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Undercover gone awry: Anas, Ghanaian masked reporter almost killed while investigating ritual killings in Malawi

TOP Ghanaian investigative reporter, Anas Aremeyaw, was nearly lynched by a mob in the Northern region of Malawi while investigating mysterious murders in an interior part of the southern African country.

The investigation, titled “Malawi’s Human Harvest” was a partnership between Anas and the BBC, and it was aimed at exposing the persons behind the killings, which included the victims’ body parts being cut off for ritual purposes.

Anas, (disguised as a business tycoon) and his crew were able to identify a local medicine man, Kamanga, who agreed to give them powers to boost his business; the only condition is that human parts will be needed for the procedure.

Kamanga then engaged two of his accomplices; they were to kill the victim and cut out the necessary body parts.

A screenshot of the BBC video, showing Anas (backing the camera) discussing with Kamanga and his men.

“The first thing we takeout is the genitals,” the killers boasted to the undercover reporters disguised as business men. “We take the head. If you want, we break the skull and take out the brain, or we crack the skull and pull out the tongue.”

As the group were making their plans, they were accosted by the villagers who started calling them killers and were almost going to lynch them. Even the BBC identity cards presented by Anas and his producer could not save them and all pleadings for the mob to call the police fell on deaf ears.

All the drama was caught on tape as Anas and his crew continued to film the incident.

Eventually, Anas and his colleague, as well as Kamanga and his men were able to wriggle out of the mob and ran for their lives. Kamanga and his accomplices thus escaped, though their faces had been caught on camera.

Watch the video below as shared by BBC Africa:

Anas is popular for never revealing his face; always wearing a hat with beads attached to it to cover his face. Over the years, Anas’ reports have led to groundbreaking revelations in Ghana, his home country and beyond.

In 2015, twenty judges and magistrates were sacked in Ghana after Anas secretly filmed them receiving bribes. An additional four judges were also sacked in May this year, as a result of that same investigation.

More recently, Anas’ undercover investigation into bribery and corruption in football administration in Africa, led to the resignation of the President of the Ghana football association who was caught on tape collecting $16,000 cash “gift”.

A Kenyan referee, caught collecting money from supposed football agents was banned for life from all football activities, while Nigerian, Salisu Yusuf, also caught on camera collecting money, is still under investigation.

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