to repay ahead of their due date, the resort to threat. One of the staff who does that very well is called Chichi.
      Some of those loan apps should be regulated and banned. These Chinese companies are foreigners and have no right to treat citizens of Nigeria as slaves just because they apply for loan. I blame the poor state of the economy, cos these loan urchins were not in existence years ago. I believe that someday, things will get better and this whole loan companies will pack their loads.


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